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Voxelopoly Episode 1 Derpies!

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Amazing Map! I think that we'll be playing this for a while :D Download Map: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28403252/Voxelopoly%201.1.zip Texture Pack: http://www.mediafire.com/?mb5zrzjqunkev9p Rules: http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/Voxelopoly
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ReDo BacKspAcE (5 years ago)
You need to read the rules... Before you put ANY houses you must have the whole color group. Example: I own both brown properties. Because I own the whole brown color group, then I may build Houses and Hotels.
power o' derp (6 years ago)
pls read the rules
Peter Vu (6 years ago)
All i want to say is... HI!!
TheWayneofpayne (6 years ago)
@copper4eva ya we didn't really look at the rules but because the iturtle didn't like it I have decided to show Blueguin the "Secret Surprise" :D
copper4eva (6 years ago)
lol you guys need to read up on the rule book. I agree this is a very amazing map indeed.
Edwin G (6 years ago)
uuumm..? first???

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