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My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy Kiss

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I am a cartoon fan & i have to say this version of My Little Pony is really cute & funny credit: MrPoniator
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pretty sylveon (4 days ago)
0:10 me when i first hear rainbow dash say " YOUR GAY?"
pretty sylveon (4 days ago)
as soon as i started the video " UR GAY" oml
Eyna Lieyna (5 days ago)
MlLAGRO Nieva (10 days ago)
rainbow dash strom (12 days ago)
yes she was shes a fucking spy
Vanina Cespedes (16 days ago)
Is fake? 😂
Raven traigo (16 days ago)
Martina Amor (18 days ago)
I wan to see that kiss! Xd
Bovril Gravy (26 days ago)
I am currently working on the same and we have had a few of our clients in the past
Loreen_The _Devil (1 month ago)
sweetie belle omfggg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OH CMON
Jazmin Roca (1 month ago)
Kmcmcncmc lcmclmgkfricmg lg Mvm,fofmfmvllglg
Jazmin Roca (1 month ago)
Mcmckkfmfmflfmfoiflflflfllfllfmfl ,cfkkfmfkxfllflfkfmfmfof Mgmfmm(mdkfkfkfkfk
il raggio di luce (1 month ago)
Aura Coras (1 month ago)
¿Eso paso en un capitulo de mlp?😕😕😕
Anisha Conway (1 month ago)
What the fudge
Anisha Conway (1 month ago)
Sweetie Belle was at the end he say I’ll come on
Maryam Shahid (1 month ago)
2018?? Hold up! Undertale! Chara: are you gay? Frisk: I'm gay * Love music * Frisk: I just can't do it.. Alphys and undyne outside the window: *OH COME ON*
Dyllann's mlp channel (1 month ago)
It's not called gay it's called lesbian
larry doggø (1 month ago)
Phoney:your gay!? Fone Bone: I'm gay *blushing hard* There about to kiss~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fone Bone: oh phoney I just can't do it! *blushing really hard* Me: OH COME ON!!
cool girl (1 month ago)
I hate Sweetie Belle she should never be able to do I hope you do I hope you can take her out please please please please wow just wow Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy
Sht boih nu (1 month ago)
Sweaty belle was funny
electricbit (2 months ago)
LoL I can't stop laughing
Sofia Solis (2 months ago)
Sarah Murdock (2 months ago)
I shit myself
mewsieworld (2 months ago)
Holy hell why did I watch this 3 years ago
Vũ Xuân (2 months ago)
Rainbow dash finally ask Flutter shy:you gay?
Lol sweetie bell
bam / 1 (3 months ago)
skull boy blue (3 months ago)
Wtf rainbow dash
Rhea Grace Maligro (3 months ago)
I Lovey
Leticia Nunez (3 months ago)
swittle bell: oh come on!!! raity:SWITTLE BELL * pulls swittle bell *
Warisha Fatima (3 months ago)
My little pony lovely kiss 💏
Miguel angry (3 months ago)
ok wtf
Bunny Shelby (3 months ago)
That ending describes my reaction!!!
RainbowJonny Minecraft (3 months ago)
Cece Yela (3 months ago)
oh come on!!! >:v
Agusria 123 (3 months ago)
Your gay no. (Your lesbian)
Gab Puno (4 months ago)
0:08 Was The Nearest Kissing Part But They Almost Kissed I Mean Fluttershy Said Im Game But They Didn’t But Still Like It :D Thanks for making this video
S 0 U P TM (4 months ago)
What's up knuckles? *Something's buggin you?*
Star Butterfly (4 months ago)
Star Butterfly (4 months ago)
lillia758 aj (5 months ago)
it funny . hahahahahahaha
Mônika Castro (5 months ago)
Thomas the cool engine (6 months ago)
Wtf no god plis no no nooooooo ...
frisk a humana (6 months ago)
Foxy the pirate fox (6 months ago)
Foxy the pirate fox (7 months ago)
Freddy: you're gayBonnie: I'm gay *romantic music* Bonnie: I can't do this Foxy: COME ONN *Holding camera*
Danial Khan (7 months ago)
But they're girl
Pink tune (7 months ago)
Oh come on. Shiiiit. Oh god
Marjorie Cipperley (7 months ago)
Marjorie Cipperley (7 months ago)
Blah blah what are you DOING!!!!!!!!
Vilma Chacon (7 months ago)
I wish they could kiss
Scheryl Jordan (8 months ago)
Ewwwwww boooooo
Patricia Wilson (8 months ago)
What the heck
Carlos Sharpe (9 months ago)
Oh,.... my
Felipe Arryo (9 months ago)
W t f
Woah...! That... Was.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TriforceGuy 64 (9 months ago)
0:01 I Dubbbz
Like in Rainbow Dash in flutershy
nightmare foxy (9 months ago)
nightmare foxy (9 months ago)
Nada disso tá certo ainda bem que eu não texto My Little Pony caramba todos os animatronics gostam de cima dessas m***** aí o problema é sério
nightmare foxy (9 months ago)
O que!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Kidd (9 months ago)
Alex Kidd (9 months ago)
dog Mr (9 months ago)
Haha rainbow dash x him
Rainbow Dash is girl!
Bonnie Bunny Buddy (9 months ago)
I saw the beginning, I accidentally clicked on some random video and the video showed people screaming! (It was an ad though).
Bonnie Bunny Buddy (9 months ago)
When I was younger, I thought this was actually an episode! 😆
Bonnie Bunny Buddy (9 months ago)
Oh! Come on!
l u i s a e. (9 months ago)
Here i am falling into the weird/funny side of YT again..
Shadow Born (10 months ago)
pop CAT (10 months ago)
mavis niu (10 months ago)
FEAR Tears (1 month ago)
mavis niu *we know* 😑
Wesley Kelly (10 months ago)
kenneth weilenmann (10 months ago)
My version Kaelo : your gay Mama tattletail : I'm gay (Close face to face and kissing) Mama tattletail : oh Kaelo I just can do it Pipkin : OH COME ON!!!
Micah Shaw show (10 months ago)
What a second Sweetie Belle what the are u doing? ✋ have been spying on them😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😣😣😣😣😤😤😤
AnimeCouples (10 months ago)
What about a Naruto version one. Naruto:You're gay? Sasuke:I'm gay. *Music plays while Naruto and Sasuke lean in for a kiss* Sasuke:Oh Naruto! I just can't do it! Kakashi:OH COME ON!!
Ava Galaxy (10 months ago)
Weird and scary
Aurean Animates (10 months ago)
Rainbowdash: your gay?! Fluttershy: I'm gay... *stupid love music* *suddenly idubbz* Idubbz: *lands on his feet* IM GAY *everyone laughs* Rainbowdash and fluttershy:........suddenly I'm not gay anymore. -THE ENDYYYYYYY-
Ashley Boyd (10 months ago)
Calibre Zozobra
Morgane the Wolf (10 months ago)
Purple guy: you're gay phone guy: i'm gay *love music plays* phone guy: oh Vincent i just can't do it! Me: OH COME ON
The New York Girls (10 months ago)
Ähh Rainbow dash is a girl 🤔👍🏻😂
my God 😂😂😂 Kawaii Fluttershy
KrisPlays X (10 months ago)
Maria Juarez (11 months ago)
Gacha Video (11 months ago)
Rainbow thinks I’m gay me:I’m gay (not really) she wanna kiss me me:DEEZ PONIES I CANT DO IT *cries* sweetie Belle and others say AWW MAN I WISH THEY KISSED
BRO- GHAUSS-49 (11 months ago)
Is that MrPoniator made this animation?
BRO- GHAUSS-49 (11 months ago)
Jacksepticeye:you're gay? Markiplier:i am gay (Love theme song) Markiplier:oh Jack,i just can't do it CinnamontoastKen:oh come on!!!!!!
Dayanna Lopez (11 months ago)
NASTY those are bas things l just only look tittle not watch it
Dayanna Lopez (11 months ago)
So disgusting
Just Luna XD (11 months ago)
Deyvi Cu (11 months ago)
so cut rambol dash
Gaming Atha (11 months ago)
No no no no no and no! All ponys is a girlllsss
Gaming Atha (11 months ago)
oh come on!
FireLord 45 (11 months ago)
Rcravenr (11 months ago)
Me and sweetie : COME ON
pink cherry playz (11 months ago)
Gay ponys
Melanie este video me peino y me llamo Melany Yuliana Ponce Palacios
Me fascinó Este vídeo

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