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LotRO - Tom Bombadil Theme - Full Version

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Tom Bombadil's theme song in Lord of the Rings Online. MP3: http://www.jdbye.com/stuff/bombadil.mp3
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Cassandra (7 hours ago)
I just started playing this game and it has such an amazing atmosphere to it. I love the landscape and the music, everything ties together so well. Really beautiful game honestly, especially for old it is. I heard Tom Bombadil's theme and it literally stuck in my head and I had to come looking for it.
Shire (9 days ago)
Tbh i need this on spotify haha
Shire (9 days ago)
I actually found it on spotify a few hours ago, they released the song with the whole soundtrack for the 10 year anniversary of the game :) https://open.spotify.com/track/7g06UMTFv5CX26d5Cz6TkX?si=WIs_WWeITiaP88f7XYWPIQ
Jdbye (9 days ago)
Shire That's sadly not up to me. But if you're all interested I may make an extended version sometime soon.
Darkseid (15 days ago)
Who else thinks that Tom Bombadil is Uru Iviulitar? When you read his poem in the fellowship of the ring, when frodo, merry, pippin and sam visit his house the first time, it does sound like he is a god or some kind.
Rodolfo Costa (1 month ago)
Epic <3 Never gets old! Toast to all LOTROERS, EVERNIGHTERS AND FOGGIES! o7
Decker Stirek (5 months ago)
I used to leave the game on in Bombadil's house while I did other things. Listening to this song on repeat. Really is such a nice and relaxing melody. This games music is one of the greatest in history.
Le serpent mouillé (6 months ago)
Way too good. Man, how I miss playing Lotro...
Conor O'Brien (1 month ago)
Get back on! Game is still thriving!
Tarık X (6 months ago)
This song helps me about finding peace, but unfortunately I forgot now what peace is..
Conor O'Brien (7 months ago)
Low level hobbit, only just started playing lotro, absolutely amazing game and a fantastic community! Love you guys. Sorry I know this is old
Dordracnor (8 months ago)
hey do merry do me hearties
jensibowable (8 months ago)
Just dont fall asleep ey?
Hui Christopher (9 months ago)
I remember the first time I found Tom's house. It was at night and wolves were chasing my toon and I stumbled on the house and the wolves stopped chasing me. I felt relief at that moment.
rogerthat155 (10 months ago)
Anyone remember Tom Bombadil from Battle for Middle Earth? Stomping fuck out of hundreds of Orcs and taking on Sauron by himself with just dancing in a circle
Billy Bob (11 months ago)
Greatest piece of game music ever. Never gets old, tis my house music in LOTRO since 2006 :)
Annie Springfire (11 months ago)
i wanted to play it on my ocarina but when i finally figured it out by ear, i realised i'll need to wait till my double comes in the mail - hope the range will be enough, i need to play it! so many memories!
Jdbye (11 months ago)
Annie Springfire I'd love to hear it if you do.
Chriss (1 year ago)
Rightklick on the video -> Loop happiness overload :D
tyler herlache (1 year ago)
God damn, I remember just sitting in his house listening to this music and chatting with my kinnies, how's the game been doing anyway? It's been forever since I've played
Michael Eade (11 months ago)
thats a beautiful scene my friend. Glad to see that theyre still alive. been playing this game for 7 years, seen a lot of my old kinnys come and go :/ if only I could speak with them again. but such is life.
tyler herlache (1 year ago)
(Edit) recently reinstalled just to find out that all my kinnies were alive and active along with the rest of the community, i was in tears guys, in tears
Lyle Rich (1 year ago)
i miss playing LOTRO
neetbux (1 year ago)
It's a game that stays with you :)
Gabriel Perron (1 year ago)
999 likes ha lets keep it like that.
Jdbye (1 year ago)
1000 now :)
amanda krauss (1 year ago)
Gryphon of the Night (1 year ago)
Okay, story time with Nightwolfe the insane Captain of Gondor! I was on the Epic Quest instance, Book One, Chapter I'm-Not-So-Sure-Which-One, when Tom Bombadil tells me to go Barrow-Crawling. As an avid fan of the books, I knew what the Barrows were, and that Tom has a close connection between himself and the Barrow-Wights. Unsure of the idea, I hesitated. (That is, until I saw the rewards from the expedition!) So, a few moments later, I'm crawling through an ancient Barrow filled with decaying, putrid corpses, angry Dwarves, and the WITCH KING OF ANGMAR, HIMSELF! Immense dread began to overtake me as the Wights swarmed around my poor Cappie, beating her senseless! Just when all was starting to fade, Tom the Bomb, himself comes crashing through the tomb, filling be with both shock and hope! I learned two lessons from Middle Earth that day- One- Never go Barrow-crawling again. Two- Never, under any circumstances, trust Tom Bombadil, because you will regret it if you do!
Therio Cassius (1 year ago)
If You go to west rohan one can here this play aswell.
grell gross (1 year ago)
Honestly? This makes me cry.
Markyboy28 (1 year ago)
im new to lotro and i was questing in the old forest today and came across toms house and went in and was blown away by this music that i actually went outside and back in 6 times to listen to it over and over again!! 😂😂
CATwoman 1 (1 year ago)
Welcome to Lotro! :-)
Jared Flynn (1 year ago)
This was the go to song for doing homework back in high school xD so soothing
Therio Cassius (1 year ago)
This is my Kinship House's theme
Hanna Maria (1 year ago)
Enel97 (2 years ago)
I was a fan of DDO since 2008 and ever since I heard this i always said i would have to play LOTRO too. about 6years later still havent gotten to it. Im feeling that motivation again.might start soon. Thanks a lot for uploading this its amazing. :D
Enel97 (1 year ago)
installed it last night. waiting for it to get patched. Will probably start playing regularly after summer ends whith my friends and brother.
arrow2rock (2 years ago)
Go for it. I just joined 1 week ago and am having a blast. Grab the quad expansion pack on steam now while its on sale!
G Studios (2 years ago)
you go around a haunted forrest,getting chased by giant walking tress and creeping roots,then you find tom's house and think "ahh,sanctuary!
Hyperion223 (2 years ago)
First time i got in his house in lotro i was like.... ok i stay here forever to listen to this ^^ it's an awesome song.
Hyperion223 (2 years ago)
First time i got in his house in lotro i was like.... ok i stay here forever to listen to this ^^ it's an awesome song.
Billy Bob (9 months ago)
I know what you mean, I just stood there and thought, "I'm just happy to be here, I don't need to do anything, just happy"
Ian Abbey (2 years ago)
I remember the first time I found Tom Bombadil's house. I had just been adventuring through the Old Forest. My gear was tattered, I was out of healing potions, and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out alive. Then I met Bombadil and went inside his house. This music added to the sense of relief because I knew my character was going to be okay.
Mindbender05 (3 months ago)
And I remember how Turbine fucked up the whole game
Q Anon (6 months ago)
Ian Abbey so true fam.
Dieter Engels (2 years ago)
The only happy place in the Old Forest :)
Jaxbauer23 (2 years ago)
I love this theme and have it as the ambient music in my house. This, together with "Triumphant March of the Dwarves" are my favourite tunes...closely followed by the Rohan theme and the music when entering Durin's Threshold in Moria.
Matteo Pedrazzani (2 years ago)
it's Fantastic! !!!!
HolyOrderofDragons (2 years ago)
My Favourite Track from LoTRO. I remember back in 2007 when entering old Forest and then stumbling upon Tom Bombadil and his House. Stepping in and hearing this track. Used to have it in my House from an Old LoTRO Playing Friend (who was ally with mathom society) but as we now have merged servers and he don't play anymore, all things owned by anyone else in my Houses has returned to their account. Working my way up to Ally with Mathom Society now so I can have this in my Hose again. :)
Balker (1 year ago)
Shared this exact experience. I was always after the 'next gen' experience as an 18 year old gamer after experiencing the wonders of oblivion etc, and when I experienced this it was fucking magical.
boogiechillin (2 years ago)
3 people didn't want to see mountains again, mountains gandalf!
SirKossua19n16 (2 years ago)
+Pinbalwizard9292 Perhaps it was that bad day at Caradhras, wasn't it?
dies irae (2 years ago)
does this also play during the loading screen?
Hunter Thorn (2 years ago)
Yes, part of it does.
Charles Ardy (2 years ago)
do we have the musical notes for this tune?
SirKossua19n16 (3 years ago)
What is the name of the specific drumstick-tapping method used in this and other "English-Celtic" folk songs? I would like to find more songs with that!
Kelley Buckley (1 year ago)
bodhran drum I believe :)
Zeelyle (3 years ago)
I love this song! I'm trying to learn to play it on the fife.
jared _ (2 years ago)
+Zeelyle did you learn it
Jeremy Vile (3 years ago)
Listen to this everyday, most relaxing tune in history
dzanikken (3 years ago)
Every once in a while, I dig up this song and just let it go ... It's simply beautiful.
Jeremy Vile (3 years ago)
+dzanikken so true mate
I love this song so much I use it as my house's ambient music. This and the Mithlond theme are my favorite themes.
jamiewarduk (3 years ago)
This is my cure for life
Ashgarn Le Fou (3 years ago)
Cette musique est juste énorme ! Elle me rapelle des bons moments dans le jeu :')
Jeremy Vile (3 years ago)
+Altaril Darmunir I don't speak french, but OUI i agree with you!
Mikael Svensson (3 years ago)
Oh the memories. A friend of mine has this song as a ringtone on his phone. When I heard it a few weeks back it rekindled our wish to roleplay in Middle Earth so we bought The One Ring - RPG system from 2011 som still pretty new. We are having a blast. I also keep this game updated and goes in sometimes, just to take in the ambience in the Shire, the bridge in Hobbiton, the fields outside Bree, and visit old Bombadil and Goldilocks in their cabin, It is really nice for an old Tolkienist like me :)
ClandestineOstrich (3 years ago)
Interesting. Glad people are enjoying Middle-Earth.
POLORAS (3 years ago)
Omg I'm about to cry now. Do you remember when fighting against wight lord? There's a bit light even in darkness. Tom Bombadil came to help us. I still couldn't forget. I think I'm gonna cry.
Rodolfo Costa (1 month ago)
Good memories :) /toast
The Bahamut (3 years ago)
Ho, tom bombadil is a merry fellow :)
ClandestineOstrich (2 years ago)
+The Bahamut     Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow!
Jeremy Vile (3 years ago)
+The Bahamut indeed he is mate
J J (3 years ago)
any idea who composed this? i'd love to know their name
J J (3 years ago)
best song 2014 10/10 would convert to mp3
Delta30 (4 years ago)
this song is very calming. Also in my opinion pleasing. 
Pouya Jalili (4 years ago)
Love it!!
stefan miko (4 years ago)
so the menu music is bit of bombadils theme
TexNs (4 years ago)
Siege of Mirkwood. The last expansion of LoTRO's glory days. After that it went f2p and straight downwards. Misses the time when SoA and MoM was fresh :|
MrRedcarpet02 (4 years ago)
On it again. The latest update is pretty good
Ryan (4 years ago)
Best overall game soundtrack ever.
Sébastien Palmieri (4 years ago)
damn... i got the game back in 2008, and this song brings back so many memories! I stopped playing it a couple years ago, but i still remember how fun i had back then! 3 lvl 65 chilling in mirkwood forever now
Pageplant (1 month ago)
Sébastien Palmieri Come back m8, it's better than ever now :D
ChrisFulford (4 years ago)
i found toms house in the old forest when i was low level and was finding the forest a tough area to get through: I was a minstrel and those trees were menacing :D  I literally stumbled on this place and this delightful music and sun bursting through the trees made me feel instantly safe from all the nasties. Its been one of my favourite places in the game ever since ;)
Romino (4 years ago)
Love this tune it always cheers me up! :)
Troop2222 (4 years ago)
Oh Yeah i love this song. It's amazing :D Tom Fucking Bombadil forever :D
Cymen (4 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this :)
Dwarrowdelf representin'
+kino5831 heh heh good goy, lap up my scraps while I have plenty of player interaction in cities but no distractions/lag in rural settings
kino5831 (4 years ago)
schlomo plays on the worst server
Snake Eater (4 years ago)
Wow, seeing the comments make me think I'm the only LOTR reader here.
Jdbye (4 years ago)
Thanks for the comments everyone. It always brightens my day when I see a new comment on this video, it's not often you see a video that has nothing but positive comments. Keep it up everyone!
Jade (1 month ago)
Jdbye We clearly love you for bringing up this joyful symphony to our ears, thank you, you are very loved. 💗
sindessa orellia (2 years ago)
+Jdbye https://wordpress.com/post/steventateblogging.wordpress.com/151
Cris Hofer (3 years ago)
+Jeremy Vile feeling freakinglishly fabulous, you fanatic video-viewer xD !
Jeremy Vile (3 years ago)
+Cris Hofer Aye bruv. It's absolutely splendid music innit. How's it poppin dawg
Cris Hofer (3 years ago)
+leonvincentruben "innit?" U focking wot m8? Rate 8/8 xD!!!
William Gallagher (4 years ago)
+9 to hope yall! YOU CANNOT BE DAUNTED!
liberator48 (4 years ago)
I do
Layne Rice (4 years ago)
Any Meneldor players here?
fragbert66 (4 years ago)
Funny, doing that right now.
Umbra400 (4 years ago)
come to gladden.
cu (4 years ago)
1 hour version anyone?
sparky116sim (4 years ago)
vilya players here?
WardenOfSmallville (4 years ago)
I do!
Terminus Est (4 years ago)
Just magic!!
Edward Andrews (4 years ago)
Aye I do, Xandorlas - Warden!
Tolkhen (4 years ago)
I play on Estel :/
herelizasaint (4 years ago)
It is different. There is a whole thing that is just strings. It is beautiful.
herelizasaint (4 years ago)
Nope, sorry. I play Imladris.
Jdbye (4 years ago)
Anyone else have a character on Laurelin?
Jdbye (4 years ago)
Sad to hear it. Last I played (on Laurelin) there were still a lot of players.
Jdbye (4 years ago)
Jealous :( I never got high enough reputation.
Jdbye (4 years ago)
Hm I couldn't find that in the audio files from the game, but I did find a shorter version that was missing one of the instruments (the main tune I think), maybe the version you mean is those 2 files played in a row.
herelizasaint (4 years ago)
There is a longer version of it that has this orchestral part that is awesome that is purchasable from either the Inn League or Mathom Society in Michel Delving. It is now my ambient music in my house. Best part is that it just keeps repeating. *sigh* I love it.
Old Stoneface (4 years ago)
Sheetro (5 years ago)
Good God I miss LOTRO. It all went down the pan after it went free to play. I went back recently though, my server is a complete ghost town... SO sad to see
Justin Penn (5 years ago)
lotro soundtrack takes all
kriddie88 (5 years ago)
Now that, my friend, are words as pure and truthfull as Bombadil himself!
derekisazombie39 (5 years ago)
Lotr in general, Is serious business. The greatest fantasy ever created. It just can't and won't be topped.
rebekah ☯ (5 years ago)
I couldnt agree more
Michael Morgue (5 years ago)
My kin scared the hell out of a bree-lander that walked into the house to find 30 elves inside listening to the music and dancing XP
beerasaurus (5 years ago)
after hours in that dark forest stopping in at tom's is always a relief.
shadowsteed15 (5 years ago)
Well, its Tom Bombadil. And that dark, creepy forest practically belongs to him. :D I was sad that he wasnt in the movies, so many awesome scenes could be in the film if they would include the part in the forest and in the Barrow Downs. :)
shadowsteed15 (5 years ago)
Yes, Tom Bombadil and his song always raise your spirits after you suffered some terrible defeat. :D
shadowsteed15 (5 years ago)
What I mostly love about the game is the large open world you can explore. :-) I am currently at level 30, painfully making my way to 31. XD I have already been in Rivendell, just to look. :) You can just take a horse a ride out into the world, wherever you want, its awesome. :) You can talk with all the famous people, see all the famous places that were not in the movies. I have travelled through whole Old Forest just to see the Old Mans Willow. :D And I love the Barrow Downs. :D
shadowsteed15 (5 years ago)
How many of you often visits Bombadil in his house just to hear this beatiful song? :-)
Crusader Mick (5 years ago)
I love it !
Alistair Wall (5 years ago)
Hey do merry do m'hearty Clearly the best sentance in the game
GuildWarsGirl17 (5 years ago)
Guild Wars 2 is awesome and so is LOTRO!
GuildWarsGirl17 (5 years ago)
Me too! :)
Lindiel Taurelin (5 years ago)
ahaa!! I knew it! When they came out with the song LOTRO Legacy, I just got the feeling that this part of the song was for Tom Bombadil. And now I found out that it really is! ^_^
Tom Bombadil (5 years ago)
It's Amazing ! ! !
Piotr Ptaszek (5 years ago)
Just became my house theme, both in Windfola and in real life <3

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