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IC2 1.6.4 Tutorial - Ep.1 - Basic Power & Machines

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Please read the video description before watching, and see Below for a list of blocks featured in this video! **Sorry forgot solar panels in this episode...I covered them in the first part of episode 2** There have been some big changes to IC2 lately and being a huge fan...the Captain is here to break down the entire mod block by block in this multi-part tutorial series. Industrialcraft is an absolutely huge mod with loads of blocks so the amount of time I'll have to spend on each one will be limited. Some information will be purposely left out (take for instance the wind mill and the various factors that determine its power output) for the sake of time, but If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a question in the comments below or on IRC/FB and we'll be happy to answer! Blocks featured in this tutorial: Forge Hammer Plates (various) Item casing (various) Rubber / rubber tree / sticky resin treetap Electronic Circuit Iron Furnace Macerator Electric Furnace Wind Mill Scaffolding Water Mill Generator Batbox Painter (various) Metal Former Extractor Compressor Bottling Plant Canning machine (basic) Modpack: IceHenge http://themindcrafters.com/minecraft-modpacks/themindcrafters-icehenge/ [About TMC] website - http://themindcrafters.com Live server map - http://themindcrafters.com/map 24/7 web chat (IRC) - http://themindcrafters.com/irc twitter - http://twitter.com/ingrimmm facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/TheMindCrafterscom/341210769331529
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Text Comments (36)
Kaaz (3 months ago)
Hey can someone explain the point of insulated cables in ic2?
Chris Sheppard (1 year ago)
Well done
Morwic (1 year ago)
great vod ty
Liam Clev (1 year ago)
This series is way out of date and needs to be updated
Korbloxilier King (1 year ago)
Marko Bratković (1 year ago)
Netherial Flamebringer (2 years ago)
The Generators might be useful with the alumentum from Thaumcraft. :P
Owlblocks David (1 year ago)
Coal coke from railcraft... One of the first machines I made in my world was a coke oven.
DUpanda ShAN (3 years ago)
For Windmill use tin isolated cable! Lost EU from tin is very low.
MasterMirgent (3 years ago)
You´re a little bit fast when you´re talking. I´m from Germany, my English is a little bit rosty. So i saw your Video twice to understand what you´re talking about. But it works. ;-)
chickenman297 (3 years ago)
Windmill derp. Placement of the windmill is right, but the space in the mill is for the blades which can be made from wood, iron or carbon. Also you can increase the output from the windmill by putting some kinetic generators behind it.
rowdy born (3 years ago)
what mod r u using that shows eu on hud
Gokul R Menon (2 years ago)
I think Waila/Wawla/Waila harvestebility
jeffosoft (3 years ago)
awesome video thanks
Eli Lorden (3 years ago)
Captain jack? Really, XD
Michael Miocevich (3 years ago)
Sorry if I sound like a noob but how do you get those cool looking signs.
KAYRUNJAAVICE (7 months ago)
he means the ones he uses in tutorials (geez im late)
Marko Bratković (11 months ago)
Its a mod called Tinker's Construct
Marko Bratković (1 year ago)
Its a mod called Tinkers Construct he is using all mods from Tekkit (maybe)
Gokul R Menon (2 years ago)
Watch their newer tutorials. their description show which mod it is and how to make and use the signs ;)
DougFunnyJunior (3 years ago)
One more good from the iridium drill is that you can switch mode, from fortune to efficence and back, problem is you cant use extra speels on it, they lose after every switch,
supergameaddicted (3 years ago)
You forgot about the extractor that you can put rubber wood into it aswell to get rubber.
Fixided (3 years ago)
"If you give us a thumbs down, tell us why-cause' we'd like to know" -0 dislikes.
Robert Gallant (4 years ago)
Great video, have seen many tutorials, you manage to do what most cannot, which is not be annoying.  Not dissing others, many great uploaders from the community and I have always appreciated the shortcut to knowledge :-)
mods OFF by default???
GermanFTB (4 years ago)
what about a poop/Fertilizer/tree/coal/steam energy resource?
Derpy Friend 32 (4 years ago)
Love your videos!!!
hamiltenor (4 years ago)
I thoroughly enjoy your tutorials Captain.
Shane Carpenter (4 years ago)
Hey captain been a long time fan since u done the megalith facility wich was just insane... I play alot of different mod packs ATL FTB. I wass curious on what pack use play is it still unleashed or ultimate.
The MindCrafters (4 years ago)
Use at least 4gig....if you dont have that much you can go a little lower but you might run into issues. We do have private server for platinum donors, no public server yet though.
Shane Carpenter (4 years ago)
And do use have a public server.
Shane Carpenter (4 years ago)
Niiice thx for the reply ill check it out wat ram do u run for it
The MindCrafters (4 years ago)
We use our own! the link is in the description to download. Don't forget to bump up your RAM though....its a big pack.
The Raging Gamer (4 years ago)
Using it since 1,8
The MindCrafters (4 years ago)
Its an epic mod :)
shplamana (4 years ago)
Glad to see you guys putting videos out again!

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