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PS Vita Remote Desktop Tutorial - Play PC Games On Your Vita!

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This is the tutorial for my last vid showing me playing various PC games on my Vita via a remote desktop app, for now it's a remote play alternative. Link to PSM SDK Download (you also need to access this page with your vita): http://www.playstation.com/psm/developer/openbeta/index_e.html Remote desktop files download: http://www.mediafire.com/?b68g7qa2ukzku8a TIPS ON INCREASING FPS (I will be constantly updating this so check back for more tips. Also any tips left in the comments will be added): - Change windows theme to classic. - Remove any wallpaper and use a solid colour on your desktop. - If your wanting to play games then make sure your capture area is the same as the resolution. - Reduce image quality slightly. - Use a more direct connection from the Vita to your PC, instead of normally connecting from the Vita to your router then your PC. Use a free program called Connectify and use it to set up a network for your Vita to connect to. Connectify download link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Network-Tools/Misc-Networking-Tools/Connectify.shtml *Please share tips on increasing fps to help others!* We're on Twitter now! Follow us at https://www.twitter.com/TheJimsterJim
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Text Comments (459)
Jordan Greenberg (7 months ago)
Can I do this on 3.67 do you know?
Nub ard (9 months ago)
fuck you
Zaibatsu Corporation (1 year ago)
i cant find playstation moble thingy.
kane Huston (1 year ago)
omg yessss.. +sub and like... i can finally play undertale while i lie in bed :)))))
Fudge Sickle (1 year ago)
what if my computer cannot run the game in question, would I be able to run it on the Vita?
Matt Matt (1 year ago)
Broken link
google user (1 year ago)
we can play any where any time or at home only
Legendarysnake (1 year ago)
please reupload the links.
Lucio V. Carvalho (1 year ago)
thanks man i dont havo money to buy games
O Burguês (8 months ago)
Ae Lucio Funcionou??
Tszkin Lee (1 year ago)
that link not work
Daniel Almeida (2 years ago)
DPAD = WASD Cross,Square,Triangle,Circle = IJKL L Trigger = Ctrl R Trigger = Spacebar Start = Enter Select = Shift Left Analog = DKeys Right Analog = 8,6,4,2
Isaac Ziniga (2 years ago)
Nname Withheld (2 years ago)
How do you do the opposite? and connect the screen of your vita to the pc?. I have my pc connected to my big screen. and it would be cool to project my vita to the tv
Pyrarr (2 years ago)
Well they do have something like that, its called PS-TV or something, its a separate device that you buy and can hook it up to you PSVita
ConsciousPower (2 years ago)
ok now playstation have disable psm but there still one more way in your account you have download the app then it is saved in your account then plz if u can to give meyour psn account in a privet message and belive me i am a trustuble person then i wont change the password or something like that than if you dont mind iwill subscribe and like this video if time accept ;{o
ConsciousPower (2 years ago)
frist i am not russian and i am not a hacker plz
God killer (2 years ago)
also >belive me i am a trustuble person >I wont change the password or something.VERY suspicious. Even the hackers don't say like that
four ampers (2 years ago)
>in a privet message nice try russian hacker
Masood Alikozai (2 years ago)
does it work now to connect ur ps vita to pc it will be an other way !!
PrinceCharming25 (2 years ago)
I was looking for the other way around actually, play vita games on your pc monitor through remote play...
Killzzzh Killzzzh (2 years ago)
i like it thaks
ZakuraTTK R (2 years ago)
What version Psvita U have? PCH-1000 PCH-2000/6
Eatman Extreme (2 years ago)
or you can upload your files to media fire for us to download!
Eatman Extreme (2 years ago)
does anyone have the installer for the PSM SDK Download? it would be really helpfull.
axtion (2 years ago)
Use PSPDisp... still works for PSP and Vita
its discontinued now how do i do it
Adam McLain (7 months ago)
get a henkaku PS vita and moonlight is now the thing
ToastersMakeTea (2 years ago)
will this work even though ps mobile was shut down?
ToastersMakeTea (2 years ago)
+Skyline guy K,
nope they discontinued it
Shaojin (2 years ago)
You can no longer download this PlayStation Mobile Development Assistance from PSN if you haven't done it before they discontinued the project. I also tried to search PlayStation Mobile Development Assistance in PSN's store
KitCatKitchen (1 year ago)
+Shaojin I know, I was really hoping to do the remote desktop thing again.
Shaojin (1 year ago)
+KitCatKitchen Wait what?! lol I didn't know that kind of application's usage would expire. Damn Sony has fallen new level of low.
KitCatKitchen (1 year ago)
It doesn't make a difference though, I still had the app and tried to boot it up on my vita and it just alerted me that it had expired and the app shut itself off.
Eatman Extreme (2 years ago)
update the links pls. or upload it to another site in full but under a different name so they dont remove it.
Faze_Smile2.0 (2 years ago)
Wolf Reviewing (3 years ago)
how to do it now today ? they have shut it down or something plzz help how can i do this now there must be a way =( ??
toddsicle (3 years ago)
does this work? and does it do anything that cant be undone?
Does it work on mac?
chrisfishbob (3 years ago)
+darkdingoTV sadly nope
Odicinho (3 years ago)
it works?!???
TheRougeCastaway (3 years ago)
ah, im really sad that this is outdated :(
David Jones (3 years ago)
ou fucking kidding me i cant even dwonload: PlayStation Mobile Development Assistant for Unity "in PS VITA" wtf there is no DOWNLOAD BUTTON WTF why cant i fucking download it. no dont you need to be in USA or UK. Fucking RACIST SHIT.......
Nissho (3 years ago)
Calm down..... This version is sadly outdated...
Karlsson (3 years ago)
It says my ps vita is offline, but it is not. What should i do???
The SkinN (3 years ago)
files doesn't exists on link. can u help?
drakke125Channel (3 years ago)
Is there a way to get a window  view on my ps vita? I mean to say: -Connect PS Vita to pc - be able to see a video window display on my vita
wk19781 (3 years ago)
thank you
Justin Heuser (3 years ago)
I have mine connected and it shows in run, but it says my device is offline?
Karlsson (3 years ago)
+Justin Heuser same
Caedon Bates (3 years ago)
What screen capture software do you use?
Preston Dykes (3 years ago)
Does it require an internet connection to remote play?
bobi966 (3 years ago)
reply jamesjizz give me the site to download sdk version0.99 i dont want that fucking 1.21 and 2.00 versions they suck cmon reply bitch!
bobi966 (3 years ago)
where is the psm 0.99 i hate the new versions giving me error cmon man !
"There are not content items installed. Please use te Unity Editor to create and install applications"
gil magen (4 years ago)
fuck you. 
gil magen (3 years ago)
so how cares that will just get this movie out of youtube
Trogdor8freebird (3 years ago)
He even said it won't work and is outdated in annotations. -.-
Willy (4 years ago)
just to be sure, this doesn't actually use internet usage right? just the router?
Hard Avila (4 years ago)
Amigo porfa ya instale la aplicacion en mi psvita 3 veces y abre y luego se cierra
Ben Duong (4 years ago)
Does this still work?
Jalen Bennett (4 years ago)
Cant download it on ps vita
Dragon Squad (4 years ago)
make a update video from this if it workds den i will sub you than
Terrell Irish (4 years ago)
help its asking for a namespace what is that please some one help meeeeeee
brett rose (4 years ago)
The link is dead is there another one you can give me
0nCi (4 years ago)
it says that media fire remove them plz help
Juancarlos Gomez (4 years ago)
the link does not work
ヤンギレGaWd (4 years ago)
Stuck "wating to install..." while updating PSM runtime package from 1.00->1.21. WTF happened?
sHUT UP (4 years ago)
finally i removed google+
Alienwar swek (4 years ago)
the files are gone!!!
Maximus Prime (4 years ago)
O my gosh I might try this sometime
Jake Pender (4 years ago)
+TheJimsterJim Downloads dead, can you make a new one?
Viggy4 (4 years ago)
I'll tell you as soon as I have the time to try it out. Thanks very much for the help
Viggy4 (4 years ago)
+Samuel Berre my Screen just goes black and I hear the Disconnecting Sound on my PC.. I will try it again when I have some more time..
Viggy4 (4 years ago)
+Samuel Berre does this work?
Viggy4 (4 years ago)
+Jake Pender did you find something?
Jake Pender (4 years ago)
Armando Solis (4 years ago)
removed the link who can pass me the files please
Captain Cole (4 years ago)
i can but the files dont work. I tried it 4 times and still nothing.
George Erfesoglou (4 years ago)
I got rid  of so many errors just to try and make it install on the vita,now that its installed on the vita once I run it I get failed to communicate with Sony Entertainment network. No Idea what to do to get this to work. 
millgiass (4 years ago)
Can you do this in reverse??
Kyle Applin (4 years ago)
Dwonload's dead.
Zac (4 years ago)
Remote desktop files have been removed from Mediafire due to violation, etc.
DarkRalts (5 months ago)
pls dont kill
David Jones (3 years ago)
+Federico Gaute ^^^ VIRUS! do not fucking DOWNLOAD IT! that PIECE OF SHIT I LOCATED your IP now im going to fucking kill! YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT!
King Harkinian (4 years ago)
Dang for me it says "Please make App Key Ring file from PSM Publishing Utility"
Viggy4 (4 years ago)
have you figured something out? I got the same problem here D:
Get Rekt (4 years ago)
everything worked until: 2:28... at the bottom of my computer screen it says: "build: 1 error, 0 warnings." So it wont let my ps vita download the app!!! Please help!! i just want it to work!   
OneShotOfficial (4 years ago)
that looks so cool sat there playing smite and league on there that would be cool
Vita Levente (4 years ago)
Please make App Key Ring file from PSM Publishing Utility
MancRanger 2 (4 years ago)
time for ghosts!
Jesquanta Vita (4 years ago)
Sean Cloughley (4 years ago)
Mine just gives a black screen.
yassineya (4 years ago)
please update the mediafire link :(
Jared Solid (4 years ago)
Update mediafire link?
Harambe (4 years ago)
Jose Enaje (4 years ago)
Mediafire link  -_-DEAD-_-
The Anise (4 years ago)
go to Publisher and utility program upload app.xml and get key for application
Ronin (4 years ago)
Same problem here
Yu Hang (4 years ago)
If my pc can't support the game , can I play it on vita ? Pls reply thankz
victor paradesh (4 years ago)
Can u still use the remote client app without ur pc on?
CryBite (4 years ago)
mediafire.[THERE ARE com]/download/3ccq8dj5864r1ln/PS+VITA+REMOTE+DESKTOP.rar
red balbuena (5 years ago)
plz how to download pc games to pspvita?
iubercanu vali (5 years ago)
When I started game testing in'04,it was MUCH harder to get into the industry.Companies didn't have independent game testers,now to get paid for the gaming and testing you should be 15 or older GAMETESTERCAREERS.ALLALLA.COM
STVB1295 (5 years ago)
fixed it, just delete the line
Combodombie Burt (5 years ago)
me too. I have been trying to do that for about 2 hours to fix it. HELP!
Félix Antúnez (5 years ago)
You have the solution?
Félix Antúnez (5 years ago)
Error!!! Please Make App Key Rink ....
Shahroz Zahid (5 years ago)
guys is i safe will it bric my vita??
STVB1295 (5 years ago)
i got an error on psm saying "The type or namespace name 'Sample' could not be found" help pls
Wolf (5 years ago)
Munkie Gert (5 years ago)
I already have it.
Thomas Folkers (5 years ago)
cant use my ID for this :S live in the netherlands and couldn't get a license, could anyone help me out for an ID that has the publisher key?? srry for bad english...
LAZERGUZ (5 years ago)
it says Failed to install application on device. Please make App Key file from PSM Publishing Utility. "C:\Users\Jesse\AppData\Roaming\SCE\PSM Publishing Utility\TargetAppsKey\VitaRemoteClient\03274174220442291.ktapp" HELP!!!!!!!
Ben keys (5 years ago)
My vita only appears on the run with list when the assistant isn't running what do i do
Moho Alsaleh (5 years ago)
Andru Catchings (5 years ago)
I just get a black screen and i can move the mouse on the computer.... Please help!
supremeAFA (5 years ago)
delet the 12jpg or something like that called .its on the left side of when the source code comes out
Jordan Evans (5 years ago)
not working
does'nt work for me
Warning_Signs (5 years ago)
Get a publisher license
Warning_Signs (5 years ago)
You need to get a publisher license (only available US/Japan/Some parts of Europe) and then it'll work. Make a new account under one of the accepted countries then submit your application.
nicholas gayle (5 years ago)
Thumped (5 years ago)
Dude update the media fire link! ADHVciH SBONIADSFASDSAdaasddasdsadsadsadsadsasdafsadfdsfqdfasdfsafdsaasdf

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