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Mod Monday - Ep. 2 - How to Install More Explosives Mod

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Thanks for watching my video :) Please take a second to rate the video Links and Stuff: Forum Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/877105-123more-explosives-mod/ Direct Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2qnpouhwpjnua2k Direct Download to Mod Loader: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20629262/Latest/ModLoader.zip WinRAR: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm Music by Noisestorm: http://www.youtube.com/user/eoinobroinmusic ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/YTevan1994 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itsevan1994
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Text Comments (85)
Mikkel Orvik (8 months ago)
how do i install the mod it dont wrok
dart masnoob (1 year ago)
Terryjomjarry (3 years ago)
Ya cool thanks for showing that the mod worked because I just wasted so much time watching ur video thanks a lot bud!
West211412 (4 years ago)
my forge crashing!
dart masnoob (1 year ago)
Aleksa Beric (4 years ago)
Saints (4 years ago)
when i launch minecraft it crashes dislike
Kilakox (4 years ago)
it wont workkdkdjfnhb i hate
casscade Singh (4 years ago)
i dont have minecraft.jar
casscade Singh (4 years ago)
umm the download of the mod loader says download failed
Nate Fretton (4 years ago)
wow coool story bro!
Ryan Martin (5 years ago)
the bomb that had a sring it was called a bundle c4
Rat Man (5 years ago)
it doesnt give me the explosives RIPOFF
Bread Dick (5 years ago)
Cpt Waffle (5 years ago)
tutorial is weird
Jannee Vu (5 years ago)
this only needs modloader?
WINT3RT1ME (6 years ago)
ye my minecraft crashed so yup
Randy McScrandy (6 years ago)
when i did it my minecraft crashed :)
Cuck Ten (6 years ago)
i have tmi (toomanyitemsmod) on when i downloaded the umm mod right here it wouldnd work it cancels out so i dont have the tmi mod or the explosive mod
Cuck Ten (6 years ago)
C4? y not A4?
Bernie Lomas (6 years ago)
the best way to get supplies
Bernie Lomas (6 years ago)
lol 1:19 thru 1:34, the best way to get supplies
Randy McScrandy (6 years ago)
do elemental creepers mod
Allee Vann (6 years ago)
...idk who h is either .0. *imadummy face* :3
Riven The Exile (6 years ago)
not for 1.3.1 . where can i get the updated version
BRANDON RyTINA (6 years ago)
it didn't work for me
Lochlan luza (6 years ago)
i cant get the mod fils to minecraft .jar
MrProdigyGamingHD (6 years ago)
btw i subbed
MrProdigyGamingHD (6 years ago)
nice vid you are a great commentator
Landen Anderson (6 years ago)
ive dowloaded it onto 7zip and i have tmi and it wont come up on tmi? HELP!!!!
TheGameCheaterLOL (6 years ago)
jacke smacke (6 years ago)
o my good
Ian Poulette (6 years ago)
crash !!!!! :'(
James And Cole (6 years ago)
LittleDevilDemon (6 years ago)
the intro was the song from his and he calls his subscribers Swifters. don't worry im also subscribed to you.
evan1994 (6 years ago)
lol what?
LittleDevilDemon (6 years ago)
chimney swift the swifters are HERE!!!!!!
MrDogerr (6 years ago)
my minecraft is now fucked
iKevin86 (6 years ago)
a little bit of lava rlly
Callum McCartan (6 years ago)
8:50 thats what happens when you divide by zero
TheGoldisfun (6 years ago)
@imsetyshow OOOO thats why ok well now i understand i guess....
Bart748 (6 years ago)
nice mod man i like it :P
mattstertz25 (6 years ago)
Okay when i put in the modloader folder into my .jar file it dosent load it just sits at a black screen can you help me with that????
imsetyshow (6 years ago)
@evan1994 fuuuuuuuuuu no cookie for me :( well nice meeting you evan
evan1994 (6 years ago)
@imsetyshow your very wrong lol, canada shares all the same time zones as usa
imsetyshow (6 years ago)
@evan1994 lol gold is in usa and you are in ca so when u uploaded videos for the ppl who live in usa tuesday and on ca monday (if im wrong then no cookie for me :()
xAtlKenx (6 years ago)
love the music man lolz awesome vid like the nuke tho XD
evan1994 (6 years ago)
@dlantngh2000 Who is Scmowns?
evan1994 (6 years ago)
@imsetyshow im confused?
imsetyshow (6 years ago)
@evan1994 he lives in usa lol
imsetyshow (6 years ago)
@TheGoldisfun he lives in canada
Talenheim (6 years ago)
Hey Evan i got a mod for you to review... its called NEI (or Not Enough Items). Actaully, now that I think about it, theres another mod i want you to review. Its called Thaumcraft... If you took advanced vocab, you would know what that means. But just try it out. Both of them. You dont have to review them :D
LuCkySharak (6 years ago)
Look like sc song
LuCkySharak (6 years ago)
Nice song ;)
Rafa Borquez (6 years ago)
name of the song ?
GoLfIn378 (6 years ago)
FINALLY Mondays have meaning :D
Adam Uddin (6 years ago)
@evan1994 TACTICAL NUKES INCOMING!!! I'm sorry but minecraft has run out of memory lol
evan1994 (6 years ago)
@TheGoldisfun yeah, it is. whats your point? lol
TheGoldisfun (6 years ago)
today tuesday...........
ILostMyIcecream (6 years ago)
05:25 Acid Trip alert...
Darkion (6 years ago)
@evan1994 where i can download the save world?
Pasifisken (6 years ago)
Okay, now try to fix up the dammage's :)
Ben Paul (6 years ago)
Dick Chappy (6 years ago)
@evan1994 does this mean if i click on a link you get money??
Josue Jacome (6 years ago)
3:07 thats is redstone in that ñayer holy cow!
ssbbbrwlingcrazy (6 years ago)
guys im making a minecraft survival island lets play with 3 other people, its havoc!, come and check it out, if u dont wanna...fine but its realy funny and i want to get started with youtube, cheers
joshuasiu98 (6 years ago)
hey even try the Explosives+ mod its way better :D
Arc Hale (6 years ago)
what happend to the evan i sub to x.x the one that wasn't bland :C
Scott Hume (6 years ago)
great video
RzTheTree (6 years ago)
evan1994 (6 years ago)
@MeGustaLegos Well, machinima emailed me saying "Hey wanna be a partner?" and then I said yes :P
NAPALMSTR1KE (6 years ago)
Hey evan how did you become a YouTube partner? Just wonderin :)
chinifilyjeremy (6 years ago)
Oh Evan uploaded a video. *Likes the video* Now time to watch.
Selidor Blackfire (6 years ago)
You should take a nuke and place it on bedrock and fill in teh hole all teh way back up and see what it does
tornadodude8 (6 years ago)
cool video
DarkLink1996 (6 years ago)
@evan1994 maybe
crashbros794 (6 years ago)
what is the song in the background?
Antonio Del Otero (6 years ago)
Amazing as always!
Savepoison122 (6 years ago)
Oh and happy 530'th video!
nicolegarn (6 years ago)
I really like this series! keep it up Evan! :)
Savepoison122 (6 years ago)
hey Evan maybe we can make a video sometime, your videos are great!
joey3bc (6 years ago)
@TheTobyVideos Good luck with that
AC-Vlogs (6 years ago)
First and love this new series, hope to see more.
evan1994 (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching :D Please leave a rating!!

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