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New Intro (Read Description)

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Sorry for the long wait and the reason why i didn't upload any videos is because i have the flu and this is what i can make on my spare time so please don't hate like subscribe and comment on what you guys want me to do next if i can do it Music: Michael Jackson Smooth criminal Remix (R.I.P Michael Jackson) Programs: After Effects & Minecraft Skin Viewer
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DREAM CRUSHER (1 year ago)
I forgot how good this was
Quacka Sack (1 year ago)
Hey Yo. You wanna help me with some Gundam Vids?
Quacka Sack (1 year ago)
Crazykiddgamer (1 year ago)
Quacka Sack (1 year ago)
hope you feel better! we made a funny video with a shark and a t-rex. check it out https://youtu.be/JR3DKUfYsT8
ManaMoL (1 year ago)
Firstly I would like to say, GREAT video! I am a YouTuber with over 9,000 Subs looking for people to join in on my shoutout series where you can gain 200+ subs! If you want to join in just head over drop a sub and turn my notifications on! Also if you are ever down to collab lemme know on twitter :D
Heat (1 year ago)
Hey friend nice channel, I have a Super Shoutout Sunday Series where you could gain about 1000 active subs! All you have to do is follow the rules which I explain in the video! Hope to see you next on my channel :D Thanks. Heat
ItsJamil (1 year ago)
This was a sickk intro bro, really makes your channel stand out even more ;) I left a sub and a like :) Mind returning the favour bro? Would mean a lot to me and lets be active on each others channels by turning on that notification bell! <3 btw I have a shoutout series where you can gain active subs :)
SpectacularSpecter (1 year ago)
Gotta make the intro shorter, Also so sorry you has the flu. ....
SpectacularSpecter (1 year ago)
Crazykiddgamer amazing, Also We miss you (the Windsor gang)
Crazykiddgamer (1 year ago)
Trooper X ill see what I can react to
SpectacularSpecter (1 year ago)
also Do some......Umm.......Things.....Reaction?

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