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OMG POOR AQUA!! | KINGDOM HEARTS 3 – E3 2018 Frozen Trailer Reaction!

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OMG Kingdom Hearts 3 finally has a release date and more gameplay confirming Frozen! Originally aired at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing, this trailer reveals the next destination on Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s adventure: Frozen! Check out Sora’s new Keyblade’s transformations as he battles against the Heartless! KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.
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Text Comments (282)
Suzy Lu (4 months ago)
I give no permission for reaction channels to reupload this video. Strikes will be issued. Thank you. <3 KINGDOM HEARTS HYPE!
Words and Herbs (2 months ago)
That's such a weird thing for people to do wtf why steal someone's reaction video people be lazy af 😂
Seth Porter (4 months ago)
Jason Fleming KILL HER!!
Beast Gamer (4 months ago)
Suzy Lu oh plz play kingdom hearts dream drop distance 😢😢😢😢😢
Supernerd471 (4 months ago)
This might be the dumbest thing I've ever read
Nathan Juarez (4 months ago)
Serena Shugars (1 month ago)
Omg whos ready to feel
THE Granny Poo (2 months ago)
I wonder in the toy story part... will Andy come?
happy zoroark (2 months ago)
This will be the Best game of the world
They were hoping we would all get excited for Frozen. The despair, though, was _my_ main attraction.
Sexy Bandicoot (3 months ago)
I hope to god that they don’t downgrade the graphics. They might have to in order to get a good frame rate.
Rman Nayr (3 months ago)
Rman Nayr (3 months ago)
john angel (3 months ago)
Yo my nigga sora is in love with elsa bruh
Elv (4 months ago)
waiting for Xbox release
Ian Gardner (4 months ago)
So Aqua has turned to the Dark Side.
Balor Club (4 months ago)
You would have made a reaction to Devil May Cry 5
Curtis Mehana (4 months ago)
I will save you Aqua 😂😂 Hokage Style, hidden Jutsu Tenth Edict of enlightenment Ohh it didn't work 😥
MadGamer ! (4 months ago)
Micky stay failing people 😑😑
kyle Jones (4 months ago)
Kingdom hearts... oooohh What!!!!! 5 second pause (guy) oh what... Lol
Hpesoj Ogladih (4 months ago)
Yes!! they finally include Frozen and Queen Elsa in to the game, sigh Aquanort I hope this is not the ending hard to swallow that Nomura was talking about.
Jaykinght 00 (4 months ago)
Hey her to but why aqua thought man she is gone
USO Assassino (4 months ago)
Cheers for Villain XD
kingbladerZed (4 months ago)
Sorry that Aqua ends up falling from Grace. I'm sure that Aqua must've been your favorite character. Most likely it's decided from the development team.
DigitalPorygon 2 (4 months ago)
She been Norted
Lerik (4 months ago)
can`t we just let frozen die
Donkey Mel (4 months ago)
I think I will maybe triggered some people but the trailer is not good : 1) the voice are not synchronize with the characters 2) there is not sound effects when there is the song (debris falling to the ground something like that ) Regardless this is my OPINION ( I'm not saying the game in itself is not good ) I'm not a guy who post comments all day but Suzy if you read this, I want you to know that you're one of my favorite channels and I hope you will reach 200k subs because you deserve it !! Love you Suzy <3
Darren O' Neill (4 months ago)
See - my problem is that it isn't a genuine reaction. As it isn't the first time you saw the trailer. I know this because you already had the title read "OMG POOR AQUA" - So you clearly knew about it already. This is sadly the case with most reaction video on youtube.
Darren O' Neill (4 months ago)
Things have changed on YouTube since I used to upload then. I apologise!
Suzy Lu (4 months ago)
Erm are you an idiot? You do your title, thumbnail and everything AFTER a video is recorded haha. This was taken from a LIVE STREAM where it all happened LIVE. Are some people really this dumb?? lol.
dark side (4 months ago)
Xbox one?
Yosuke Rechain (4 months ago)
Suzy Lu ..... your to Late
Vincent Edenel (4 months ago)
so hype, I cant wait to get my hand on this game!!! love KH, #bringbackroxas
Gon 38 (4 months ago)
Soras dreads go hard
Decimate the Soul (4 months ago)
I cannot belive Aqua is a vessel of Xehanort now, I'm just like did not see that coming
Decimate the Soul (4 months ago)
I'm just speechless lol my mind was blown I'm just too excited
JTFM66 (4 months ago)
Warning May contain spoilers Well she has been lost in the darkness and organisation 13 are looking to rebuild all members with Master Xehanort 13 copys
Obito Uchiha (4 months ago)
Bruh it was obvious this was going to happen, from the ending of 2.8
Sataandagi96 (4 months ago)
Honestly, she said she would guide people who are lost, she said she would be their wayfinder, everyone thought she would continue fighting! No one expected her to fall, even possibly becoming a vessel so no, it wasn't obvious.
Aℓℓ σf мє (4 months ago)
Just saying, what's the appeal?
corey scott-johnson (4 months ago)
what Keyblade is Aqua holding at the end of the trailer
Insane Anime Gamer (4 months ago)
Xehanort you done fucked up. How dare you turn Aqua into your vessel!!!!! YOU'LL PAY DEARLY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
Biowoman (4 months ago)
Does this mean... does this mean she's the 13th member? "One of your seven belongs to me now" ...
maroshi45 (4 months ago)
I get why people are surprised about Aqua but she has been trapped in the darkness for a very long time.
Sataandagi96 (4 months ago)
Seriously, they can't drop the KH bomb and expect me to care about any other game shown after this trailer, wtf...
Jade (4 months ago)
Great reaction Suzy, I want to see tangled now. But why Aqua >:
Rex Arc (4 months ago)
But why Aqua...? She's stronger than that..... Probably just a demon power she got after years in there right?? RIGHT????
MasterMind (4 months ago)
Watching this again still gives me the chills.
LIQUID SNAKE (4 months ago)
This is the reason FF15 GETS NERFED
Gentlemen Gamer (4 months ago)
He looks like Noctis a bit
Who ? Riku ?
James Regan (4 months ago)
Waifu went dark 😯😢😢
Torey White (4 months ago)
Everyone, that's NOT Aqua.
Eeveevscharizard (4 months ago)
My heart broke when I first saw Aqua in the trailer
Slifer Streaming (4 months ago)
Aqua's not rogue, she's evil
HardestDifficultyGaming (4 months ago)
My reaction when I saw Aqua-xehanort was the same as Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air xD Gasping for air going "Aqua noooo...I need a moment, I'm an adult, I can handle this...[looks back at paused screen]...Aqua noooooooooooooooo"
Мартелл (4 months ago)
Suzy.... you are too late 0___0
Element Fortune (4 months ago)
I was waiting for ever for Frozen.. And now it's here!!! Elsa my Girl! 👑
Loc K (4 months ago)
so Ariel - water (Leviathan) Pegasus - wind (Odin) Ralph - earth (Titan) Simba - fire (Ifrit)
Master Xea (4 months ago)
Is Aqua part of Xehanort now? And a fun fact she know's how to get to Ventus.
CosmicTron (4 months ago)
Wow so looking forward to this, Time to open the door once again.
Eric Hernandez (4 months ago)
Man, I just loved your excitement in this, Suzy.
Jedex92 (4 months ago)
I... I just saw it too. I'm shocked.
Xigbar Master Of Masters (4 months ago)
i bet it goes like this "you too late…..what took you guys so Long"
Odd Apprentice (4 months ago)
Not the ultimate waifu Aqua!?!
Beatriz Guraya (4 months ago)
I reacted as you did. This Frozrn trailer literally left me... well.. frozen 😂😂 But Aqua... it hurts 😭
Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar (4 months ago)
I saw Aqua at the end and my bloody *dropped* like damn girl 😢
unlimited971 (4 months ago)
it's a good thing. you'll have to fight her in the game.
taz (4 months ago)
😭 omg
Slip Å Slit (4 months ago)
I want more story bout roxas!! I wanna see him return
Gru (4 months ago)
And here yall thought Aqua was going to be one of the Lights.
LightKairi 09 (4 months ago)
Frozen yes! Q_Q i wanted this world since i watched the movie <3 **cries tears of joy... turned into ice**
Annie Lara (4 months ago)
taz (4 months ago)
I'm gonna watch right now
Luis Ortiz (4 months ago)
Oh crap they can get ventus now....
Chibi Celesti (4 months ago)
I see that Larxrene is half- Xeharnort too. Also, *NOOOOOOOOOOOOO* what happened to Aqua!? ToT
Francisco Joaci (4 months ago)
The hype is real !!!
"Mickey, your too late"
Im sorry but F#@! You xehanort !
Ryan Weissinger (4 months ago)
PLEASE correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it the key blade Master Eraqus gave to Aqua and then the key blade washed up on destiny Islands and is in the possession of Sora the key part? Isn't it the Masters key blade needed to reverse castle oblivion into the land of departure rather than the person who locked it away? So in theory Ventus can still be saved but we could get cut off by Aquanort at LoD and battle her there. Maybe beating the darkness out of Aqua could bring her back....
꧁Blake Berry꧂ (4 months ago)
Ryan Weissinger I am pretty sure Nomura confirmed that "trailer" isn't canon. If it does happen to be canon, they Sora would still need to know how and where to use it.
Tdull1993 (4 months ago)
I totally don’t want to see Aqua like this. I was literally upset when I saw her in this trailer. Why Disney and Square, just why? 😢😢😢
Nyxll Arnana (4 months ago)
Frozen in KH3? Oh god, I do not want to hear Let It Go anymore!
aqua isbae (4 months ago)
Tyrone White (4 months ago)
My heart sank when I saw Aqua :(
Megaman14 (4 months ago)
This trailer was cool.
DarkKingRikuX (4 months ago)
I know my heart died when I saw Aqua has Xehanorts eyes Mickey's heart is probably crushed after seeing that he failed to save her
GreyWind1988 (4 months ago)
Gonna be one heck of a boss fight. Guessing the keyblade sora finds on the beach will be used to bring her back
Sexy Bandicoot (4 months ago)
You know what’s sad. They’re probably gonna have to down grade the graphics in order to have a good frame rate. That’s most likely why it got delayed
꧁Blake Berry꧂ (4 months ago)
Sexy Bandicoot I doubt that. They might give us the option though. Also it was delayed by a full month so it has to be something more significant, I can't imagine that downgrading graphics takes much time. The negative feedback was probably the cause of it.
Gameslayer 9000 (4 months ago)
Aqua was probably like ehh fuck it u can't beat em join give me some of that xahanort goodness
Jose Animates (4 months ago)
So Aqua got nort ?
真原 (4 months ago)
Uchida Maaya (4 months ago)
大好kh 3
Publius Cornelius Scipio (4 months ago)
January 29, 2019!! Game of the Year!
Rihan Nura (4 months ago)
Another great reaction
Deedric Kee (4 months ago)
Amazing 👏👏🤘
Wawa 2018 (4 months ago)
looks like the same gamplay as the other kingdom hearts
Suzy Lu (4 months ago)
Nothing wrong with that. The gameplay has always been awesome!
Dark Assassin マダラ (4 months ago)
Yesssss Aqua has been fallen into Darkness and I'm happy as hell 😀
Dan Horia (4 months ago)
never played a kingdom hearts before saw a friend of mine play but the controls seemed confusing but now i wana play it
Darkwing_Gaming (4 months ago)
Where’s Vampyr?
Ryusk Key (4 months ago)
Riku has the power to awake a heart that sleeps.... all i know is that they need to save her before she guide xehanort to ventus
mega sean (4 months ago)
Is it bad that I have no idea what’s going on? Haven’t played a new Kingdom Hearts game since Birth by Sleep 😅
Starman (4 months ago)
mega sean im pretty sure it was already confusing at 2 🤔
mega sean (4 months ago)
The Reaper's Shadow Precisely, but I hear that’s where the series goes from understandable to confusing really fast.
The Reaper's Shadow (4 months ago)
mega sean if you played every KH game up to Birth by Sleep then the only games you've missed are Dream Drop Distance and KH 2.8
Dino Dead (4 months ago)
This is different than the one we see on the Orchestra O.o
Filipe Santos (4 months ago)
Guys Aqua spent over 10 years in the realm of darkness and completely alone. Of course after all that time in the dark she is gonna be affected by It, It will be interesting to see her struggle against the dark inside her.
sonicblade64 (4 months ago)
so what do we call her now aqua-nort or xea-qua
Jupiter32 (4 months ago)
We're also gonna get Halo Infinite
TheKingRiku (4 months ago)
We knew that Riku was on an important mission from Yen Sid after becoming a master and obtaining the power to awaken sleeping hearts... here he is in the cutscene... TO AWAKEN AQUA’S HEART THAT HAS FALLEN TO DARKNESS!!! Let’s gooooo Riku!!!!
The Reaper's Shadow (4 months ago)
Steven Higgins yep and Sora's mission is to find and wake-up Ventus. They'll likely need both Aqus and Ventus if they want to save Terra.
Steven Higgins (4 months ago)
TheKingRiku His original mission was to bring her back to the Realm of light. This is an unforseen complication.
tunderdiamant (4 months ago)
Can't believe Aqua is going to be a vilain noooo :'( I knew it wasn't going to be that easy to help her... Let Aqua be happy :'(
Jaryd Eskeets (4 months ago)
“Aqua went rouge!!”

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