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Minecraft Xbox - The Omega Colony - Part 1

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Part 2 - http://youtu.be/PzJ0kltFk9Q Welcome to a lets play of The Omega Colony adventure map. This map was built by Minecritters. I play through the entire map with Ballistic Squid. Enjoy. Map Builders - http://www.youtube.com/minecritters Squidoodlies Channel - http://www.youtube.com/iballisticsquid Map Download Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24R9rnawg3k Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose My shop - http://stampy.spreadshirt.co.uk/ Email - [email protected]
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Text Comments (5706)
Super Boi 1111 (6 hours ago)
Not gonna lie when I was younger all I would do is watch stampy and squid and today I’m off school so I decided to watch
Aims Emerald (6 days ago)
I remember this! The first vid I watched
Samantha Jacob (8 days ago)
Now watch me wear diamond armor now watch me whip hahahahaha LOL XD
Rachgra05 (14 days ago)
Who is watching this in 2018 because they miss the adventure maps.
David Olguin (15 days ago)
Who watching this in 2018? I am
Alfie mac (18 days ago)
Oops who else
Alfie mac (18 days ago)
Alfie mac (18 days ago)
I’m binging in 2018
Theresa S (20 days ago)
I am in love with the plastic texture pack Anyways Hello from 2018
Gewibit (1 month ago)
Am I the only one watching 4 years later and in a unicorn onesie....
Frosty Features (25 days ago)
TheGamerHolic 2002 (1 month ago)
swordslasher 123 (1 month ago)
Can you guys do a adventure map on spectrobes please, or can you do a let's play on the actual game spectrobes beyond the portals plz.
Salmonfluff (1 month ago)
nostalgia o v e r l o a d
A toilet (1 month ago)
Frosty Features (25 days ago)
Nice name dude!
lonely bird (1 month ago)
This was my childhood
fireandice 0808 (1 month ago)
fireandice 0808 meeeeehhh!!!
Kiera Brumell (1 month ago)
I love you and I love your videos they are totally amazing this video was interesting to watch I hope you enjoy making videos because i surely enjoy watching this one can’t wait to watch more of your videos in the future! Bye byeDID YOU KNOW I CALL CUCUMBER CU-CU-CUMBER!I HAVE DONE IT SINCE I WAS A TODLER! I THINK ITS FUNNY NOW THAT IM OLDER!
d_ego .aceves (1 month ago)
The good old days.
Sumerwin234 (2 months ago)
5 years later
I love this adventure map :)
Dipesh Patel (2 months ago)
You could of also enchanted you swords and your bow and gather arrows.
Dipesh Patel (2 months ago)
You could of went in Z09 and other Z"s.
ShibatasticGD (2 months ago)
I can’t believe that Stampy has come this far. I remember getting the notification for this back in 2013.
Sydney_Pheonix (2 months ago)
I AM BACK From From? In? Now in? ANYWAY Five years in the Future
Random Ruby (2 months ago)
Heather Temple (2 months ago)
It mad ny day. Wich takes a lot because I have three stiches
Callum Blair (2 months ago)
Stampy l love you...
Callum Blair (2 months ago)
Stampy l love you stampy I love you...?
Owen Carter (3 months ago)
Where did the collabs go?
thomas tari (3 months ago)
oh squid
Tineh Hooman (3 months ago)
You sound just as good as you do now! I love you stampy you are my life!!
Cobruh 1 (3 months ago)
I meas you and spuid doin videos together 😭
epic player 1 (3 months ago)
I've been a fan since this was first made but I didn't watch this at first.
A Commenter (3 months ago)
Hearing his old microphone quality, ouch
Ruthless Gamer (3 months ago)
I just want to say how much Stampy means to me. I first started watching his vids since I was 6 and every day I come home I’ll watch a vid and ask my mom for a Xbox so I can get Minecraft. I told everyone to watch him, but people thought I was watching kidy shows but I didn’t care. When I finally got a Xbox and Minecraft I flipped. I went to new world and said “ Hello this is Tyler and welcome to another day of my lovely world “. Stampy you are an idol to me. I’m 12 and now i watch BHD and Filthy Frank. But now YouTube is out of original ideas except for u. This is my first time I watched in 2 years but still to this day you will forever be my hero.
Raès Sksè (3 months ago)
Same as always, YASSS
Meme Playz (3 months ago)
Whos watching in 2018 lol
Valorie S (3 months ago)
Happy New Year to all of you and the the important one stampy cat
Joecellia Roberts (4 months ago)
you missed a chest in the lava
Average Joe Player (4 months ago)
Valerie Grunau (4 months ago)
hey stamp's you make me laugh so hard when you make your videos ♡●♡
Valerie Grunau (4 months ago)
hey stamp's you make me laugh so hard when you make your videos ♡●♡
So Hyun (4 months ago)
2017 anyone?
typical player (4 months ago)
Squis lough at 20.21
typical player (4 months ago)
I mean laugh
Will Tibbett (5 months ago)
Stampy Kill Iballistick squid
audrey (5 months ago)
i miss these :((
Oona Oona (5 months ago)
It's almost 2018 and I am bingeing his old series because they are so good and bring back so many memories
Ronan Wagner (5 months ago)
Im watching and its almost 2018!
Dang Nguyen (5 months ago)
Unicorn Lover (5 months ago)
Dang Nguyen Omg can you stop being mean to him? And if you hate him then why are you watching him? You Should Go Back To Hell
Allie Willie (5 months ago)
I’m American. Lol u guys say ‘zed’ when u say the letter ‘z’.
Lexie A.ussie (6 months ago)
“Have you killed yourself yet squid?” -Stampy 2013
Unicorn Girl (6 months ago)
me I am watching this in 2017
John Hickey (6 months ago)
Nostalgia over 9000
Owen Toar (6 months ago)
you missed a chest in building z16 there was another chest across the chest where you got your full diamond armour
Maddie King (6 months ago)
3:23 squiddy fail! Stampy: ok, go into the middle, I’ll catch ya. Squid: WHEEEEEEEEEEE-Splat Stampy:Oh.
Jack Holman (6 months ago)
This is by far my favourite adventure map by stamps
fortnite YT (6 months ago)
Stephen Maguire (6 months ago)
Awhhh miss these
KibaTheBunny 666 (6 months ago)
I can't stop laughing from 5:32! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
M Miles (7 months ago)
Cernan Quinito (7 months ago)
I miss the good old days when i was just 6 years old watching and waiting for every episode of every video i wish it could stay that way.
Cernan Quinito (7 months ago)
I miss the good old days when i was just 6 years old watching and waiting for every episode of every video i wish it could stay that way.
Elvira Mukhurova (7 months ago)
Cool man
Andrei Jorge (7 months ago)
I miss the old seires
Kelly (7 months ago)
alyssa 0428 (7 months ago)
At the beginning of this video I learned three things 1. Squid sucks at droppers 2. Never let squid have nice things 3. A axe and hammer are not the same things
Pleeplop 123 (7 months ago)
This randomly popped up on my reccomended. I'm glad it did, I haven't seen these videos for years. This brings back tons of memories. This channel was my childhood.
Grace Rodriguez (8 months ago)
I cant even focus on what squid's saying, 1:38 *staring at the captain intensely/awkwardly for 10 seconds* o.o 😂😆
brianna saari (8 months ago)
i love squids voice.
brianna saari (8 months ago)
the cake was chocolate
Milton Dodge (8 months ago)
Milton Dodge (8 months ago)
Michael Pierce (8 months ago)
I'm a fan of u stampy cat
Victoria Smith (8 months ago)
Thanks Stampy :)
Luke Lopes (8 months ago)
Who's benge watching the adventure maps
xNyaHalMigHtYx (8 months ago)
*you're gonna crush all your squidoodlies* I'm sorry that was too funny
Nikhil Bharadwaj (9 months ago)
I wish Stampy would do adventure maps again.
Brookmc3995 (9 months ago)
Who else misses these adventure maps? D: I'll build one if you will play it 😂💗
Grade's Mum (9 months ago)
This is stampys least viewed video
Zomballfish 07 (9 months ago)
Chrissy -Com (9 months ago)
You missed a chest!!!!!
Linda Spence (9 months ago)
how old are you stampy
AIM AIRTECH MECH. (9 months ago)
Thanks stampy
Skootch_fan 1 Gamer (9 months ago)
I hate you stampy
puppy lover (10 months ago)
squid died so many times
Aldo Vega2007 (10 months ago)
you missed the chest in the lava
Sunny Picard (10 months ago)
Stampy I saw a lever and a Horse that you did not see
benchren Catibog (10 months ago)
This Should Be Called A Slimey Start Lol
somarmairim (10 months ago)
Happy new year stampy!
CUTE JASMIN (10 months ago)
hi Stampy
CUTE JASMIN (10 months ago)
hi Stampy😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
Chris Lynch (11 months ago)
Andreas Levy (11 months ago)
Stamps can I have a 3ds
Rizan Shakir (11 months ago)
uuuuh what should i say MEH
"Have you managed to kill yourself yet Squid?" Stampy 2013
Game Central (11 months ago)
you missed a chest at the lava
liv d (11 months ago)
hi ya 😂
Rahmah Abdille (11 months ago)
Rahmah Abdille (11 months ago)
say 2017 if u watching it in 2017
Ezekiel Garret (11 months ago)
OMG I feel so old now!... 'Twas 2 years ago since I watched this😅
Jungsatan Jeon (11 months ago)
This map makes me hungry

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