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Proving Hypixel Staff Wrong with SIMPLE Math? | Exposed

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Using simple math to expose an 8 star... Pretty sure he was hacking, but we can check with one simple theorum. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSlZes-_m3JTr7-JRa7nVLg?sub_confirmation=1 TWEEEETER: http://twitter.com/OcuosMC
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Text Comments (5557)
Dickson KO (4 days ago)
Hypixel...Garbage server
SaltyHackusator (4 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (6 days ago)
The staff just sucks in general they are over strict, they will ban you off the forums if you just don’t like you, and will side with obvious trolls because they are dense as hell.
DrMysticalii (8 days ago)
Is 7 blocks more than 5 blocks...hmm let me think about it actually I'm pretty sure it isn't.
SRTSamuel (9 days ago)
“simple math”
ItzHyper (11 days ago)
His new name is Inferno_R
oKqwaii oKqwaii (14 days ago)
Diego (14 days ago)
Now I will use this to prove staff wrong 8)
Ticiigais (17 days ago)
Gam1ngNetwork (18 days ago)
Title: *SIMPLE* *Math?* Video: *Uses* *calculator* _Simple._
t2e/EarthFlect (18 days ago)
The power of Pythagoras helping hypixel players thousands of years later
YourLaggy (19 days ago)
Wal Mu (21 days ago)
Help me on my hw
Simple math? WDYM this is next level bruh.
The Anti-Fantasy (26 days ago)
This video is hella old and I’ve already seen it before, fuck off recommendations
Random guy (1 month ago)
Lol its lag, salty nerd.
Raion (1 month ago)
Ever heard of lag?
QadeyPvP (1 month ago)
Chicken137 (1 month ago)
This is probs gonna happen a guy uses killaura nofall reach anti kB and b-hop and the staff probs gonna say nah he’s legit
invisibilius (1 month ago)
the attack distaNCe isn't a 5
queermelon (1 month ago)
>Be me >Just got myself a VIP+ rank >Hell yeah rank=skills >About to win my very first game of BW > Oh, I still have my bed and theres two teams left and only one of them has a bed >They're both on an island >k imma just wait here for one to kill the other >k waiting >waiting >Ayy why you two looking at me >*screenshots* >"My dudes why are you cross-teaming?" I ask >"We're not cross-teaming, we're working together. >u want a scholarship nigga >I go to report them >"Do NOT include your IGN anywhere on the thread" >Ok >Cross out my name in ms paint from the screenshots >Its pretty hard evidence with chat and everything >two fucking days go by >"We appreciate you taking the time to make a thread but we cannot accept edited evidence." said the hypixel mod as he ripped his shirt off and twisted his nippies
Technoblade (1 month ago)
Ok fine I’ll ban him
Cake MC (1 month ago)
Lol did you really have to do all that? Pause at 2:08, he hit from like 8 blocks
OmicronGaming (1 month ago)
This has almost 1 million views wtf
洪天樂 (1 month ago)
Chris Westerhoff (1 month ago)
Just learn this in your math class? It’s clearly wrong math go back to survival nerd
BoomerUniverse Talks (1 month ago)
This is wrong because lag. No matter how good your connection is, there is some sort of delay between the you, server and the client. The pythagorean theorem here proves nothing except if we were in a perfect world.
Gotq TehLifeLess (1 month ago)
When u ran out of videos ideas lol
AppleLini (1 month ago)
Transportations (1 month ago)
Banned Kqwqii but not HIM?
trulysneaky (1 month ago)
what was the music btw
Falspire Aceti (1 month ago)
Delayed hits ping
Supremely Effects (1 month ago)
Looks like someone didn’t skip high school lol
Carlton Banks (1 month ago)
Fleurtjeh (1 month ago)
I think they didn't ban him cause he's vip+
Darmi Games (1 month ago)
math is best anticheat :D
Trosečník (1 month ago)
Filip Bukvic (1 month ago)
What is that texture pack?
Michael-WP Cheung (1 month ago)
well i fought him before and i got hitted from like 8 or 7 bblocks too (ABSOLUTELY LEGIT RIGHT) HUH LOL that is the most toxic savage and dum haxer :L
Mine Rage (2 months ago)
Flawfluss touched the water 2:48 <<< Come see it ----- lol no offense btw
Griley (2 months ago)
Knows one maths theorem; believes he’s a maths god
Retroke (2 months ago)
U game on a mac?
Original Rose (2 months ago)
Come on now he wasnt hacking bc 7 is less than 5 which is the reach for mc ;)
Zusza (2 months ago)
zeemah (2 months ago)
thats Trigonometry
Philipp Hoehn (2 months ago)
No, it's geometry. Angles weren't mentioned at all
Napert360ggTGpl (2 months ago)
Next thing you know: You have been PERMANENTLY BANNED from Hypixel servers for: staff is always right
WiseSubscript (2 months ago)
Survival reach is 3 creative reach is 5
07L (2 months ago)
Defo hacking
Vulna (2 months ago)
this man is so butt hurt over a hacker he goes out to make a full video about it damn
MrLegendGaming (2 months ago)
Toes Bowser (2 months ago)
how far can you reach in minecraft pvpvppv
bigboyKEN (2 months ago)
Tons of mineplex kids saying the reach is 5 blocks on hypixel in 2k18. Comw on you were borned with some braincells lol
sexy smurf (2 months ago)
dude chill and play some pubg
TheLastProfessor (2 months ago)
Didn't you know? Hypixel doesn't like banning ranked players.
assassinator202 (2 months ago)
gg he was hacking 4 sure my dude
de goudencavia (2 months ago)
He was not hacking he was playing in 1.12
McFuzionPlayz (2 months ago)
My Head Is Spinnin
PaceccaMusic (2 months ago)
According to the hypixel website, he hasn't been on since May 10, 2017
xmas33 (2 months ago)
litteraly in school if teachers taught me math through games like he just did boi would school be a blast it would be so fun not like normal school when your in like in 5th grade you dont get much homework i mean like cmon school atleast give use homework that taked you 3 hours to complete
CircleTheWagons (2 months ago)
This is why Mineplex > Hypixel
undeuxtroisoleil (2 months ago)
Minecraft reach is 2.99 in survival not 5
spongebob popsicle stick (2 months ago)
dont u just love the bot that acc or rejects ur app to hypixel
Most cheat engines for Minecraft allow players to increase their "grab" range
O G (2 months ago)
Wtf? Isn't the minecraft reach 3 blocks?
Its Hyper (2 months ago)
I don’t know, lag could have easily done that, like he hit him, the knock back from the first/second hit knocked him back then the 3rd hit registered
MXXX殺人 (2 months ago)
Philipallan123 (2 months ago)
Boarder damages you.
Kelp'Cs (2 months ago)
See how he used math to solve a problem except he used a calculator to do it, just like I’m going to for the rest of my life with this phone in my hand. Math class is useless
Kelp'Cs (2 months ago)
Connor Yang I’m saying repeatedly practicing the material over and over again is not that useful.
Connor Yang (2 months ago)
Kelp'Cs how will u learn the formulas then
Strebicux (2 months ago)
Thay hit is bs
Command Block Pro (2 months ago)
Marycris Achas (2 months ago)
This dude used grade 8 method in math Just sharing
ForgingShadows (2 months ago)
im in advanced and i learned it in 4th grade i mean i am a nerd but u know
Connor Yang (2 months ago)
I learned it in 7th grade maths but I’m pretty sure since I’m in advanced it’s like 8th grade not sure tho
Marycris Achas (2 months ago)
Your calling it simple yet needed a converter to solve that
Marcel Hjort Nielsen (2 months ago)
one happy boi (2 months ago)
quick mafs
SilverSnake (2 months ago)
The question still goes on, was he banned?
Eli Martin (2 months ago)
Is it a video game and is it based off of blocks. Also did you know that I can hear you move your tongue while you were talking so maybe try to not deal throat your mic :)
Beggers (2 months ago)
Maybe he wasn't hacking? There is something called delayed hit. And yes, sometimes it's from a longer distance. Ping is a big role in this.
I m i n I (3 months ago)
all dislikes are spare accounts of the hacker and the staff of hypixel
Dingleroot fr (3 months ago)
hypixel reach is actually 3 blocks so double the length
Zoominq (3 months ago)
Ok, this is a year old now but I just wanna state my mind. When you are hitting a player in a straight direction compared to a slanted direction, the reach will be different. Also if the server (Hypixel) has a specific HitDelay and the player’s ping is decently high (115+) the hits will be delayed. It will create an illusion as the two players do not have the same connection so the higher pinged player will have an illusion of a greater reach. (Ohh well I have low ping and I out reach people: Well that means your connection is better and your hits will be less delayed and will actually give you a greater reach.) To simply my words: If you hit a player with 130ms, his hit will take longer to register to the server. So if the high pinged player clicks twice, the first hit will register then the second hit will register. There will be a time space between the two hits, but on your connection to the server you have already taken the knock back. Comparison: If you hit a laggy player his knock back will seem very slow or non existent, then your hits will finally register and then he will take the knock back. This is same for a laggy players reach, you can only really tell if the player has a really bad connection (160ms +). What I mean 70ms: (Computer) ——————> (Server) —————> (Computer) 130ms: (Computer) —————————> (Server) ————————> (Computer) 180ms: (Computer) ————————————-> (Server) ————————————> (Computer) To sum everything up, the PvP mechanic on all pvp servers will have this flaw no matter what. You can make it so the server detects your location and finds a open game that suits your connection best and you will only play against players in the same location. Using this method will reduce the amount of fighting laggy players.
Zoominq (3 months ago)
My nigga remember that one lesson from 10th grade while playing Minecraft.
CamCraftGaming (3 months ago)
"Is 7 blocks higher than 5 blocks" Dude Thats not a question Its no
Gacha Ally (3 months ago)
Providance (3 months ago)
This hurts my brain "simple" math bro I hate math.
Eye (3 months ago)
this is bs, watchdog literally tells you when a player gets banned from one of your reports
xD리메트 (3 months ago)
エドデ (3 months ago)
almost 1 million views and i feel bad for the man who was hacking.
Lil Sam (3 months ago)
Holy shit that's actually soooo obvious Hypixel is a fucking meme kms staff is shit
Chris (3 months ago)
Default reach is about 3 blocks
chillabot YT (3 months ago)
He is 100% hacking. That other guy couldn't even get close to him.
Matthew Bradshaw (3 months ago)
If this guy still didn't get banned I'm done
Leon's Tech n Gaming (3 months ago)
Quiq mafs
Dennis Schröder (3 months ago)
Everyone saying he's nerdy it's VERY basic math if your older than 5 you should know this math lol
Adriani 268 (3 months ago)
Proving this wrong by explaining the mechanics? Did anyone do that yet? Fine, I'll do it. By the way, I'm trying to prove that there is a possibility of this being wrong, they may actually hack, no way to know. You see, there is this thing called client-side hit registration. I'm 90% sure Minecraft uses it. That means in a 1v1 that the registration for their hits is done on their screen and yours is done on your screen. If they are lagging (lagging as in slightly out of sync with the server), the positions of the players can't update properly for them which means you can be closer to them on their screen than you are on yours. Since their hit registration is done on their screen, you can get combo-ed into nothingness with no way of fighting back. This gives the impression of reach and gives slightly lagging people a huge advantage. On a side note with similar logic that I don't actually know how to explain, lots of clicks per second also give a very slight reach boost (ensuring that your hits get registered while slightly out of sync with the server so your enemy is in a favourable position for you, blah blah blah). Replay mods don't prove anything, they use the positions on your screen, not on theirs.
EmberMist (3 months ago)
The default reach is 3.
GazerBread (3 months ago)
Well given with the answer he could not have just hit the air and hurt the player Minecraft is not like that he is hacking and da math is given a true fact
Senk Ju (3 months ago)
You cannot calculate range like that. There are too many factors which affect your actual range. The tiniest bit of lag (or latency im general) for example would completely ruin your calculation. You also forgot about the fact that Phillip was in the air when Flawflus hit him which makes the actual distance between them shorter. And the most important thing you did not consider in your calculation is that your ingame range starts at the height of your eyes. If Flawfluss (who had low ground) aimed for Phillips feet and actually hit him there, there really is not much of a distance beween both. And definitely not one that is unrealistic. I am not saying he was not cheating. It defintely does look like it but you cannot proof your opinion like that.
In PvP u only can hit 2.9 Block with a Sword, these 5 Block are mining blocks so... BUSTED
xMortalz Rage (3 months ago)
That one hit is very not legit. 👌🏻
ReX Toxxic (3 months ago)
Hypixle Reach is 3 blocks
Coolkid92007 (3 months ago)
“simple” *uses 8th grade fundamentals* u know, I’m only in 6th grade... THIS IS NOT SIMPLE FOR ME

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