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Minecraft Tyrants and Plebeians Mk.4 FULL RELEASE Server now open!

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The mark 4 version of the mod pack is complete enough and the survival / faction / pvp server is now open to the public! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TyrantsEtPlebs Mod pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-and-plebeians-mk4.1206890 Discord: https://discord.gg/mAXxGTp April fool's joke: http://rapidteria.com/HMkR
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Text Comments (39)
Monorisu (22 days ago)
First. Also, remember to close and re run the mod pack over and over again so ti will get "trending" status on the Technic platform.
Rising Phoenix (22 days ago)
Do you have a changelog for Mk.IV?
Commander Waltz (22 days ago)
Monorisu okay
the crafts (15 days ago)
I can not open the modpack anyone can give me the ip please (i'am braziliam)
Avinex (15 days ago)
When I run the game i can play for about 1 minute, then i got a lag and minecraft disappears, other modpacks on technic launcher works. I don't know what can i do :(
Monorisu (15 days ago)
The modpack is very resource intensive. Go to technic java settings and give it more ram. Apparently, at least 3gb of ram should work?
Comedy Tree (18 days ago)
but the TDM server is closed now right?
First Name (18 days ago)
Unfortunately, yes
Dear channel monorisu films please answer this letter say in the flens mod there are thing and technigues of the first world war say yes or no and извини за мой британский
RockingMC RockingMC (19 days ago)
fucking dead game
First Name (19 days ago)
>RockingMC >creeper pfp
XENRICOGAMERX (20 days ago)
sera que voce poderia cria um server para pirata e original beleza
XENRICOGAMERX (20 days ago)
sera que voce poderia cria um server para pirata e original beleza
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (21 days ago)
aye can we get a list of all the new things added?
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (19 days ago)
First Name (19 days ago)
dave johnson (21 days ago)
Sorry but mine won't download. Could you please help? It says there was a download error.
First Name (19 days ago)
Just spam it until it fixes itself.
Edwardg2 (21 days ago)
pls add ataly met it best tan in worlds
arda aydınlar (21 days ago)
Please make flans mod plus for 1.12.2
Edwardg2 (21 days ago)
he didnt make it
林橙 (21 days ago)
Maybe let's sent you a fortress tank next week wwwww
The Greek Gamers (21 days ago)
"Open to the public" aka open only to premium minecraft players :(
The Greek Gamers (15 days ago)
that's the sad thing. I can only play single player. smH
Edwardg2 (16 days ago)
you can still play single player or a poorly made cracked mc flans server
The Greek Gamers (17 days ago)
I have found a cracked version of technic, but Monorisu's servers are in online mode aka only for premium.
Arsenic (18 days ago)
You can try and find a cracked version of technic.
The Greek Gamers (18 days ago)
Comedy Tree in greece it just doesnt worth the price.
Giulio24 Tutorial™ (21 days ago)
Wow nice video
Liam's Lego Gaming (22 days ago)
What version of Minecraft does it require?
First Name (21 days ago)
Liam's Lego Gaming 1.7.10, the holy version
Commander Waltz (22 days ago)
Mamzar Faisal (22 days ago)
Not a joke 😒😒😒 u said in epsiode 23 of flans mod battles when u upload episode 24 u will soon delete it but it was a lie u better be honest this time 😒😒😒😒😒😡😡😡😡
Langesholz Nudelholz (22 days ago)
Ahh, finally !( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hybrid (22 days ago)
Morlie morli (22 days ago)
Macedthur (22 days ago)
Hey Guys Ive found the actual face of Monorisu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

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