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Battlefield 1 Open Beta Gameplay with Mathew and Quinton!

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Hope you guys enjoyed! I enjoyed making this video! If you want more, Like, Subscribe, and Comment!
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Ami Limey (2 years ago)
I must say I was a bit confused by the quality and frames, I figured it was a bad connection, but a good mate of mine watched it and he said it looked bad as well. Yikes. And I'm not quite sure what the little animation edits are, I wasn't sure if you had just bought a trial version of Adobe or not, but what was amusing at first slowly became cringy to look at. Maybe invest in some better software, those animations are killing you. "Uh oh." indeed. Perhaps focus more on gameplay instead of the animation. Another little bugger in this video is the poor audio quality. Perhaps fix some leveling. It's very 'clear' you spend some time editing, audio can go a long way and it's easy to do. Let's plays are about the player and I can't understand what you are saying half the time, or if you are saying anything at all. I find that when i watch a "Let's Play" I look for entertainment aside from the game itself, and I wasn't entertained at all by your screaming and sudden shouts in protest of death. It seems you are just copying what made Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, or Markiplier popular. Look forward to seeing a more improved next installment. Cheers.
TheGentleGiraffe (2 years ago)
Well I appreciate the feedback. But to defend myself, I am a guy in school with a minimum wage job and that has 3 Mbps Internet. So I do the best I can. I have a condenser mic so it's not that good. I plan on getting a better one though. And I just record how I feel comfortable. I just go with the flow. I understand that a let's play is the person recording it and I've always wanted to find funny things to talk about! I guess I just hang out with friends that don't talk much during playing games xD But I do appreciate the feedback and I will use this comment to improve my quality. I also use a free program to record so if you have any suggestions for recording software, let me know! Except you probably don't since you have no videos posted and no proof of experience that you know anything. Cheers
Quinton Lester (2 years ago)
Flamefox (2 years ago)
Umm Michael you ok at the beginning
TheAnimeKing (2 years ago)
Sure you are
TheGentleGiraffe (2 years ago)
Perfectly sane.

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