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How to Install the Shape Shifter Z Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Hopefully it works! Its a easy automatic installler all you have to do is click install!! If the installer doesn't work for you go to this link to install it manually https://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=407WMyWuBtg Link --------------------------- http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/shape-shifter-1736589/ Minecraft Mod Shape Shifter Mod minecraft Shape Shifter Z Shape Shifter Z minecraft minecraft z Shape minecraft
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Text Comments (88)
Pyrenees (4 years ago)
the title was 1.5.2 minecraft but why did you download 1.5.1 shapeshifter 
jedc2000 de todo (4 years ago)
que mierda de mierda me daño mi minecraft 
Delly621 (4 years ago)
pngVisit my site for direct links
Delly621 (4 years ago)
click this sheep.pngVisit my site for direct links
Delly621 (4 years ago)
its not ther
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
you sure?
Cate McGowan (4 years ago)
it dosent have the installer anymore PLEASE HELP
a business man (4 years ago)
Google Shape Shifter Mod for Minecraft and select the version that works for you. If you see skydaz's installer, use it.
a business man (4 years ago)
Think he/she means mod.
Ian Lagarde (4 years ago)
It doesnt have the download installer anymore help... :(
that means you didn't deleted the META-INF
John Paul Sacedor (4 years ago)
First, download this mod for your desired version (1.6.x). When done, head to bit.ly /1cBz9C6, to learn how to install mods. Hope this helps.
That_OneKID (4 years ago)
How did you install it without the installer for 1.6?
serjaaf al husaini (4 years ago)
i know u have alienware
hristo hristov (4 years ago)
may not use mods :(
Evan Snyder (4 years ago)
i cant get the mod installer but i used the other way but its still awsome
RyGuy05030 (4 years ago)
I subbed
Rhys Harries (4 years ago)
jordan tallqvist (4 years ago)
do u have to use adf.ly
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
Tom Wigg (4 years ago)
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
Rico Angelo Vallejo (4 years ago)
tnx men this deserves a sub
DIAMOND WARRIOR (4 years ago)
Lazyboy (4 years ago)
i cant use it it keep's crashing my game
im having so much trouble!
SmushyTaco (4 years ago)
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
glad i could help :)
TylerA713 (4 years ago)
Or u can drag the items in I did that and it work
kyle sawsome (4 years ago)
this doesn't work
Jackson Whitehead (4 years ago)
did it work
Mossykillerelite (4 years ago)
Took a long time. ._.
ThePanCak3Lion2 (4 years ago)
Do continue and do what it says?Cause mine is different from how yours installed
ThePanCak3Lion2 (4 years ago)
When I clicked install download (or whatever it said) it just shows a page where like you put where you live and etc. Is that supposed to happen?I have windows 7.
jakob zachariasen (4 years ago)
me to and it is still loading
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
but it work?
Trickster Child (4 years ago)
I Tried it and it took a long time to load
Coen Sueppel (4 years ago)
how do iget it to minecraft
Coen Sueppel (4 years ago)
the end did not show up what do i do
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
Check my channel
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
made one just look at my channel
KillerR3M1X (4 years ago)
DIdnt work...but when I went onto addfly there were naked ladies...so that kinda made up for it :/
Paulo Quicho (4 years ago)
Thx dude u helped me sooooooo much!
Karter Valeria Flores (4 years ago)
can you make one with out using the installer?
Brendan N (4 years ago)
Th3Haunter (4 years ago)
nice looking taskbar :)
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
I know its 10 seconds :P
NeonKattRules (4 years ago)
Pika Boy (4 years ago)
Cool windows
Haeleigh Rose (4 years ago)
LazyGuyPlaysMC (4 years ago)
But thanks
LazyGuyPlaysMC (4 years ago)
Long intro dude
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
Thanks man
Czar Casm (4 years ago)
Im soo happy i subed
Czar Casm (4 years ago)
Thank u :DDD
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
The installer may be update to install the mod accept it
cathyrain011 (4 years ago)
I don't get it.When it comes to the download installer thingy.I get a different one.Mine says "do you wanna run or save?" then I put save then run and this thing pops up if I want to accept or not accept
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
cant help you there :(
ANIME MADNESS (4 years ago)
i know how to do it but... mine is cracked leh... when i press "play", the minecraft that needs to be paid money
tails doll (4 years ago)
minecraft does but not any mods or maps or texture
Jimmy Buckley (4 years ago)
Does it cost money
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
Press z i think
Nimai (4 years ago)
I wonder how it works for you bros
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
If you need ill show you how to do it without the installer
Anto Isgro (4 years ago)
Me either :(
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
Gaby Marrero (4 years ago)
is this mod compatible with toomanyitems mod
Scott Livingston (4 years ago)
i have the my little pony mod
Enigma's Light (4 years ago)
thanks bro
leonard akers (4 years ago)
hmm so can u turn into a giant captin sparklez exacly
MrZipbuddy (4 years ago)
the installer
Ranulph Shieldwield (4 years ago)
Which to choose download installer or download the mod?
Yigit (4 years ago)
The installer doesn't work.
Hercules Lenny (4 years ago)
wtf i need my mods
josh hughes (4 years ago)
its a windows skin look up rainmeter you get lots of cool skins
FaZe Cross (4 years ago)
dose it work
Bob jr the third (4 years ago)
can you use mods when your offline
MrZipbuddy (5 years ago)
what never opens?
Phoenix Flames (5 years ago)
It never opens when I click the open button
MrZipbuddy (5 years ago)
Idk just try it
Nicholas Caldwell (5 years ago)
Can you open it with The Unarchiver?
MrZipbuddy (5 years ago)
I think the Alein theme
MrZipbuddy (5 years ago)
Its windows with a theme you can look it up but its pretty hard to install
theplayer178 (5 years ago)
use magic launcher put it on 1.5.1 then do it
theplayer178 (5 years ago)
Go to the link and scroll down it says Dedicated Server press on it can you do how to install video for that. but wait for it to update to 1.5.2 first.
MrZipbuddy (5 years ago)
I its not possible to use on a server/ install on a server
NoNameSneaky (5 years ago)
How did you make your intro?.
theplayer178 (5 years ago)
how do you put it in a server

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