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Stevie Hoang - U turn

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Stevie Hoang - U turn
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Yogas6661 (11 months ago)
Brittney Hall (11 months ago)
Your song make me feel Special smile 😊 keep Rick and God bless 🇯🇵🤘😎😱 Happy make me feel better soon show make Steven Hoang like your song good luck on your new song music video on YouTube 🇯🇵
Bar Aman (1 year ago)
yeah...its fantastic.
Bar Aman (1 year ago)
yeah...its fantastic.
Carrie Edwards (1 year ago)
I like this
Mrs.Angela 3510 (4 years ago)
Oh Oh  love this Voice :))))
christ alay (5 years ago)
wow.its no ur turn.
venzar pamplona (5 years ago)
this is my favorite song
Jane Joanne (5 years ago)
Gosh.. I feel like a dumbed all this time i was thought tht Stevie Hoang is a black men... Omg!! Hes not??!!.. But how come his voice sounds like??...big surprise ever since ive heard all his song... N i nvr doubted about what i thought that its a black men behind the voice... But not im totally feel like a dumbed!!
David Nguyen (5 years ago)
same here
Keith Spaulding (5 years ago)
smooooooooooth track!!
malachy ng (5 years ago)
what does it say. i am still currently failing to understand what was written.
Doc Viruz (6 years ago)
best song to forget bout her..!! :D
Rany Den Hong (6 years ago)
all his song so addicted to me <3
Adriana C (6 years ago)
goshh this was the song that got me into him *.* I listened to this song until I got sick of it and now listening to it makes me happy ^.^
Deeptha Murali (6 years ago)
gosh! few dayz back nly i got 2 knw abt dis guy! n am likin all his sngs! :)
Pete G (7 years ago)
This is definitely one of my favorites. :)

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