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Minecraft: DOCTOR WHO LUCKY BLOCK BEDWARS! - Modded Mini-Game

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Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars! Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Our Book! http://bit.ly/AHoleNewWorld Cloud's Channel goo.gl/PgWJR3 Shirts! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos Our Book! http://bit.ly/AHoleNewWorld Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Doctor Who Lucky Block Mod: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/the-doctor-who-lucky-block-mod In this 1.8 Doctor Who Lucky Block Bedwars Modded Mini-Game: We need to defend out bed at all costs because if you die with it gone you lose! We can open Jen lucky blocks to gain, items, weapons, blocks in the challenge! Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (13483)
boncu sho (5 hours ago)
Why pat never apload a hunger game again
Mike Talks (6 hours ago)
Aidan Bash (7 hours ago)
CallMeJam (9 hours ago)
Like she will get in in like 3 seconds with a pick
CallMeJam (9 hours ago)
I can’t understand how you build you defence first round but I’m triggered
First Name (11 hours ago)
You have not lived yet but you will be REBORN- Pat May 13 2018
Prom Killers (16 hours ago)
Graceland Brown (21 hours ago)
Do more hide in seek
I hear so many swear words smoothly
Nick Marriott (1 day ago)
amazing intro music ever
Nick Marriott (1 day ago)
I luve you pat best Minecraft player ever
Nick Marriott (1 day ago)
you the best bro
Gemma Muller Smit (1 day ago)
Do not read more
Kendall Playz (1 day ago)
UHF I daipncauncruanrcuonrcjow djoxd kjdmjxeqjomxs ffffffffffffffff r
Kendall Playz (1 day ago)
Fujihusm I'll e
Insecto Gaming10 (1 day ago)
he had obsidian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
لولوة عادل (1 day ago)
hi Qwen pat
Nicolle Torres (1 day ago)
I screamed at the end when jen killed pat like a girl and I am a girl but I have never screamed like that 😂😂 your the best and I love u sooooo much hope u the best in life❤
Darryl James (1 day ago)
do more doctor who
Lytishya Bath (1 day ago)
Pat said jim not jen
Lilah Firefly (2 days ago)
I saw a snake this morning
stelrs op (2 days ago)
stelrs op (2 days ago)
Ariel Hawkins (2 days ago)
Vyona SweetSkill (2 days ago)
Y, in the thumbnail,Jen is breaking into her OWN bed and pat’s GUARDING it? I mean, should’nt the bed b black !?!?! 🤣🤣🤣
Unicorn123 Billy bit (2 days ago)
YAY 50 VIDS YYYYYAaaaaaayyyyyy
Thomas Buchan (2 days ago)
I wanna see your face
Thomas Buchan (2 days ago)
Flaskkid jeross (3 days ago)
Someday Chuck noris will accomplish super sayin am I right
Neal Ponce (3 days ago)
Do more please
Lucinda Fox (3 days ago)
Darlene Kile (3 days ago)
Hope you win next time 🙂
Sophia Vota (3 days ago)
Why didn't pat put the obsidian on the inside not outside
Darlene Kile (3 days ago)
I love you too
AID AND NAT (3 days ago)
Pat and Jen both said good when they should have said well... Do you even English bro.
Spartak Delas (3 days ago)
Sorry but jen sucks
Spartak Delas (3 days ago)
Pat could so win every time easy but wants to make the vid fun Thanks pat
Jackie boy86 (4 days ago)
Jen: (turns around and one hits him) Pat: loudest "NOO!!" in the world
Roman Mercado (4 days ago)
You Forgot the secret item in the middle
Roman Mercado (4 days ago)
Roman your right
Lucas Sumler (4 days ago)
Omg dont exsplain every single thing jeez
Black Wings (4 days ago)
Subscribe to Black wings it’s pretty awesome
Brandon Tsosie (4 days ago)
Lol pat
Brandon Tsosie (4 days ago)
Lol Jen I broke my headphones.😱😱😱😱😱😱😕😕😖😖😖😖😖☹️☹️☹️
Matt Chamberlin (4 days ago)
I have a YouTube
Alex McGinn (5 days ago)
Am I the only one that heard Jen say the f word?
Kids Horton (5 days ago)
You to rock.
Game Tube (5 days ago)
Jen and caffeine aren’t a good mix
Krissy Lee (5 days ago)
Wanna hear a joke? *Read more*
Sharal Dcosta (5 days ago)
comment on this if u can find a different emogi..... oh I just realised i can't type emojis
When pat doesnt notice he has obsidian Me:you had obsidian why did you not use it first??!!!! Gahhhhh!!! Mom:Why are you telling are you dying?!? Me: 1 word..... Youtube
Dragon Rider (5 days ago)
Jen is so exited... Its so funny to listen
Tinninus 51 (5 days ago)
Press or don’t press read more Luv ya :3
Jesusan Helms (5 days ago)
Yeh she gets so freaking hyper XD
Nethergmd (5 days ago)
Why didn't he just break the bed at the end? (Face plams)
Yolanda Guerrero (6 days ago)
Jen wins
kittygirl506711 (6 days ago)
U guys make me laugh every time I watch ur vids. Thanks for that
Hannah Ayaay (6 days ago)
Make more videos bed wars!!!!😀😀
Thunder Davage (6 days ago)
does Jen have a brain
Samantha Kovaleski (6 days ago)
i sped up the vid it so funny
Laney Bug (6 days ago)
I love that show
Mylyn Natividad (6 days ago)
daldal mo pat hahahahahha
pema baguso (7 days ago)
pema baguso (7 days ago)
Pat let jen win for once plz or I will dislike every vid I watch from you unless its jens chanal and not subscribe to your chanal
Bryan Chacaj (7 days ago)
28:43 Pat: You are in my trap now Jen: Oh my god you are crazy Pat: You are in my- JEN BREAKS FREE Pat:WAIT Me:LOLOLOLOL
NyanNeongirl 236586 (7 days ago)
Hi Pat and Jen ;-;
Ariana Claycamp (7 days ago)
Jen: I LOVE SPIDERS Jen near tiny spider: AAAAAAAHHHH ITS GONNA EAT ME. thats how I imagine her.
Ariana Claycamp (7 days ago)
jen wanna go glamping? Pat can go camping ;p
Matt Freyer (7 days ago)
She should try some Death Wish Coffee we sell it at walmart
Gabrielito Torrellas (7 days ago)
What a good vid
Diamond Nation (8 days ago)
Like if u don’t find the different emoji 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 DID U FIND IT?!?!NAH OF COURSE U DIDNT FIND IT NOW LIKE THIS!!!!
JoJo Yang (8 days ago)
Can u make more lucky block bedwars videos?
AUBREE NEWELL (8 days ago)
iron wolf (8 days ago)
Plz subscribe to my channel plz it is iron wolf with this logo ok
Emily Zhang (8 days ago)
Love you both
Aidan Thomas (8 days ago)
Pat learned a valuable lesson never underestimate people
BigEyes Tube (8 days ago)
Play bali basics
Keys Mart (8 days ago)
I am not Reborn I am not Reborn
BigEyes Tube (8 days ago)
Pls give me likes cuz I’m not feeling good 1like =me a little more heathy
Katriel Sauberan (9 days ago)
my cats name is Freddy so you are going to kill my cat!!!
Unicorn_Diva 2016 (9 days ago)
i played bed wars w a mosquito before. I got so many bites :c
River Jordan (9 days ago)
River Jordan (9 days ago)
D Kaster (9 days ago)
dont press leav now ok you whant to go 1h 2h 3h 4h 1000000000000000000000000000h later
Connor Smith (9 days ago)
Hey would you like a jelly baby?
Connor Smith (9 days ago)
Hey... jen... can I... have some of those fish sticks and custard... please.
margie magistrado (9 days ago)
Why Jen not recording
Ryszard Bieliński (9 days ago)
I love your bedwars videos
Do more bedwars
Mattia Peghini (9 days ago)
MizzSIR (9 days ago)
pat your still the man but jen... ...good job!!!
MizzSIR (9 days ago)
MizzSIR (9 days ago)
PAT your the MAN!!! sorry jen um no words... ...REALLY no words at ALL jen. I like your vids PopularMMOs :)
Fox GirlYT (9 days ago)
Pat here Is a tip put the obsidian first then the end stone. Love 💖 your vids!!! 😙😙
Fox GirlYT (9 days ago)
Pat probably won’t see this but I just put it out there
Antwuan (10 days ago)
Savage 22:30
Ivan Chico (10 days ago)
Do preston as your next Lucky block
Strikeromg Gamer (10 days ago)
9:54 “I’m gonna shove it down ur throat”-Jen “That’s what she said!”-me (sorry I’m gone wrong)
AustinTheGameWizard (10 days ago)
he wasted the obsidian
Fox GirlYT (9 days ago)
AustinTheGameWizard ikr
jackzirit Aguirre (10 days ago)
if you dont like it you are poop
JustEliza * (10 days ago)
Love u Yay keep up the good work

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