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ComputerCraft Turtle Replication Challenge - Episode 1

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My development of an entry to this challenge: http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/index.php?/topic/4462-competition/ If you are also entering, do not copy any of my code, it will be obvious if you do
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VexingRaven (5 years ago)
Wouldn't it be better to just attempt to move rather than detecting? That way you can account for players, mobs, falling sand, etc. As well as not having to worry about not being able to move back and throwing off your location.
Sakura Hana (5 years ago)
you have rei's mini-map turn on chunk view....
Daniel Bursztynski (6 years ago)
i know how to open the data file but i cant find how write in it. could any one plz help ???
Daniel Bursztynski (6 years ago)
could you please explain and show how your loadData() function woks and like how its coded because i need my turtle to remember certain things the next time i run it, which means it would save me tyme in editing the code
Qrbbl (6 years ago)
There's a chunk grid on Rei's minimap (I'm commenting about two minutes into the video so forgive me if you already know this) so you could use that to see where it can or can't go.
MatazaNz (6 years ago)
Thank you
FunshineX (6 years ago)
"w" mode since I'm overwriting everything that was there before
MatazaNz (6 years ago)
What mode are you opening the data file in?
MatazaNz (6 years ago)
I'm not submitting into the competition, but I would like to write this alongside your videos purely for my own learning, so I'm not just typing in things I don't understand, I can see what it does as I write it. Oh, and it's MatazaNz from your last stream, hi xD
Jorcooly (6 years ago)
I love seeing positive comments! I wish I knew how to code even a lick xD
FunshineX (6 years ago)
turtles will be in my LP a lot more once the main factory is done
FunshineX (6 years ago)
Azadan Hormuz. (6 years ago)
Great vid but pls do a computerizing minecraft vid next!
David Isaksson (6 years ago)
I like the idea of this challenge, looking forward to future episodes :)
Modding Nation (6 years ago)
good luck. btw could u do some turtle programs in the future. It would be awesome. ik u will do awesome!!
Grey Reaper (6 years ago)
good luck man i know that you'll do good

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