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Minecraft Top 5 Scary Mods!The Scariest Mods In Minecraft!

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Can we reach 500+ Likes for top 5 scary adventure maps in Minecraft? Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm Minecraft Halloween Special 2013 The most scary mods In minecraft!Minecraft Top 5 Scary Mods EVER! This is a video of the scariest minecraft mods of all time! This list includes 5 of the most scary mods In minecraft to this day! Mod Showcases: #5 Horror Movies In Minecraft: #4 John Mod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnCP0NWppFY #3 Weeping Angels Mod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCCPXirCro8 #2 Creepy Pasta Mod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SfWFck3EzI #1 Slenderman Mod: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62r09ucMT64 Download The most Scary Minecraft Mods! #5 Horror Movies In Minecraft: #4 John Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1259251-162smp-john-v31-revived-mega-giant-john-baby-john-jr-new/ #3 Weeping Angels Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/694829-152-weeping-angels-v1510-22-may13-forge-spmp/ #2 Creepy Pasta Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1886980-162152forgecreepypastacraft-revived-betas-released/ #1 Slenderman Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1342652-164smp-slender-man/ All Music Used with permission from creator. http://www.youtube.com/user/filmTonesmusic?feature=watch http://www.youtube.com/user/fusermanmike?feature=watch
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Text Comments (214)
Destiny SMITH (6 months ago)
i think freddy id the scaryest becase at lest you know when your going to die in real life but freddy come when your sleeping and i have only watched that movie with a stuft animal i was scared of freddy but now hes just a mith to me the first time i watched freddy i did not sleep on my own bed for days i sleped in my sisters bed
Nonsticksnow (1 year ago)
this video is outdated as shit
Adrian Moreno (2 years ago)
Ferety kroger
Tiparium (2 years ago)
I want a mod that adds Herobrine, but like the stories talk about him, not the way the newer mods portray him. Just a creature that sits right at the edge of your render distance, builds random stuff, and toys with you. All very subtly, not the over the top constant explosions way most mods do it.
Netanel Ramos (2 years ago)
you know the candy man is real. he is a father who poisend his son with sienid poisining. he did it on hallowen. he imitat a urbin legend
James Twelves (3 years ago)
....Pinhead...the very bloody Hellraiser series was arguably the scariest and most well done of all the 80s slasher films, no mean feat in a decade of over at least a thousand slasher films, over13 Jason films and Jason even slashing up a space station...when the dead ex lover thing in the attic wears skins it becomes one of the scariest moments in cinematic history...it was Clive Barker's directorial debut, he also wrote Hellraiser...a must see series...
〘Yassir〙-〘560〙 (3 years ago)
hmm am not trying to be offensive BUT scary mods are SOOO LAMMME
〘Yassir〙-〘560〙 (2 years ago)
+Ninja Kirby13345 yep,the most scary mod i know is an rpg mod which is very hard (forgot the name of it) and the creepy is the sounds of the mobs,like yep and lycanites is a little creepy but if you look at scary oriented mods the only good one is really the atlentic craft well made fnaf mod which i do really like
DezRex (2 years ago)
+yassir Hoossanbuksh I was making a joke. I quite agree. I will admit MAPS can be scary... but mods are not very. AtlanticCraft does have an opportunity to make a good fnaf mod though. Used in the correct map with the right coding and redstone... and you got yourself a pretty scary map.
〘Yassir〙-〘560〙 (2 years ago)
+Ninja Kirby13345 (NinjaKirby51342) nope becaus they are not scary... -_-
DezRex (2 years ago)
+yassir Hoossanbuksh Is this because you are a pansy?
The Jon's mod
Michel myers scared me when I was little and the scariest was creepy pasta
demonitization (3 years ago)
When I was little I saw trailer of chuky and I did not sleep alone or with the lights off for a month
Lucero Hernandez (3 years ago)
cucky isint scary for me
Lucero Hernandez (3 years ago)
gruvn513 (3 years ago)
Sexist bozo.
Tanya Mclafferty (3 years ago)
hi I love it and im being masky this year well maskys sister im a girl all the things you  put on youtube and the slenderman did give me the chills bye.
Johnny Watts (3 years ago)
Brayden White (3 years ago)
This is never all i do is lol
Edwin Contreras (3 years ago)
cristian1316 (3 years ago)
FreshI (3 years ago)
Lunamist (3 years ago)
B. Ojida (3 years ago)
Halloween 2
Daniel Garcia (3 years ago)
I am going to dress as scream!!!
slendy isn't scary for me at all, i wish the creepy pasta mod was scariest
+Monster Dobbs ik but its a seperate mod >_>
Desirae Kummer (3 years ago)
I play slender Jeff the killer and the rake
ayy lmao ayy lmao (3 years ago)
+Huw Brockway sep fondation.com
theres a game for the rake? 0_0 i only thought there was one for jeff and slendy
Ulises Velez (3 years ago)
I love watching scary stuff in mine craft
Noirhunter Gamer (3 years ago)
Five Nights At Freddy's
wasn't scary in minecraft though
John Redma (3 years ago)
People say"Scream is scary then ever" I say"Go play five nights at Freddy's or see the movie seed of Chuck'y You will Shit your pants off and do not want to play any or watch any scary thing"
John Redma (3 years ago)
P.S If you play five night's at Freddy's the animals of robotics is going to stuff the living out of you with a animal robotic that will crush your rib cage in the suit and your eyes and your teeth and gum(not chewing one)are pop out and make the body parts of it part on your dress if you lose
Misti Thompson (3 years ago)
Casie's Music (3 years ago)
terry munson (3 years ago)
Alexis Sheehan (3 years ago)
Anna from frozen. I hope I come by your house!
Alicia Krontz (3 years ago)
Hotinferno Elite (3 years ago)
Im gonna be Jason Vorhees
Francisco Lopez (3 years ago)
I think that the slenber man mod was the most scaryest
ray hull (3 years ago)
im 9 and i wasn't scared of those movies
Truth (3 years ago)
demon vampire
Juan Mejia (3 years ago)
I'm not scared of jeff or chucky
Jacob H (3 years ago)
I'm 10 and I wasn't scared of any of those movies
thenewnewb101 CBRO (3 years ago)
i dare u to play 40 min of slenderman mod
jake harries (3 years ago)
Am still a 10 Kids and I watch chucy
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
+Huw Brockway yea yea what ever
+Ryan Anders you mean chucky
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
im 12, n i had a nightmare about chucy XD
Wendy Hodges (3 years ago)
oh yeah i was watching chucky when i was 6 years old
Hayden C (3 years ago)
Evelyn Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Chucky is scary
DeanDiamond (3 years ago)
Im not scare of slenderman
Pawi Santiago (3 years ago)
Pawi Santiago (3 years ago)
Do creepypasta mod 2 your wering a diaper
Pawi Santiago (3 years ago)
Do creepypasta mod 2 your wering a diaper
Chris Gonzales (3 years ago)
Chucky is scary
liam harris (3 years ago)
im ten years old an ive played it don't be such a wuss
Nancy Perez (3 years ago)
Richyy!꼬링크 (4 years ago)
#1 sucks
Amelia Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Mike Branham (4 years ago)
Krisko Gaming (4 years ago)
Hey I Have All Mods How? :D
Emerson Xu (4 years ago)
Slender man
3D Review Blog (4 years ago)
he does not know the origin most of the mobs Slenderman is not from the game Slender but from a Something Awful forums photoshop contest and weeping angels are from Doctor Who
GD 4N0N (4 years ago)
No Smile Dog is.
MaxSpider (4 years ago)
minecraft isn't scary and wil never be :-/ dammit
Faris Krso (4 years ago)
play it!!!!!
Rare Humidifier (4 years ago)
Albino Jew (4 years ago)
come on man they weren't even an order!
Jessica McLain (4 years ago)
Your voice is cute as hell
EPICgamerchick Hale (4 years ago)
i  played slender on my phone and he popped right in my face and i screamed and threw it at my wall and my mmlm thought somebody broke in cause i scared her she got so mad and my phone shattered lol XD
Jazmyn Casebow (4 years ago)
+EPICgamerchick Hale YAY NEW PHONE 
EPICgamerchick Hale (4 years ago)
EPICgamerchick Hale (4 years ago)
Jazmyn Casebow (4 years ago)
awwwwwww poor phone
Tiffany Adams (4 years ago)
My greatest fear is Chucky the doll!!!!
John Draper (4 years ago)
Hardwick7373 (4 years ago)
slender is my brother
conker 255 (4 years ago)
Splondor man
Adriana Backhaus (4 years ago)
Yikes! :(
Nay, thee (4 years ago)
Guys look at the bright side!... ... ... creepypasta mod gives you free redstone.. he ... hehe.....
George Ieremias (4 years ago)
weeping angels are creepy!!!
Juan Pablo Ramirez (4 years ago)
Honestly if your not scared of slender, you should play Mental.
Ethan Will (4 years ago)
lil chuchy
Rob Lammiman (4 years ago)
Chicken ive played it so not scary! LOL
Guadalupe Espinoza (4 years ago)
Make derp ssundee battle the king
Brooklyn Gullett (4 years ago)
Michael myers
Robert Alexander (2 years ago)
Lyour sorrier then he is all the shit u talked ashwhen here making me think its ok bout him and hls kids being a waste of aiyour going to o getyourdn u turn around and rip a family part so u can pay your bills who cares rite when it comes to me but the kids didn't ask for this there dad fabricated
SplAshton (4 years ago)
Youi know, your posting a video on my birthday!!!!!!! Nice present, thanks!!!
SplAshton (4 years ago)
+Eric Matlick Thank you Eric and thank you TheMinecraftHippie!!!!!!!
Eric The Penguin (4 years ago)
U suck Thomas it actually could be for him let him think that
Thomas van Hermon (4 years ago)
Lol he didn't do that for you
Neck Twister13 (4 years ago)
Herobrine is only real in mods not in vinilla minecraft
Faris Krso (4 years ago)
no he is real at 1.7.2
Neck Twister13 (4 years ago)
That's a glitch minecraaft always has them I had that's happen in xbox 360 and not even the mod is added in yet so again thaaats how I can explian the tnt and the beetle naming again beetles aren't in vanilla
john thicc (4 years ago)
+Timothy Chandler The portal wasn't named John Lennon, the beetle was and the lit TNT was vanilla.
Neck Twister13 (4 years ago)
That's how I explain that
Neck Twister13 (4 years ago)
Well erebus beetles aren't in vanilla minecraft and you can't name portals in vanilla minecraft now in a mod I'll believe herobrines real but in vanilla no he not real
HealingFromWithin (4 years ago)
Outrunner123 (4 years ago)
I think Dimensional Doors is the scariest...
gordula oliveros (4 years ago)
If u add this herobrine mod and have weeping angels mod on u can put the statues down put a jukebox down and put have u seen the herobrine on it sounds like the statues are singing it and it will probably be scary
Uenebehene Bshenehshs (4 years ago)
Uenebehene Bshenehshs (4 years ago)
Gunslinging Kitten (4 years ago)
mix weeping angles mod + SCP mod = dont blink
xanderlord2000 (4 years ago)
Im 13 and i play slender its not scary
Nero Toxin (3 years ago)
actually jeff the killer isnt scary to me nor slenderman russian sleep experiment is something that will scare you to death
Jazmyn Casebow (4 years ago)
+TheJeffPages Barker Ok I give you credit for that, I could not do it
Battle Droid (4 years ago)
i'm 10 and i play slender!
xanderlord2000 (4 years ago)
Im 13 and i play slender its not scary
Petterson Montegrande (4 years ago)
If you guys wanna see a ultimate showdown between Jeff the Killer and Slender Man than look up Klusterface
KidPerfect (4 years ago)
I would never play slender 8 pages either!!!!!!
abreneman87 (4 years ago)
Me too
Laughing Dino (4 years ago)
I tryed and i shit my pants
FaZe Trump (4 years ago)
Sarina Anderson (4 years ago)
I think jeff and slender
Sarina Anderson (4 years ago)
Brandon Betances (4 years ago)
All of them
Lauren Bellamy (4 years ago)
I played slender man and I'm 12
Tobias Hodgson (4 years ago)
Sir Walrus (4 years ago)
I've played slender the eight pages before, it's not scary, terrible graphics, it's just the jump scares. But any of the new games..... no.... I would never, beyond the grave, EVER, play slender the arrival, faceless, or haunted, better graphincs, and.... TERRIFYING!!!
Sir Walrus (4 years ago)
Jeff already has scarred me, I haven't been able to sleep very well, and you should see what he looks like, just search up "jeff the killer" and there will be horrifying pictures that have scarred me, I don't think he is real, but it put that creepy thought in my head that someone could be out there, wanting to kill me...
Sir Walrus (4 years ago)
+Juan Pablo Ramirez I know how you feel...
Juan Pablo Ramirez (4 years ago)
I agree Jeff scarred me and it's hard to sleep. It always feel he's right behind me all the time.......
RIOTIC PSYCHOTIC (4 years ago)
The CreepyPasta Is The Best
Brandon Tishelman (4 years ago)
the mods that I think is scary is the John mod the creepy pasta mod and the slender man mod
netflixo wheeler (4 years ago)
They r so scary for some they won't download them Scariest mod 4 me is creepy pasta
Roko (4 years ago)
OK. I guess that candyman isn't so creepy, but Weeping angels are creeping me out. I'm big fan of doctor who TV series.
Carolina Gutierrez (4 years ago)
ok no offence,but slendy is not that creepy. jeff creeps me out but hes the real deal and i love ur video

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