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Payday 2 - NO ALARM cheat/hack

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WORKS IN OFFLINE MODE ONLY, MAY CRASH IN MULTIPLAYER. THIS DOES NOT WORK ON BANK ROBBERY MISSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use "INSERT" button to activate the cheat when you are in a mission. You should get a confirmation message on the screen. Download this first: http://thps-mods.com/scripts/payday2lua.rar No alarm script: http://thps-mods.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5304 If you're too lazy you can download this scripts.lua file and just replace your file with this one: http://thps-mods.com/scripts/noalarmscript.rar You can add multiple cheats in to one scripts.lua file!
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Text Comments (193)
lil oof'er (3 months ago)
Does this work on cracked version ?
lucian toader (4 months ago)
I love YOU!!!!!
Packie ? (4 months ago)
Thanks man worked is pretty good
Claiver Oliveira (7 months ago)
no function no pirate pefection baixado cracriado
Shiwei Ngang (1 year ago)
where to download th payday2 lua?!
Jimmy Neo (1 year ago)
The game dont run.
T!GER woods (1 year ago)
well now my game wont start
A friend
JMGAMINGPOTATO !!! (2 years ago)
what is the insert key
undercop5567 (2 years ago)
What the hell... are you A Friend? You sound exactly like him
Hashimi AFIR (2 years ago)
yes he is a friend from rs
Littlesnoz (2 years ago)
Can you help, mine won't stop crashing
Please explain this right I already did everything I saw in the video and gora grip and insert the button and not at all expensive for help me please beg you
guy I press the insert button and nothing happens
cara eu pressiono o botão inserção e nada acontece
Nick Joe (3 years ago)
Lmfao he sounds like a friend from runescape
Jinx (2 years ago)
+Nick Joe cause he is
SorryIWin _xX (3 years ago)
oye para mac?
Pak Titpanharith (3 years ago)
it work
Durmuş Karaca (3 years ago)
lua text : function GroupAIStateBase:_clbk_switch_enemies_to_not_cool() end function PlayerMovement:on_suspicion( observer_unit, status ) end function GroupAIStateBase:on_criminal_suspicion_progress( u_suspect, u_observer, status ) end function GroupAIStateBase:criminal_spotted( unit ) end function GroupAIStateBase:report_aggression( unit ) end function PlayerMovement:on_uncovered( enemy_unit ) end function SecurityCamera:_upd_suspicion( t ) end function SecurityCamera:_sound_the_alarm( detected_unit ) end function SecurityCamera:_set_suspicion_sound( suspicion_level ) end function SecurityCamera:clbk_call_the_police() end function CopMovement:anim_clbk_police_called( unit ) end function CopLogicArrest._upd_enemy_detection( data ) end function CopLogicArrest._call_the_police( data, my_data, paniced ) end function CopLogicIdle.on_alert( data, alert_data ) end function CopLogicBase._get_logic_state_from_reaction( data, reaction ) return "idle" end function GroupAIStateBase:sync_event( event_id, blame_id ) end function GroupAIStateBase:on_police_called( called_reason ) end function GroupAIStateBase:on_police_weapons_hot( called_reason ) end function GroupAIStateBase:on_gangster_weapons_hot( called_reason ) end function GroupAIStateBase:on_enemy_weapons_hot( is_delayed_callback ) end function GroupAIStateBase:_clbk_switch_enemies_to_not_cool() end -- Message on screen if managers.hud then managers.hud:show_hint( { text = "LUA Hack loaded!" } ) end
Durmuş Karaca (2 years ago)
Yes İm Like İt Work hACK
Sargon Oshana (2 years ago)
+Minecraft Bilgini this still work?
PATRIK55cz (3 years ago)
I have the same problem Mike (please help, PCtrainers)
Mike (3 years ago)
"steam must be running to play this game" help please
Mike (3 years ago)
+Eziqler Oyunda thats a problem i guess
Durmuş Karaca (3 years ago)
+Mike my game crack
Mike (3 years ago)
+ExplosivePyro13 i just reinstall it and then restart pc or steam and keep trying start game
Pyro... (3 years ago)
+Mike How did you fix it?
Mike (3 years ago)
its ok now
Driver (3 years ago)
SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Driver (3 years ago)
Yamaneko tao (3 years ago)
it totally worked! thanks.  just to let you know, i subscribed you!
Maxx (3 years ago)
help when i go in to a file it says this:C/USERS/DOWNLOADS/PAYDAY2/payday 2 lua. not found
Yogpod (3 years ago)
What about laptop? xd
Maxx (3 years ago)
i cant download any of the files):
István Nyers (2 years ago)
+Chrissan Spelar download it mate
Chrissan Spelar (2 years ago)
How to get winrar?
MAFIAlewis02 101 (2 years ago)
Do you have winrar?
anthonyjohnadlington (3 years ago)
You peoples who ask what a INSERT button is look at your keyboard 90% of have it above your arrows
Twink _ TwicePink (3 years ago)
This Guy Is Damn Good.Its All The Same Video But! Not A Same Description ;) Got ya!
Holden Schinzer (3 years ago)
what is the insert button?
roel muck (3 years ago)
there stand steam must be runn before you can play the game 
roel muck (3 years ago)
its shit it dosent worke
Irfan Arief (3 years ago)
works perfectly for offline mode , thank you
EmeraldsxX (3 years ago)
does it work on firestarter?
Henrik Hansen (4 years ago)
Wut is the insert button?
Tomas r (4 years ago)
this work in Steam payday ?
Gaming Blues (4 years ago)
What is insert button?
Andrew M (4 years ago)
Its in the top right of your keyboard
edisonmcq (4 years ago)
Just to let you know, the phl file is patched and won't let you start up the game unless you remove the file.
Mr. R (4 years ago)
can i do this alltogether like no alarm and skill points... by just pressing insert
Ricardo Vicente (4 years ago)
my game stoped working.. i did it all like u did & my game stoped working!!!!!-.-
All your chets In 1 :D:D:D
Tanks bro Its working hellgood xD
JackGeeza (4 years ago)
I press insert but nothing happens. Any help?
Jake Sanders (4 years ago)
Doesn't work for me, i install the hack, play it and it crashes and says "engine has stopped working"
FireNinja GamerBg (4 years ago)
100% Working :D
The Bukkit (4 years ago)
Yes its a Payday hack ?!? The program enter in the Payday 2 folder.
Black Inferno (4 years ago)
Norton Said the file was not safe :(
Heccin goob (4 years ago)
Works online for me
Reto Mathis (4 years ago)
In the end it jers like "Thanks for Washing" 😂😂. You make good viedos 👍
Reto Mathis (4 years ago)
Does the Hack work with the newest version???????????????????
Barel Rock (4 years ago)
Please update the hack :(
GameGuy Joep (4 years ago)
it does not work it says that is already runnin or that i need to start steam to play this game
Guy Fortier (4 years ago)
Are the hacks compatible with update 24?
TheAshwinter (4 years ago)
unfortunitely no, not yet anyway they need to update the hack
TheBetaplayer2 (4 years ago)
guys they patched the hack its not gonna let you play if you have it in ur files i tried playing it with the hax in the files it said "Steam must be running to play this game" after removing the hax i was able to play again
Phill Plays (3 years ago)
Youtube Guy (3 years ago)
You need the DLL Injector you idiot, look for instructions on the internet
D3XED (4 years ago)
You're an idiot. They are unable to patch this unfortunately, the reason the hacking temporarily stopped is due to the fact that the hack needs to be updated.
TheCrazyCasul (4 years ago)
when ever i try to run payday 2 it says "steam must be running to play this game!"  Help?
jffkoala (4 years ago)
UPDATE 4 The patch ? 
James DoesHelpsplay (4 years ago)
Plz help me anwser me plz
James DoesHelpsplay (4 years ago)
DUDE it doesent work
eskeletor (4 years ago)
on new version of payday 2 that cheat work on multiplayer
Marcell Fehér (4 years ago)
Don't work please help!
Efe Alpaslan (4 years ago)
pres insert in game
it didnt work in firestarter
Tim (4 years ago)
it workt thanks
2013YOG (4 years ago)
How can I make the cops go in? Because I want to Make them come
DestroyahXS (4 years ago)
How do i change keys instead of insert?
DestroyahXS (4 years ago)
Mind telling us then?
Efe Alpaslan (4 years ago)
u can
Elektrojude (4 years ago)
U Can't. :[
Daedalus (4 years ago)
Can you have two lua files at the same time
Zach Zimmerman (4 years ago)
Sim Brand (4 years ago)
so I doesn't work for online?
Efe Alpaslan (4 years ago)
Evan WoW (4 years ago)
not even in multiplayer!! if u put this file in payday2 folder..YOUR GAME WILL CRASH!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!! DONT EVEN TRY!!! I MEAN IT!!
Lee Michaelle (4 years ago)
its only for SP
Boom Head Morf (4 years ago)
Thank YOU!
Gabe Newell (5 years ago)
luke tha drummer (4 years ago)
+HappyCreeper8 Thanks mate. It worked I just didnt know how to use my insert button. I have a laptop and i had to hold down the 'fn' button and print screen for it to work
HappyCreeper8 (4 years ago)
+luke tha drummer  Press [INSERT] in game. Start the Hiest and press.
luke tha drummer (4 years ago)
Where did you put the files. I just put them in the Programs(86x)>Steam>SteamApps>Common>Payday 2. I didnt work? PLEASE HELP
HappyCreeper8 (4 years ago)
Yes! Is realy cool!
Alex Solowjow (5 years ago)
thx the hack work :)
Alex Solowjow (5 years ago)
on a german keyboard is the "insert key" "Einfg"
Flamedriver12 (4 years ago)
Cool story bro
HorrormaticGaming (5 years ago)
Could I get VAC-banned ? :3 pls reply
IAm Homeless (5 years ago)
Why cant i find the Payday 2 folder on windows 8 -.- much easier on windows 7
Doctor Fallout (5 years ago)
i dont have the insert key though=(
Doctor Fallout (5 years ago)
dosent work for me
LmPartners (5 years ago)
i can play this in multiplayer wich this hack?
jack (5 years ago)
how do I uninstall?
Frederik Mouritsen (5 years ago)
Your the best subscribed !!!
MasterJonny98 (5 years ago)
work online / multiplayer?
gun stash 792 (5 years ago)
Thanks! PcTrainers best channel with trainers eva. Subscribed. :3
Demonarcuid Last (5 years ago)
hi, If I done the money hack, is there anyway I can delete the money I got from the hack, cuz I got like 9trillion cash and I am bord of it..
Physika (5 years ago)
You should really read the description.
JSD750 (5 years ago)
Joshua Naluz (5 years ago)
Do You Have Upgrade Point And Level Up
Flying Flute (5 years ago)
nice its great for hard levels!
Brawniex (5 years ago)
Jay Wan (5 years ago)
Oh ok found it nvm
Jay Wan (5 years ago)
Wait. What insert button?
Jay Wan (5 years ago)
I luv you
Wol f (5 years ago)
I like u and your scripts
Itachi Uchiha (5 years ago)
that´s fantastic thx
Im So Zeke (5 years ago)
does this really not work on bank heists
THEMEGAMARIO9000 (5 years ago)
lol so usefull on hard and overkill missions
keji57 (5 years ago)
im not detectable but there are still alarms
Joda LP (5 years ago)
dont work game dont start
ツMatias (5 years ago)
work in multiplayer?
WeAreTheDubstepForce (5 years ago)
All of this guys cheats work. Trust me.
Marche Alta (5 years ago)
thiw work in steam game?
_hardyboyz373 _ (5 years ago)
DOOOODS you just hav new subs :) thx
Lenny (5 years ago)
When i press insert nothing happen ... can i change the key ?
Snepai (5 years ago)
what? he pronounced it correctly.

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