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Today me and Muselk get our blessings with the fastest method to reach the sky limit (heaven). ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe Rocket Launcher - https://www.youtube.com/Muselk ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (2036)
Lachlan (5 months ago)
Hai hong (18 days ago)
Hey Lachlan can u do more with Muselk?
mike williamson (20 days ago)
Mandy Saville (1 month ago)
That’s amazing can you tech me to do it pppllleeeaaassseee
Mythical Millie13 (1 month ago)
I miss solid gold and shotguns and jetpacks
Iru Krish (5 days ago)
Who is watching in season 5
GimmeRice (9 days ago)
music in background
Hai hong (18 days ago)
I saw a purple sniper 😬😔 Edit: oh nvm u took it I was too early 😬😃
GamerBro (20 days ago)
at 15:50 when he says "I'm sad now"u can hear and echo if u listen closely
Tatiana Sosa (21 days ago)
Lachlan how did u get the fortnite logo thing
Cacaudio ZIB ZOB (23 days ago)
Muselk always steals his kills :(
maddy boudreau (24 days ago)
I commented this on your random loading screen challenge video but I'm going to comment it on every video I watch tonight because I want to see you do this. You should do a challenge where you use whatever gun you see in a random loading screen
Georg Frisvoll (26 days ago)
you missed a scar at 18:18
Fiery Dragon (26 days ago)
You missed a rpg at the glitched crate
Sarah Chernesky (29 days ago)
3:20 rip nipple ninja
Jay honcho (30 days ago)
3:22 😭😭😭
You passed up a gold scar sitting right in front of you
TopREVIEWS (1 month ago)
Why'd u change shirts
TopREVIEWS (4 days ago)
+Sue Beattie that explains alot
Sue Beattie (5 days ago)
TopREVIEWS I think he filmed it on different days
TDLBOSS (1 month ago)
Rio Shae (1 month ago)
You need to do squads and no fill so 4on1 and you need to get at least one win but if you have cool hair you have to win twice 😎
The Olson's (1 month ago)
It says Elliot is dead
killer king (1 month ago)
did u see them building in loot lake when u used the launch pad?
Madden Rutherford (1 month ago)
Season five anyone
Annie Roberge (1 month ago)
in the 18 minute mark there was a gold scar and you did not pick it up
Arman Khan 362 (1 month ago)
This is old gameplay
Dark Blade (1 month ago)
I'm not going to heaven for sure
the daredevils (1 month ago)
Aaliyah Eliminator Ninja
Thoe Stream (1 month ago)
Stop swearing
Adam Cole jr (1 month ago)
Milo Ford (1 month ago)
Me to
Donna Garrett (2 months ago)
At the top it said muselk was daed
Why am I here (2 months ago)
Is that a haircut I see
Zac Taylor (2 months ago)
Love your videos I might buy some merch soon
Hadi Nasra (2 months ago)
Rocket ride up from sky limit
I hate it when you play with Elliot bc he always steals your kills and loot
ElementalPlayz (2 months ago)
did anyone realize that elliots name said he was dead the entire time
dlay917 (2 months ago)
muselk always takes ur kills. Lol happens to me in duos all the time too
Rowan Winchell (2 months ago)
I dare you to rocket ride straight up
Mario Solano (2 months ago)
Mario Solano (2 months ago)
Tactical rifle
Hunter Golden (2 months ago)
Why do you call it a meme pad
Ammar Sadeq (2 months ago)
he cussed
SOCCERGammer PLAYZ (2 months ago)
who is watching this in the end of season 4?
Allessandro Valladares (2 months ago)
do the playground mode
Beast Gaming (2 months ago)
Play with mr meola
Nikola Hilderbrand (2 months ago)
You should fly to how far the rocket launcher can go
G K (2 months ago)
Elliot was dead the whole time
Jacob Miller (2 months ago)
The health percentage for muslek said he was 💀
i am groot i am groot (2 months ago)
Muselk wentoff the edge
Riley Murray (2 months ago)
Im a massive fan
Nicole McKenna (3 months ago)
Can all of you sub to my channel it’s the sport of life and the lie of sports
victoria harris (3 months ago)
This vid fake cause heavy came out after puprle tac
Tallen Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Lachen you can just edit a triangle to go up because it is stronger then stairs
LazerGamer X (3 months ago)
There was a guy named nipple_ninja
Evie-mae Snow (3 months ago)
Love your vids 😁😍
Lil Cum Doll (3 months ago)
Selfish play from Lachlan as he drunk the slurp when Elliot needed it more.
Ninja (3 months ago)
Ninja (3 months ago)
555555555546627362 you need to get
Paul Boshaw (3 months ago)
Your camera is blarry
finfsk (3 months ago)
Cool OMO (3 months ago)
rip mate
it's your boy pickles (3 months ago)
click bait
kkodak black (3 months ago)
You should do tactical shotguns only You should do the new shotgun gamemode
kkodak black (3 months ago)
This is a banger
Ashton Ward (3 months ago)
Lachlan the loot thief
Ironscorpion 234 (3 months ago)
Yea same
Maryanne Bianchi (3 months ago)
R.i.p Purple tac
Eden Hassard (3 months ago)
He knocked nipple_ninja
Banks F (3 months ago)
I brought a mini gun to an assault rifle fight and I won
soggyoggyolly (3 months ago)
it took 10 sceconds
Nebby (3 months ago)
What was that bullseye in the field at pleasant park?
theCanadianAustralian (3 months ago)
I hate muselk he is so clringy Jesus
Bilal Qureshi (3 months ago)
Can we be friends in fortnite my username is Bilal- Ali
YouNoMeBro (3 months ago)
Carlos Solis Mex (3 months ago)
You missed 2 big shields and slurp juices when you were real hurt
Jimmy Eldred (3 months ago)
I love lachy he is my favourite youtuber he is insane at cobys
Blake Gayles (3 months ago)
My two FAVORITE youtubera
Jules (3 months ago)
U can do the same with impulses u go WAY FASTER
zC0rrupt (3 months ago)
You missed a gold rbg
zC0rrupt (3 months ago)
ika agustini (3 months ago)
you kill ninja you a savage
D Bien (3 months ago)
When muselk take 8 kills from you
Ninjawolfe (3 months ago)
Why do you call it a meme pad it is called a LAUNCH PAD!!!!!!!!! Why do you call it that. Why. Why
Epic gamer SPYROJOSHMAN (3 months ago)
TranqualPanda03 MCYT (4 months ago)
Do a 10 health challenge!!!
never miss (4 months ago)
No matter what gun he uses he is still a boss
Danny Wilson (4 months ago)
What's the red circlele
Brycenator07 the dog (4 months ago)
Grey pump don’t exist anymore
VCuba PS4 (4 months ago)
Why would anyone dislike the video
mushroom Guy (4 months ago)
N2018 Qks Eie I2www2212wo
legendary election (4 months ago)
The last time I watched u,u had 2 SUBS
Mikayla Jackson (4 months ago)
Lacklan u killed ninja if u can look back at ur vid hyper ninja is his name
piggy yo studio (4 months ago)
Meanie you took his scar
Kermit The Frog (4 months ago)
Everyone out there that plays Fortnite who would win *NINJA OR MYTH* (Reply Myth or Ninja)
Dark Blade (1 month ago)
Muselk and are you going to Kermit suicide
The Daggster (4 months ago)
Stop making bangers cause it’s making me feel compared to you I suck
Christie Maguire (4 months ago)
How come when muselk was alive there was skull and bones next to his name
kaden hepting (4 months ago)
i subed
Rosmery Soto (4 months ago)
To fortnite im waching fortnite and playing it
Rosmery Soto (4 months ago)
Im so idcted
XFriend _YT (4 months ago)
Aquatic Maniac (4 months ago)
You need a squad of John wicks xD
TSM Omar (4 months ago)
His accent is American and British
LitAnim8 (4 months ago)
Linda Terrutty (4 months ago)
There was a purple tac
polo marco (4 months ago)

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