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RAINBOWS?!! (Coding With J&H) #4

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Text Comments (1252)
Julie Nguyen (3 days ago)
Austin Berger (5 days ago)
Make a portal to rainbow world
Rex350 (11 days ago)
i saw the rainbow before the rain stopped
Ghost (1 month ago)
misschien zijn ze wel nederlands!
elite doge (1 month ago)
Kevin Chen (1 month ago)
Ruben Nordh (1 month ago)
Code like chickens or bunnys
Garlic Shred (2 months ago)
my half-brother rex is dutch
Yumeka_ Neko (2 months ago)
Could someone translate what they said on the video, pls ty 😅
青井遥 Haruka Aoi (2 months ago)
I have the program with coding and I'd like to copy the colorful armour codes pls
Roszana Sayadi (2 months ago)
Roszana Sayadi (2 months ago)
Purple Razberry (2 months ago)
Can u teach us to make rainbow armour
XxSniper WolvesxX (2 months ago)
There weird like me
Alex Skeleton (3 months ago)
What coding software do you use (.lua)
spiceThings (3 months ago)
Just Jaanie (3 months ago)
Dat Nederlands was grappig 🤣
skull warrior (3 months ago)
Guys if you want to see j and h face reavel Google it
Optic Ryad (3 months ago)
I the dancing part With RAINBOWS!!
Can you give US the script
TheOrange Planet (4 months ago)
2:99 Glitch Mountain
Safwaan de Jongen (4 months ago)
Taha Yucel (4 months ago)
Hahaha haha lekker pik
soep schildpad (4 months ago)
kunnen jullie de plugins openbaar maken
Garlic Shred (4 months ago)
man that science lesson at the start tho das gud
UknowWattoHelp367 (4 months ago)
did you rainbow creeper
Jelle craft (4 months ago)
Ik ben echt nederlands zijn jullie ook nederlands
kathy baker (4 months ago)
I’am dutch lol
Aeizure (4 months ago)
If anyone wants to hear full JerryVSHarry Song.. Go tohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSvn0rp0kz0
Teun Nap (5 months ago)
Ik wist niet dat jullie nl waren ik kijk al heel lang en ik wist niet welke taal jullie waren
Hayomi Ayon (5 months ago)
You Jerry is so smart
guacodile (5 months ago)
I can see few red wool of the rainbow
Lord Lewis (5 months ago)
Eeeeeh yo Wat Wat doe Jij daar were te DOEN wij Nemen een video op van youtubeXD!!!!!!!
Cleo Houben (5 months ago)
Vanaf 3:22 word de video echt leuk! 3:24 DIE STEM IS GENIAAL!!! (maak inderdaad maar een Nederlandse video, ik kan geen Engels)🙃😆
Cleo Houben (5 months ago)
Nederlands praten is gewoon cool!!👍🏻🙃
My games (5 months ago)
I am Netherlands
gaming with alice (5 months ago)
Ayyy Raindow ayyy ayyy ayy xDD=lol
Diego Alfonso (6 months ago)
Diego Alfonso (5 months ago)
TheDuckYTPranker (6 months ago)
Enzo Messina (6 months ago)
3:20-3:36 *arguing in Dutch intensifies*
Chinglish TV (7 months ago)
Make rainbow dick and white sperm of dick when u doo porn
Stickman Animation (7 months ago)
Baby your a WURK
dagon rage aza (7 months ago)
Grappige video
Bouncy Slime (7 months ago)
honestly- use your awesome coding skills for something useful.but lol.
Lord Lewis (7 months ago)
Are u guys Nederland cuz I am!
Kane darin Jaictin (7 months ago)
I sub
Jacques Michel (8 months ago)
I like at 3:33
Revelina Tokromo (8 months ago)
You forgot blue!!!
Maggie Westhand (8 months ago)
Wat ben jij nou aan het doen?! Ik ben een video aan het opnemen voor yutbube!!
Mikia Stokes (8 months ago)
rainbow poop
Obi Kenobi (8 months ago)
oh het zijn nederlanders?
Ryan Gazzingan (8 months ago)
Tnt fart
Peezy Green (8 months ago)
Would you like some prototea?
ItzRedyCreeperGM (9 months ago)
Would you like some tea?
Dani Gorodetsky (9 months ago)
the rainbow blocks like to error blocks!
Angela Corish (9 months ago)
Hhggthhyt I feel like a loser who is this and how much is the deposit and I feel so good so we are not going to be able to get to be in your arms and kiss from me and I they're talking I'm here come and fart okay ☺😲☹😇😰👿👹👻☠☠☠☠☠☠👻😱👽💬💭💌nhhhhjjjjhjjjh I feel like I feel like I have yhhhhhvyvgygynjbffrdfgghhttrrrtygfghh Thanks so good at this and tell I have yhhhhhvyvgygynjbffrdfgghhttrrrtygfghh to work so good at the way home now I love you and I hope to hear back I will let you know as I feel it I feel so much is a ticket to work so I feel like a good plan to be there for the way you are not going to work for the rest I have a good feeling about the rest I have yhhhhhvyvgygynjbffrdfgghhttrrrtygfghh to get a new phone and I I will be able to work so I feel so much I will see if I
Angela Corish (9 months ago)
GG g to be there by I feel so blessed We feel the way to work so we will see bnnbvcrcctffyfdddfgbhbhhhhhhhhygknngg
These guys r the funnist youtubers ever!!!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 😅😅😅😅😅😅
CREEPE NOY (10 months ago)
Code Valentine's day plsss
Minecraft Dion (10 months ago)
like als je nederlands ben
Dustine Luriz (10 months ago)
raining rainbow that was cool
Yousef Khalil (10 months ago)
and : would u like some afushal noodle
Yousef Khalil (10 months ago)
i like the part that they say : would u like some tea?
Levi NoPants 2.0 (10 months ago)
3:21 to 3:36... 15x5000 seconds of my life I'm not getting back.
Yurre (10 months ago)
Dutch power!!!
clumsy ninja brayden (11 months ago)
Woomy! (11 months ago)
Nederland!!!! Hou er van
ImACakeCaat Alexandra (11 months ago)
when harry turn into enderman holding wood, is actually based on 20 minecraft lifehack (I THINK. dont blame me!)
YTKakarot MCPE (8 months ago)
ImACakeCaat Alexandra That's Right
YTKakarot MCPE (8 months ago)
ImACakeCaat Alexandra That's Right
Skabslåge 927p (11 months ago)
If you could Pee
Aika Shimizu (11 months ago)
Omg the wifi is rly bad here so it keeps on loading and whenever the loading ends it gets sooooooo pixelated
club penguin xd (11 months ago)
Normal (11 months ago)
find fart if you did comment
Emirhan Doğan (11 months ago)
stopping 4:28 ILLIUMINATI
GramigFoxTR (11 months ago)
emirhan doğan yok illiluminati
Béla's grappige filmpjes (11 months ago)
netherland i am dutch
Robert Benjamin Swinkels (11 months ago)
I really like the fact that Jerry and Harry are kind of dutch :)
Viseth Domrey (11 months ago)
De drie Musketiers! (11 months ago)
Maak een keer een video in het Nederlands! I hope you understanding this!
Galvak Productions (11 months ago)
Donald Trump (11 months ago)
you guys are from Limburg or noord-braband you can hear it
Nomnom Animations (1 year ago)
How do you guys do dis?!
Julian Appel (1 year ago)
noreljayr vendiola (1 year ago)
hahaha Programmer
Niel RM (1 year ago)
your thumbnail looks so cute
Syllos Gaming (1 year ago)
ŞerefsizBebek (1 year ago)
İam #Turkish!
Micro Gamer (1 year ago)
raimbow fart
TheDuckYTPranker (1 year ago)
i m netherlands
TheDuckYTPranker (1 year ago)
I hear netherlands......
It’s Sour (1 year ago)
epilepsy warning
Aty Rosmawaty (1 year ago)
so funnyyyyyyyyy 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😂😂
YoDenJoe (1 year ago)
hahaha lekker Nederlands 3:28
YoDenJoe (1 year ago)
Ping Ping Pong pong
Lagu_ Girl891 (1 year ago)
Really Good Rainbow
Mr. Principal - Playz (1 month ago)
Wong Shariswc (1 year ago)
u are good at codes
aiping xue (1 year ago)
can you do lighting element?
jj arroyo (1 year ago)
tnt codes and arrows
Sipke Games (1 year ago)
3:30 omg Ik Ben nederlands
Sipke Games (1 year ago)

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