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Forever Stranded - Lost Souls - 34

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Single player play-through of Forever Stranded - Lost Souls Download the pack on the Twitch Launcher
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TristanBomb (7 months ago)
If you want to get your storage system in order without AE, and if it's in the pack, maybe you should check out XNet! I think it can extract at 4 stacks per second? It also gives you a TON of control over how items are sorted.
Çağrı Soyalp (7 months ago)
you can convert ae2 silicon to vulp silicon with drawers
Heto75 (7 months ago)
You should check out the ender utilities Handy Bag(it's more than just another bag of holding). It will help a ton with your inventory filling up.
batman (7 months ago)
titanium is the second best material to use for coils, only beat out by Iridium. also titanium will become your best friend because the mod your currently doing and advanced rocketry (which is combined into the mod pack) uses crap loads of the stuff (titanium) its a really good thing you have a lot built up of it because its going to dissapear fast. in fact you should set up your sieves to get titanium, you can do this by sieving soul sand, in the aouto hammerer you can put in netherack and it will get turned into soulsand, to get netherack automatically you can set up a bunch of crucibles(or use your current line of crucibles) to get lava, then have the lava pumped into a stone barrel, then combining the lava with redstone will make netherack, then use a hopper or transfer pipe or item duct(some sort of item transfer system) and they will automatically pull the netherack out of the barrel, have it pumping into a auto hammerer which then pumps into an auto sieve, then have the stuff produced by the sieve go into some form of storage fromat of your choice(your current drawer system will be able to take in most of the items produced by this procces, especially if you auto smelt the metals it produces). there you go.
Conor Cody (7 months ago)
Think youll consider doing a sevtech playthrough once this wraps up? love your knowledge of the mods and your ability to integrate them together
batman (7 months ago)
that sounds very nice, also i like how well you know your stuff when it comes to this game, you have things very well thought out and planed very well. your a very efficent person, in fact the only person that i know of that plans things out more than you do and is more efficent is my dad, he loves doing that sort of stuff, in fact its litteraly his dream job.
FunshineX (7 months ago)
Planning a speed run of the new pyramid map, and then SevTech is a good contender for my next pack
Conor Cody (7 months ago)
Wait I meant to type "first"

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