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Minecraft: Crossbow Mod

35 ratings | 9876 views
An awesome mod that introduces the crossbow to Minecraft! Link to Mod by MicDoodle8: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1309746-125-crossbow-mod-2-100-customizable-200-combinations-v17/
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Text Comments (6)
OLD CHANNEL (3 years ago)
Bing boo
OLD CHANNEL (3 years ago)
Boooo no bad words
MrNickThe WoWGamer (5 years ago)
AWESOMEEE MODDDDD!! i will download it when i will have my pc back ty a lot for making this review!!
JointedSpagel (5 years ago)
I wanted you to die from a supercharged creeper
Anthony Fatino (5 years ago)
Awesome I tryed out the crossbow mod and did them all but I spawned 444, 4444, 4444 slenderman, and enderman
jakeford2 (5 years ago)
i have been looking for a simple crossbow mod that ads one cross bow and bolts please resond if you know of a simple cross bow mod or a musket mod

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