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DanTDM Reacts to Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass!!!

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Text Comments (6636)
Best yotober in the world is dantdm
Janeine Jackowski (1 day ago)
michelle hostetler (2 days ago)
It is sesine 6. Right now.
michelle hostetler (2 days ago)
Bad dab plese.😏
Vid Smash (2 days ago)
I think ragnarok looks better than dire I dunno
Mini Sidemen (2 days ago)
Drift Is My Fav Skin
Blue Jamie (3 days ago)
Dan Mike said you suck at fortnite But your the best 😁
Shail W (5 days ago)
Drift is the best skin in fortnite
Miley Eats Eggz (6 days ago)
Dantdm:YO LOOK AT THIS DUDEEEE ME:Look at dis dude look at dis dude look at his hair! bakkkkaaaaaaaa
freeccc (7 days ago)
Want to what the what the trip
Lee Grinsell (11 days ago)
Lee Grinsell (11 days ago)
ive got every battle pass
Diehm Team (13 days ago)
Who’s watching this in season six
Boss boy Gaming (15 days ago)
Tomadachi life
Jini Esabel (16 days ago)
Cool man
Michael Fahmy (16 days ago)
Dan is Big Shaq
Erik Westergren (17 days ago)
blue pewdiepie
Drayton💯💯 (20 days ago)
Poor dan has 0 friends
Alice Yang (22 days ago)
Hi Dandtm
JVG The king (22 days ago)
Kate Yule (22 days ago)
There is a 8 bit you need to get pixel gun 3d on mobile
On Day (23 days ago)
Now I feel Dissapointed for season 6 :( This was *awesome*
TassaFan378 (24 days ago)
who here has got all of the battle passes they made so far because i have
TassaFan378 (24 days ago)
who cant wait for season 7
The Bright Wolf Pack (25 days ago)
Season 6
SKY_ Cody (25 days ago)
Super Bloxer (25 days ago)
Anyone season 6?
Athlete940 Usturge (26 days ago)
DanTDM fortnite season 6 is here go and update your fortnite and play season 6 ok?
SuperCrafterYT Gamer (26 days ago)
D-rift get it?
Kai Tube (26 days ago)
I’m watching half an hour before season 6
Martín G,s (26 days ago)
Watching this 10 hours before season 6
That Kid Who Can Draw (26 days ago)
Dan today season 5 is ending
Pixel Gamer77 (26 days ago)
Who’s here during Season 6? I know I am 😂
CUTE DOGE (14 hours ago)
No season 2
GamerPro 08 (17 hours ago)
michelle hostetler (2 days ago)
I am
VaxoPowered (7 days ago)
De Jongh De Jongh (7 days ago)
DaCatz (26 days ago)
Wilson Braun (26 days ago)
DaCatz lol yeah
finn tnt (26 days ago)
Solo_Skyxfighter (26 days ago)
Anyone end of season 5
JakeDraws (27 days ago)
Who’s watching in season 6 I am
alia number one fanboy (27 days ago)
Wait i just realised that a spray is a glider
Dave Ruston (27 days ago)
your in minecraft story mode
EeveechuGames (27 days ago)
Session 6 is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokecatcher The 1st (28 days ago)
Hate you so so much
stepter dallas (28 days ago)
MyUsernamesThis (28 days ago)
Rip season 5
Bella Wannajaroen (28 days ago)
Who’s ready for season 6 boys and girls!
XxVapexX (28 days ago)
Tdm Plays fornite???i thought it was Minecraft all day
Angel Morataya (28 days ago)
Im watching this at the end of season 5
Fadumo Qalinle (28 days ago)
Pls play mincraft!!!! I-im getting sad of were dr trayourus has gone to. Is that how you spell his name or what?
Dark Matter (28 days ago)
Xd does Dan really thing that the durr burger in real life is real
Ryan Archacki (29 days ago)
And now Season 5 is over... Time flies so fast!
santhi mohan (29 days ago)
Rift part is not really
Jessica Rivadeneyra (29 days ago)
Bye evrything😠
Ohh Bet (29 days ago)
I remember when dan made a 1 million special
joseph TNI (1 month ago)
Compare this battle pass unlock of popularmmos and dantdm LOL
Doge the meme (29 days ago)
I don't get it...
Jevon Dewanto (1 month ago)
I am tier 100 season
Drift suck
Durr Burger
Normandy Dajose (1 month ago)
Dan thears a new season6
Jackson Goshert (1 month ago)
Im in kdjfjtm3jo
Harry Hotpants (1 month ago)
Zxero (1 month ago)
When gifting comes out can I have John wick?
Dharminder Kumar (1 month ago)
And there’s a lama at the uk
Austin Mbugua (1 month ago)
just kidding your the best
Weirdcupcake person (1 month ago)
Dantdms hair is so cool
Tuyet Le (1 month ago)
Season 6 is coming
Tanner Waddell (1 month ago)
What do you play on
Ninja Fan Fan (1 month ago)
YazanTDM Zeyad (1 month ago)
Dan:That's not a dab Me:You should be triggered
i hate youtuber (1 month ago)
Loot lake sould be called goo lake cause the purple cube thing
MyThBuStErS cOoL (1 month ago)
Who else thought this was fake😂
Rohit Mit (1 month ago)
12 more days and it’s my birthday
Ztxjdukkkkklo (1 month ago)
You are my favrot youtuber
Ztxjdukkkkklo (1 month ago)
Thank you dan for accepting my frend request 😄😄😄😄😄
Verz24 (1 month ago)
Sebastian Laucke (1 month ago)
Get pixel gun 3d
Alexander Plaza (1 month ago)
I cant believe season 6 is in 6 days!
Ryan Archacki (29 days ago)
3 days dude
Maddies World of Toys (1 month ago)
does dan not know you have to buy the battle pass to get what he wanted from it
Michelle Evans (1 month ago)
Oh yeah he does
andromeda (1 month ago)
5:25 2+2=4 quick maths
Dawiwem studios (1 month ago)
Marc Hodgkinson (1 month ago)
good choise not to buy all tiers
Asad Kamarraj (1 month ago)
Dan ask 1 of your friends to play fortnite and perfect timing too
VINNY KRANZ (1 month ago)
Now only 1 week until season 6
dog love (1 month ago)
Drift is better than ragnarok
Ryan Archacki (29 days ago)
lol no
Finned Doge (1 month ago)
6 more days intill season 6
Joseph Saad (1 month ago)
My favorite skin out of this would have to be the drift phase 3
TheCharmanderIsALie (1 month ago)
Why don’t we see Jemma in videos anymore?
wella manjares (1 month ago)
*-Thanos snapped his finger-*
Shawn Braxton (1 month ago)
Hi dan
Jayron Lawrence (1 month ago)
Be my friend by braiden
Jayron Lawrence (1 month ago)
Can you Be my friend
Damon Slayer (1 month ago)
please friend me on the PS4 my name is damonkiller66 on PS4
Xprogamerzz XX (1 month ago)
DanTDM the worst player
Braeden B (1 month ago)
When he said that drift was bad I was triggered but he said it was pretty cool so yeah
BabyToxic (1 month ago)
Dan your amazing ✌🏻peace out
Jack Attack (1 month ago)
Play some more season 5 fortnite
M & D Lavender 96 (1 month ago)
Who’s watching near season 6
Maisie appleyard (1 month ago)
Season 5 is awesome
Superstar MSB (1 month ago)
Edgar Fuentes (1 month ago)
Dan, will you play with me on Fortnite? My username is chase2011F

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