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World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer

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The Burning Legion’s assault on Azeroth launches next summer. Get an early look at the coming invasion in the World of Warcraft: Legion opening cinematic. For more info on the game, or to join the beta, head to http://wowlegion.com.
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Text Comments (16615)
Melnik (59 minutes ago)
You know it will be a masterpiece, when it starts with "My son.."
Whilmer John Paran (5 days ago)
Why is Sylvanas is there?
CobraL0rd (7 days ago)
Ragadan Aviatori (8 days ago)
oh man what a good expansion pack
Adam (12 days ago)
This expansion is underrated and i dont like that.
Dávid Dobos (14 days ago)
For Azeroth! 2018? ♥
wyvernfall gaming (18 days ago)
Whats the closest thing burning legion has to fel orcs since they left sargeras forces
2salzig2spucknapp (20 days ago)
im not into wow at all but this was stunning
Aaron De Wit (29 days ago)
Why warcraft why not Peace craft
Aaron De Wit (29 days ago)
EPIC zo War of Warcraft WOW! Legion
Man from Nantucket (1 month ago)
Is this what anime would look like in the future?
I love how Varian tackled a Felguard at the end of the trailer just before the Fel Lord emerged and swung at the cameraman. The detail that goes into these cinematics is just crazy.
Doomsday_Device (1 month ago)
So that's why he died. He went Twin Blades instead of Colossus Smash
Hamza Alam (1 month ago)
2 cinematics opening with my son
Mostafa Ayman (1 month ago)
In this cinematic sylvanis is fighting alongside varian in BFA cinematic she is fighting his son
ColonelRuiz (1 month ago)
Pretty funny when the last part of this trailer mentions Anduin searching for peace then having the next trailer having him attack the horde.
giveagoodsong (2 months ago)
You telling me Varian's dual wielding one hand swords didn't bring back one handed fury warriors? DAFUQ
Snag Prophet (1 month ago)
giveagoodsong Titans grip is no longer cool because it's the default. It doesn't feel special at all now
Stella Animates kinda (2 months ago)
They killed him ;-;
Stanford Pines (2 months ago)
And that folks, is why you never fly big airships into a legion invasion.
Jex Reacts (2 months ago)
"For Azeroth" has given me more goosebumps than any variation of "For the Horde" or "For the Alliance".
jason toddynho (2 months ago)
Varian , the eternal king
T A I (2 months ago)
Still better than battle of azeroth
Marco Liman (2 months ago)
I'm going to die, JUST KIDDING!! FOR AZEROTH!!!!!
loIIopro123 (2 months ago)
1:42 the portal to 4chan opens REEEEEEEEEE
OhManThisShampoo (3 months ago)
0.39 "Allahu Ackbar"
Yukimabi (3 months ago)
Years later we still watch this to remember Varian.
berkay aymelek (3 months ago)
guys 1.25 which character ? undead hunter ? nightelf hunter ?
MattoFrank (3 months ago)
Honestly, this is the worst cinematic yet
Thinh Vo (1 month ago)
MattoFrank Well the quality of this cinematic especially at the end seem rush because you can tell they literally have to rush this when WOD sub was losing. That aside, this is my third favorite cinematic because there are so much story telling in just 4 minutes of cinematic. It almost a reflective of Wrath of the Lich King cinematic as this was a character analysis cinematic for Varian who lost so much yet still able to push through and get better.
Teemo6544 (3 months ago)
MattoFrank Mmm okay this is my second favorite and the cinematic music IS SO GODO 😍
MattoFrank (3 months ago)
Objectively: The animation quality and cinematography are worse than in previous cinematics. Subjectively: The ongoing trend of "superheroeing" and childish over-the-top ridiculousness is reaching new heights here. I hate it.
Teemo6544 (3 months ago)
what, how, why, when?????????????????????
Fear GX (3 months ago)
Legion: From you my son, I have learned patience, tolerance, faith (Shows Sylvanas) Battle for Azeroth: His son basically laying siege to Undercity and the Horde
Teemo6544 (3 months ago)
Because Snakevanas started it
Aatrox Main (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie I got a bit of tears when he looked at Anduin's picture.
Chengwen Han (3 months ago)
#Death to the photographer
Rix Dyas (4 months ago)
Sad that here, we see Varian and Sylvanas fighting side by side. And then in the trailer for BoA, Its Anduin vs Sylvanas instead.
Collosal1gaming (4 months ago)
this is my favorite cinematic
Charley Wymore (4 months ago)
Looks like an alien invasion movie.
D4RN (4 months ago)
0:48 HA! PLEB!
дыня урмат (4 months ago)
Мда, на российском лучше звучит!
marc johnson (4 months ago)
We avenged you my king since 2007 you have been my king I have bleed for the alliance may we never forget your sacrifice and our freedoms and what we have to do to protect them may Elunes light grant your peace....farewell my king rest with your queen ...for azeroth..FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!
gato lfun (4 months ago)
Jane P (4 months ago)
Wow hopefully im gonna return to the game this year of 2018
Drone Wars (4 months ago)
Diego Ortega (4 months ago)
for the emperor!! oh that's another franchise
New Noise (4 months ago)
Varian should be the new Lich King... it would horrify both the Alliance and Horde to see how far a hero fell... He would be an extremely powerful and deadly Lich King, too...
Janko Aćimović (4 months ago)
Varian learned "patience, faith and tolerance" from Anduin and Anduin is going to open a full scale war on the Horde. Classical alliance.
Teemo6544 (3 months ago)
well they torched the home of the night elves which forced Anduin's hand soooo
SamTheFallenSon 69 (4 months ago)
God I hate looking at Sylvanas’s lying face
Kaarlo (4 months ago)
"For Azeroth!" Spoilers?
Michael ferneine (4 months ago)
Kaarlo nope (Y)
AnimeNow (4 months ago)
They made a mistake making Warcraft Movie a live action movie. It should have been like this, animated.
Psycodog 123 (4 months ago)
Varian Wrynn (Demon Raper)
Nausherwan Babry (5 months ago)
Blizz has op-ed characters so much with WoW. In the end you can see a guard and two giants. Back in wc3, only 15 years ago in lore, it took like 10 11footmen to take down one giant and here Varian and Sylvanas killed one just by themselves.
Games and Nonsense (5 months ago)
Well Varian is far above the normal human. He could rip through a dozen footmen by himself. Wolf spirit and all.
Самолет терпит крушение. В салон заходит бортпроводница и гласит: Нужны 3 добровольца, чтоб выброситься из самолета, этак будто он не может вынести всех. Выходит француз. — Дайте мне фужер вина в итоге... Ему принесли вина, он испил и с кликом: "За Францию!" выбросился. Выходит янки. — Дайте мне двойной виски в итоге... Ему принесли виски, он испил и с кликом: "За США!" выбросился. Выходит Вариан Ринн. — Дайте посмотреть на портрет моего отпрыска в итоге... Посмотрел... — Дайте ещё посмотрю! Посмотрел... — И ещё разок! Самолёт к чертовой мамы разбивается об воду, а Вариан всплывает и кричит "ЗА АЗЕРОТ!!!"
Ajmeer Soobratty (5 months ago)
my name is jeff
R.I.P Operator
Mundo DBS (5 months ago)
Jon Page (5 months ago)
As a Hordie, I am going to miss Varian.
Pokerface ™ (5 months ago)
JKM2468 (5 months ago)
I think that Blizzard did it well at first, as it looked that Azeroth was facing the biggest threat until then... but blizzard made Azeroth´s forces too powerful. Sure, everyone knew that the legion had to be defeated to a certain extent but IMO they went waaaay too far, to the point that it makes me lose respect for the burning legion as an enemy
Slyde xD (5 months ago)
guneskoc (5 months ago)
worst wow cinematic ever
Teemo6544 (3 months ago)
Soviet Onion (5 months ago)
Jimpan Johansson (5 months ago)
Sylvanas <3
Juhani139 (6 months ago)
Blizzard should just go ahead and focus on making movies. We need these kinds of movies.
Pin Rv (6 months ago)
* Want* *more* *lore* =>>> ceesty.com/wrMWb6
Bullet Dodging Neo (6 months ago)
0:10 I expected a Harry Potter logo
Alfafel Gaming (6 months ago)
Ship starts to go down near the end. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On starts playing. Your welcome.
Vicky Sieto (6 months ago)
i miss arthas :(
Tigerstorm 6 (6 months ago)
Gotta love at 2:10, a mere frame before it shifts to Slyvanas, that both Varian and the infernal are like “The [email protected]#k was that?”
BlueUncia (6 months ago)
Kinda funny when you contrast this with the cinematic for Battle for Azeroth. Legion, Varian: "Son, you've taught me that peace is the noblest aspiration, and that we need to believe in each other." BfA, Anduin: "Brb, besieging Undercity."
Muhammad Waleed (6 months ago)
That's not what Varian said. Watch this trailer again.
R.E.Venge (6 months ago)
Anyone else thinks Varian kinda looks like Sylvester Stallone?
twerk_it_like_nae_nae (6 months ago)
I really doubt the live action movie version could match the epicness of this clip.
Darrion Thurman (6 months ago)
i Almost started crying when he thought he was going to die. this was an amazing trailer!
Karlo Kraljev (6 months ago)
BLIZZARD DISCRIMINATED AGAINST ME. Few hours ago I was trying to change my email address, but to do that the name of my first pet is required. Problem is I never had a pet in my life therefore its impossible to answer that question. Secondly who gave the Blizzard right to presume that we all have pets that's a personal choice not to mention some cultures don't do pets. Never the less because I can't name the imaginary pet I am being forced to delete the whole account without a right to a refund for my purchases, as if I am lesser human for not having pets. Unbelievable. It your job to offer me service not to pass a judgment on my life.
Arthas Kel (6 months ago)
Jaina y los supervivientes de la alianza
Arthas Kel (6 months ago)
Aliados y después enemigos XD por azeroth y qué pasó en kalindor??
Arthas Kel (6 months ago)
Haha wtf y despues de eso
Jerome Nopal (6 months ago)
Varian would have lived if he still had his shoulder armor.
Demonic Films (6 months ago)
This is officially my 2nd favorite expansion, my first has got to be Wrath
Pedro Pequeno (6 months ago)
I don't play Warcraft but I love these cinematics, so i will presume some things here: That Varian guy, he is King of some place, and he has the same sword of that boy Anduin in the Battle for Azeroth, so i guess Anduin is his son and in this expansion Varian died and Anduin is the new King. By the presence of Sylvana (correct if wrong) here makes me think that the Horde and the Alliance are on a truce to stop this threat. But in battle of Azeroth for some reason they are one against the other again. Am I right?
Thinh Vo (3 months ago)
Brainth Where Mop and cataclysm was a full blown war.
Brainth (6 months ago)
Spot on. Varian is actually king of the humans, and kind of leader of the alliance (supposedly every race is led by a different character, tho). About the plot, it's not yet known whether the Alliance or the Horde made the first move, and it might never be. All we know is the Horde burnt down a huge tree that was home to the night elves, and the Alliance attacked Lordaeron (the fight that you see on the other cinematic). And so we are at what might go down as "The Fourth War". Up until now there was almost peace, with only skirmishes here and there.
Aethercosm (6 months ago)
hollyflo (6 months ago)
jesus christ sylvannas make up your mind
Takeru Stuff (6 months ago)
"Anduin now I believe as you do that peace is the noblest aspiration" -King Varian Wrynn 2 years later "Lets conquer Undercity guys!"
abdul sami (5 months ago)
He also said something else
Brainth (6 months ago)
we don't know that, and we may never do
Another Amorphis Fan (6 months ago)
The Horde burned Teldrassil down first. Idiot.
Saferi 44 (6 months ago)
u left a part out :P
Rower (6 months ago)
better then the new one imo :p
Zademan (6 months ago)
still gives me chills watching this
Alex Ramos Cifuentes (6 months ago)
He went Twin Blabes. Insta gg.
Yehia ElSwaify (6 months ago)
Who is here after watching Battle For Azeroth Cinematic
Connor Mac (1 month ago)
Whenever I watched a blizzard cinematic, I'll keep watching every other cinematics from them. Be it Overwatch, WoW or Starcraft. Can't go wrong with Blizzard's cinematics
Abraham Armani (3 months ago)
Antimatter_ Playz (5 months ago)
Yehia ElSwaify (6 months ago)
Adam Morin True, its kinda sad how it all broke up, wanted to see Varian's reaction to his son leading the war against the Horde
Jack Liu (6 months ago)
I don't get it why they have to kill king Varian off in Lore. He was a badass and honorable king of the alliance. His son is too soft.
Thinh Vo (6 months ago)
Jack Liu Story progression.
Xaquizon (6 months ago)
Varian's "FOR AZEROTH" is 100 times more epic than wtv Sylvannas and Anduin were screaming in the new trailer
郭万里 (6 months ago)
so cool
LaughAlice (6 months ago)
I saw the Battle for Azeroth cinematic and came here just to say: FU Sylvanas. I knew she wouldnt stay calm.
Tanasije Tasa (6 months ago)
Then sorry for giving out fake information , i read all of that on a forum , but we'll see.
Alex Jones (6 months ago)
Tanasije Tasa Nothing you said even remotely correct. I read the leak and all your facts are full of BS. First of all, the information you got about how small part of the Horde burn Teldrasil was a speculation from Nobbel. The leak itself never mention anything about the desolate council burn Teldrasil. Don’t BS people. Second, Blizzard did confirm that Teldrasil was burned first and as for Jania is evil. Somebody ask the same question at Blizzcon and they said no. Third, now if you actually read the leak instead of making up bullcrap, the leak end with Sylvanas and Nathanos preparing to attack stormwind.
Tanasije Tasa (6 months ago)
It's like how Garrosh bombed theramore and then the horde separated but now they didn't separate because they know Sylvanas didn't do it but the Alliance doesn't wanna hear any. That's what the leaks of the new novel says atleast..
Tanasije Tasa (6 months ago)
Another Amorphis Fan uhmmm 1st of all its not confirmed , nothing is. 2nd of all one part of the horde that hates Sylvanas and the Alliance burned down Teldrasil , not Sylvanas (it's what the novel leaks say ) and Sylvanas wanted to stop them but she failed so they blamed Sylvanas. Now the Alliance got reaaaaally upset and attacked Lordareon. That's all we know right now .
Pawel Wiecaszek (6 months ago)
Worst Wow cinematic ever :P Still good, but others are better by far.
HaloFikus (6 months ago)
you kidding me? This one battle for azeroth and wotlk one is the 3 best ones
NekitTheRagdoll (6 months ago)
Feels slightly different to watch this after Battle For Azeroth cinematic... :|
Maurice van der schuur (6 months ago)
0:53 amazing to see the alliance soldiers, such a pitty we havent seen the horde soldiers.
Osmo Uusikylä (6 months ago)
Blizzard really knows how to make amazing trailers!
michael gifford (6 months ago)
facepalm, i already battled the legion and destroyed the black temple.
Fox Atomic (6 months ago)
Portugues:Blizzard por favor põe wow mobile vamos là galera curtam o comentário para que a Blizard veja!!!!!!! 日本語:ブリザードは見てみましょうか? 中國:暴雪請放哇手機讓我們的傢伙享受評論為Blizard看到!!!!!!! English:Blizzard please put wow mobile let's the guys enjoy the comment for Blizard to see !!!!!!!
chris correa (6 months ago)
I wish they would make a movie with THESE animation effects, but I know the budget would have to be massive
Darklef zela (7 months ago)
If this were Heroes of the Storm he could kill all the mercenaries and Gul'Dan with his crazy self-heals
리노잭슨 (7 months ago)
He cannot come back to his palace in his city stormwind ever...
J. L. (7 months ago)
Varian is my 2nd favorite Warcraft character of all time... Fitting that his death was avenged by my favorite - ILLIDAN!!!
Ali Sar (7 months ago)
one year later and this expansion is still the best one i played since wotlc !! I cant believe Im still super hyped for the rest of the legion ! well done blizz ... well done ...
Pokerface ™ (7 months ago)
You get a new expansion in 4 weeks. (Only trailer)
Wakka Clocka (6 months ago)
Poor camera man :( 3:37
Glitter Ninja (7 months ago)
Please make a legion movie

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