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Minecraft Ultimate Survival Islands Part 13: Where you at cave?

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com This is episode 13 of our ultimate survival islands custom map. Hope you guys enjoy :) Kevin's Channel- www.youtube.com/user/zTwixersGaming Map- http://www.mediafire.com/?08ah3kmff61onx6 *Challenges* --------------------------- -Find an island suitable for your first house (Done) -Deforest an entire island (Done) -Find a strange pyramid (Done) -Figure out North, south, east, and west (Done) -Find the Southern shoreline (very mountainous, you'll know it when you see it) -Connect 5 or more islands via bridge (0/5) -Find 5 diamonds (Done) -Discover the massive volcanic cave -Don't die (Failed ;) ) -Build a boat -Make a map and fill it all in -Discover and conquer 5 caves(the big ones, small caves don't count) ( 2/5 ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­-------------------------------- •Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/MC_Finest •Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/MinecraftFinest If the facebook link doesn't work then go to facebook and on search bar type "MinecraftFinest" and you should find our page :) •Donate to "[email protected]" to be in a Race For Wool :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­--------------------------------
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