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YOU ROASTED ME.. so i made this..

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Text Comments (20538)
Naveed Hamidi (34 minutes ago)
Dantdm react to chad wild clay he roasted you
animation bros (1 hour ago)
I thought og chad wild clay
LIFE IS TOO FUN (4 hours ago)
which editor you are using
Dreson Morgan (7 hours ago)
No no no no i love your skin
thebabytailwhip 1 (13 hours ago)
when life gives you photo shop
Kikipups (16 hours ago)
When you don’t want to work out
spidey man (16 hours ago)
Bella Zastrow (20 hours ago)
What app is that?
Mangle X Foxy (21 hours ago)
what the heck happened!!???!! 😂😂😂
Abdulaziz Gonzales (1 day ago)
dan why pink?????
Caitlin Harvey (1 day ago)
i have got to say your legs are very more tanned than your actual face skin colunar
Luz Nunez (1 day ago)
Chad rosted you
So you're roast chicken
Flo Angel (1 day ago)
I cried a lot because my puppy is gone😭but you stell make me laugh👍
Joelcar Garcia (1 day ago)
Im tryna help Diamond player XD
Joelcar Garcia (1 day ago)
Joelcar Garcia (1 day ago)
Joelcar Garcia (1 day ago)
Ima still skip leg day and play minecraft aaaaaaaaaaaall morning and aaaaaaaaaall evening 😂😆 Lol XD
17:10 I DREAM IF ITS REAL XD go go danTDM cookies!!!!! XD
Arceus313 (1 day ago)
what happened to fortnite oh and can you play overwatch it is quite expensive and it is a shooter
DRAGON LORD VID 123 (1 day ago)
I would watch you get eaten
Team Nuked (1 day ago)
This needs to be a meme
i feel soree for you dan
Gacha Jess (1 day ago)
I'm eating bread at 12:00am and watching this. I am a weird human being
Bryden Dog (1 day ago)
Test Account (1 day ago)
I haven’t known of keg day until now what is wrong with me...
Kayli Huang (1 day ago)
Dan... no matter how u look everybody will still love u :)
Matylda Pa (2 days ago)
Haha! I laughed so hard while watching this XD
jobby varughese (2 days ago)
My leg are way skinnier than yours
DapperTiger (2 days ago)
3:32 um just look
SolarPanda Girl (2 days ago)
tatoo on leg
Calebplays 101 (2 days ago)
Dan is now my favorite dinner. Fried chicken.
Trent C (2 days ago)
This is Dan 😂 🍒he has charry legs every 👍= more buff
Ethan Bogart (2 days ago)
Me at home after school (\^.^/)
Austin Animates (2 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I hate poetry and so do you to
WoollyMammoth (2 days ago)
me at 15:38 😂
TizzyRose (3 days ago)
I didn’t roast u ur amazing, :)
dil ally (3 days ago)
Who is watching in November 2018
zoya omer (3 days ago)
Lorah Vlogs (3 days ago)
tyler anderson (3 days ago)
Daniel, what have you done? You're a monster. ( I still love your vids this was a joke for the lawlz)
tyler anderson (3 days ago)
EDIT: 8:02 what was that noise?
Maria Ramos (3 days ago)
A what's leg day
The Del Guy (3 days ago)
plz, do more photoshop shop videos. I really enjoy them
Sophie Lynn (3 days ago)
Some reason I would believe that photo
Alex Power121 (4 days ago)
You are right diamond player
Anthony Johnston (4 days ago)
I skip leg day dan👻
Heiden Gomez (4 days ago)
Humanoid Dragon (4 days ago)
You're the best dan!
pandacraft_2 (4 days ago)
What app is it?
Alex Power121 (4 days ago)
It’s not an app it is a photoshop
Keghart Shahinyan (4 days ago)
You got roasted by someone called Chad wild clay
Game Boy (4 days ago)
I hate cookies I love Dan cookie monster said
Hadeel Alshammari (5 days ago)
1:36 Dan can you censor that butt please
Amanda Whipple (5 days ago)
a YouTubeber roasted you
12suri 2005351 (5 days ago)
Chad wild clay roasted you
Sarah Lockyer (5 days ago)
This is so weird
Bangone Sisalio (5 days ago)
Are you part of the pug illumianti
Ashleigh Smith (5 days ago)
I’ve watched this 200000000000002973927393738372937283738373837282728272837282728372927282728272837382728373873383times cus I love dan getting roasted lol Just kidding I LOVEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUU DANNNNNN
Mia And The Gang (5 days ago)
Dan please photoshop yourself into a dog
Zack Aquamarine 6XZ (5 days ago)
Dan's doing the orange justice
Tyler Whybrow (5 days ago)
I love you 😍😍😍😘
Wyven galaxy (5 days ago)
Liken leg day
Aqua_Marine (5 days ago)
You have just represented my life with this video. Thank you.
Jacob McKeown (6 days ago)
Emma Edwards (6 days ago)
but really your legs are too shiny and skinny lol no offense
Emma Edwards (6 days ago)
Emma Edwards (6 days ago)
haha! maybe u should try working out a bit more so your legs can be excepted in public for once
Jhuaquine Lanuevo (6 days ago)
I thought its about chad wild clay
Westley Dilley (6 days ago)
dab I mean dan plz don't do dat
the_weird_gal YT (6 days ago)
If dan continues this for the rest of his life, then that means he broke up with jemma
Jayden Cosgrove-Smith (7 days ago)
Hi we were not roasting you just giving you life lessons
Camredhead The gamer (7 days ago)
Wow 😲 nice legs not fake at all {not being a liar at all}
H Carter (8 days ago)
Golden Ninja (8 days ago)
I STRONGER THAN Dan but i dont want to hurt him i feel sad when he got hurt(when i mean sad i mean EXTREAM)
9:47-9:50 the face i make after thiss video
Julie Routledge (9 days ago)
Dan!!!! What have you done to you body!!!!
Glamorous (9 days ago)
When bacon sizzles I feel very chill I’m liking my own comment ‘Cause no one else will😔
Shanthini Gopalan (9 days ago)
You are great at photoshopping
BMK20080320 (9 days ago)
16:18 no it couldn't
BMK20080320 (9 days ago)
From saying don't skip leg day to photoshopping yourself into a choc chip cookie and Cookie Monster eating you
Laura Ostrowski (9 days ago)
i dont wear shorts cause im too fat
Rosalie Sanchez (9 days ago)
Those shorts look funny even though the shiny still that sucks
Conch Bonch GAMING (10 days ago)
Red Y (10 days ago)
*I bet Her wife will look at her recent serch and saw many mans leg*
William Hallmark (10 days ago)
That day is my birthday d an
Colin Drumm (10 days ago)
U legs r fine DanTDM 👌
rent24 aj (11 days ago)
12:14 porn
good day (11 days ago)
Erwina Cereño (11 days ago)
I did roast you
Shrutav Deshpande (12 days ago)
When he said quaditch I thought he said quidditch
Wolf_Warrior 185 (13 days ago)
Me at 7:11 "that is my life "sad but true
Devilpro (13 days ago)
you should have done a DanTDM hat!
Terry Shifflett (13 days ago)
No dan... REAL leg day
Nicole Johnson (13 days ago)
Ella Vampire (14 days ago)
It is 3 am right now 😧
Giant King (14 days ago)
Play clash of clans
I am skinnier than a marker
Kushaan Chaudhuri (14 days ago)
not really
morty orr Sta (15 days ago)
Dantdm you are the wirst.
Blueparty smasher (15 days ago)
Michael Urgiles (15 days ago)
When your mom doesn’t buy you vbucks 0:52

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