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Minecraft: SHAPE SHIFTER Z MOD! - Be any mob you want with their abilities!

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TAKE A MOBS SHAPE, AND USE THEIR ABILITIES! Random epic video ➜ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8onVDn2VQqE Download it from my website [http://bit.ly/Vvtmq1] Download it from the forum [http://bit.ly/12p0nbe] ------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow me on Twitter! [http://twitter.com/TCTNGaming] Subscribe, it's free! [http://bit.ly/SubscribeToTCTN] ------------------------------------------------------------------ Music used with permission by BananaPieLord Find more here http://www.youtube.com/user/BananaPieLord ------------------------------------------------------------------ © 2013 TCTNGaming
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Text Comments (160)
Team mojang helps notch and Jeb
It's not mojin it's mojang
Enderslayer1910 (2 years ago)
nvm i found out 1.6.4
Enderslayer1910 (2 years ago)
what minecraft version is this for? i download the mod but i dont know what version it is for (so i can download the correct forge version)
Cervidet (3 years ago)
Um, why does the thumbnail have my head on it?
Riley Freeman (3 years ago)
how u install the mod?
Joao Harllen De Lanes (4 years ago)
Sonny Johnston (4 years ago)
>:D I trolled my friend
LionFlamy (4 years ago)
Can you be cave spider
massimo astarita (4 years ago)
massimo astarita (4 years ago)
You forgot tuns of others like wither fish ender dragon
He showed them and fish isn't a mob the only way to see a fish is to catch it
Raifoman (4 years ago)
Awesome I've always wanted to be an enderman
Becky G (4 years ago)
Atleast give us a link to download it ourselves
He did
TheRetardedTree (4 years ago)
I'm happy that the enderman doesn't throw enderpearls like most people would make him do. He just teleports. :)
Breyer Bud (4 years ago)
You can't be a HORSE?!??!? D:
None Shall Know (4 years ago)
End reman is awesome
Molly rasmussen (4 years ago)
Hey, get the new version. I bet you would like that one. You can open iron doors with villagers and clone yourself with iron golem, well, you'll love the update.
Kim Preston (4 years ago)
Kim Preston (4 years ago)
. anime kissing scene
The Flaming Gaming (4 years ago)
i would like to be a wolf 
Jaddice (4 years ago)
Is he part of mojang , i dont know xD
Jaddice (4 years ago)
Lol ,i got confused at 2:50+ when he mentioned that he was part of mojang xD
Donald Trump (4 years ago)
i would be da spider :3
Niggy Grubby (4 years ago)
I would be a cow c;
Salma Da Unicorn (4 years ago)
jason gagliano (4 years ago)
There is fucking infante water breathing with the derpy squid!
Alex Kiley (4 years ago)
Don't say f***
Nathan B (4 years ago)
I like turning into the ender dragon and flying around till i find villages... which I then blow to smithereens ._. 
Gawdssin (4 years ago)
In the begining it was so funny TEE HEE LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caleb Brown (4 years ago)
Snow wrecks armour. It is great for pvp.
Seth Anson (4 years ago)
where is the sound
Martin Estrada (4 years ago)
yeah they are #minecraft
Jessie Yang (4 years ago)
top two
hack saw (4 years ago)
Sacred Korviis (4 years ago)
hunter mckinney (4 years ago)
Cool stuff like that you can get it right now
Nathan Hermann (4 years ago)
awesome mod
chris cyree (4 years ago)
Nice cape
Emerald Plague (4 years ago)
No it isn't. The mod is for Pc and mac only.
Bobbie Kitts (4 years ago)
Bobbie Kitts (4 years ago)
its for xbox
Miguel Andaya (4 years ago)
That's the third time you've said that.
Xiric (4 years ago)
Thats your opinion.
Xiric (4 years ago)
Thats your opinion. :)
Xiric (4 years ago)
Thats your opinion.
generic commenter (4 years ago)
you are the worst mod reviewer ever
Katya Jones (4 years ago)
Ya enderdragonz
BobTheDuckyJSMC (4 years ago)
when you damage mobs you get healed
Cyber Shadow (4 years ago)
what the fuck is VAMPIRE MODE ON BAT
france medina (4 years ago)
squids cant breath forever in air.
ricky casas (4 years ago)
6:45 Sky would be very proud
unbrandedlaptop (5 years ago)
mrcomp (5 years ago)
Am i the only one who likes squids. even if they are stupid?
HelpingCyrus2 (5 years ago)
Imma download this mod and turn it into an epic RPG series. Thats going to take a lot of work and editing. Wish me luck!
Slamet (5 years ago)
Squids can breathe forever underwater.
blackheavymetalman (5 years ago)
good if you need to be underwater though
who want to be a stupid squid? Any one i did not think so.
HazedRaze (5 years ago)
lachlan smith (5 years ago)
i have this mod on now hay do you have gmail
Jax Rogers (5 years ago)
Ludicrous speed from spaceballs
JackPot (5 years ago)
Squids look kinda derpy
Dedede Main (5 years ago)
What version of minecraft is this for?
ya it is Kevin Wang
Kaydawn (5 years ago)
Kevin Wang (5 years ago)
The snow golem is good against ender man
Hide the pain (5 years ago)
CharlieTibbles (5 years ago)
look at direwolf20's forgecraft 2 videos and look at the morph mod when he shows it. its not done yet but looks so cool and made by ichun.
VixennViolets (5 years ago)
i wish that they had horse on there :[
VixennViolets (5 years ago)
my dad has the mod!
VixennViolets (5 years ago)
my dad has that mod
VixennViolets (5 years ago)
Keith Seppelt (5 years ago)
do the castles defenders mod
RusuXpert (5 years ago)
in the future the villager will drop random items
Miriland (5 years ago)
fucking squds i love budder
Animeturtle123 (5 years ago)
Dang loud
Klesta Kosta (5 years ago)
fuck you
Klesta Kosta (5 years ago)
enderdragon is the best
Oklucid (5 years ago)
No There Not... There there Nvm I cant beat that XD
Joshconex (5 years ago)
Endermen r the boss
jayden coombe (5 years ago)
fat mother
robloxminecraft100 (5 years ago)
such ac troll mod
Tyler Williams (5 years ago)
you get a cape by going to minecon
datal33ch (5 years ago)
Angel beats profile pic? nice.
Frisson (5 years ago)
get the squid out of my sight !!!
Clyde Craft (5 years ago)
i like them
perla Martinez (5 years ago)
He didn't get it he said it at 1:42
jefsmit (5 years ago)
How get u a cape?
Appledapper (5 years ago)
Aren't you able to be a fish too?
JayRedMouth (5 years ago)
I have a suggestion. You can make the squid form not be able to breath in the air ONLY IF YOU WANT.
Sixxie (5 years ago)
How do you open it up? You know where you get the page full of mobs names that you click on and then turn into one of them. Help please!
Elis Slunga (5 years ago)
Squids are the best mob in minecraft
Aaron Abunu (5 years ago)
yes but if you are a squid you don't lose air.
mimishroom (5 years ago)
Now i'm going to check you minecraft videos :3
mimishroom (5 years ago)
Nice Post I will After this video! :3
Mark Brown (5 years ago)
Do you like famli gey
Mark Brown (5 years ago)
Are you from Brazil ????? B-)
Jirdas (5 years ago)
Can't wait for 1.6 update of it...
SkyTheArmy (5 years ago)
whats up with the sand it should be falling?
SkyTheArmy (5 years ago)
really cool
BlueGamer00 (5 years ago)
i got this mod its fun

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