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Nick saves in a very bad spot

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Text Comments (304)
JoeisProductions (4 years ago)
Hate when that happens XD
athroughz0t9 (5 years ago)
Wow. lol
Lucas Mota (6 years ago)
every. fucking. time
soweedotcom (6 years ago)
You deserved it. Everyone knows that you cant simply keep overwriting saves on fallout because of the bugs that may happen.
jdotaing (6 years ago)
Wadsworth applies
AAAlvarez (6 years ago)
This is why I save 5 times, one for each hour then I'll overwrite them, so I don't do something to screw up now :)
Tom Harvey (7 years ago)
I like the part where he dies and has to reload
Youngphyconaut (7 years ago)
Lol this all happened to us in fallout at least once
Nucular Robit (7 years ago)
I once died as I was walking through a door, it auto saved. It would just load then show me melt, then load and show me melt, and load then show me melt. It was kinda funny and I had a good backup save so I wasn't mad.
AlohaFridays (7 years ago)
spawn. press B. and STIMPACKS!
OzzyFan87 (7 years ago)
Fallout 3 > New Vegas
vladlinn (7 years ago)
imagine he died in the fight
Mandalore BSF (7 years ago)
Always handy to save next to a burning car XD
Norha820 (7 years ago)
@therock557 theres alot there....alot, and they killed me
BrokenSet (7 years ago)
@Norha820 Go to Black Mountain, it's somewhere in the middle of the map I think. Make sure you're high level, these guys don't play nice with visitors. And it's sorta irradiated. So, yeah.
bonechiller0 (7 years ago)
@jessopsucks He had it on an easier difficulty probably.
sirmidor (7 years ago)
1:52 that laugh. i imagine it comes from like a big fat bitch who is also a chain smoker.
John Pinkerton (7 years ago)
Thank god for autosave.
chargersphinx (7 years ago)
Norha820 (7 years ago)
@jessopsucks the funny thing is I have not run into a super mutant in new vegas yet.
dagongent2 (7 years ago)
@XxCopelandPS3xX So you watched it anyway? :P
Tyler Hubbs (7 years ago)
@suchablonde14 No one cares for your opinion ;D
Kniight Sigma (7 years ago)
@jbadifk its ok :)
Cryer24597 (7 years ago)
@jbadifk There arn't any levels on fallout, what are you talking about?
veronica1095 (7 years ago)
that girls laugh is evil
Einvestigator96 (7 years ago)
Then, he "tries" to fight with the Behemoth. LOL
Lulzed (7 years ago)
i remember on Crysis it autosaved while i jumped a jeep off a high cliff and everytime it hit the ground it would explode :(
Shadow Ninja (7 years ago)
its the destiny...
wesieboy56 (7 years ago)
its the car! :D
jayce (7 years ago)
lord knows ive been in that spot many.many times. all i have to say is fuck you fallout. fuck you. x)
Adalia Rose (7 years ago)
The trololomobile ;D
iKill4Chocolate (7 years ago)
Mark Bennington (7 years ago)
It's fate LOL
Winabagel23 (7 years ago)
1:51 Johnny Knoxville laugh in background XD
ChukyChez1 (7 years ago)
AKTR (7 years ago)
what he could have done... is heal quickly and then survive the blast
Hdinoify (7 years ago)
And lo, when after the dust of the vehicle has settled, little did Nick know a Super Mutant who grew to Bemhemothic porportions would arrive. And totally kick his ass. LOL
FrostyTheSnowball (7 years ago)
@XxCopelandPS3xX And you still clicked to watch it XD
Dachiakia1 (7 years ago)
@Ainar86 He's dead stupid. He was already dead. Look at the fountain. That dead body there was the guy with the fatman. He's dead as a scripted dead body. He was never ALIVE. So, YOU'RE stupid. Nice job.
TheWill499 (7 years ago)
@Ainar86 dude the car exploded not a fatman ps the boss is called a bohemoth and he has no fat man
dj memestar (7 years ago)
quick travel
Sjowmalf (7 years ago)
pause game > settings > set to 'very easy' difficulty no problem
Brannon Hanks (7 years ago)
@Ainar86 I just read my comment and it i sounded a little arrogant not meaning too >_>. thanks for not taking it that way. :D
Ainar86 (7 years ago)
@McStrokeable I stand corrected, had to watch it again to ee the car though:D
Brannon Hanks (7 years ago)
@Ainar86 it was actually a car exploding you can see the car exploding in some frames where the kill cam faces it.
Fury614 (7 years ago)
it reminds me of fallout 3 (its my friend Alyssa Mabley's)
Ainar86 (7 years ago)
It was a BoS guy with a fatman...and you would've seen it if you had just stopped looking at your effing feet and turned the f*** around! this vid is so annoying....
jetblizzard8338 (7 years ago)
i think he kept dying from something like "Chuck Norris"
DialTheDude (7 years ago)
Around 1:05, you can see the car getting lit up. He just happened to stand next to it when it was about to explode.
danieldaniel10 (7 years ago)
@RACPS3 *Super Facepalm*
demoniccheesepuff (7 years ago)
squid launcher o yea!
Bigby Boss (7 years ago)
@UnknownTactics Ok...Makes no sense...
replayking1 (7 years ago)
OMFG my name is nick and i saved at that spot too! lol jk
Fringuis JooG (7 years ago)
this already happened to me several times xD I hate when this happens.
Vince abilly (7 years ago)
@Hurtydwarf hehe ok they can join the bad group
Hurtydwarf (7 years ago)
@GreasyRockabilly what about nickelback? they deserve a spot there
oystercatcher7 (7 years ago)
thumbs up for women
Vince abilly (7 years ago)
@UnknownTactics heh i was thinkin justin beiber but close enough
erisd123 (7 years ago)
i knew what was going to happen when he saved it . remember do get near a burning car because it will leave a mess
Argentum (7 years ago)
@blacklagoonaholic Dont worry! Black ops is worse ;P
Mattx (7 years ago)
You could hear the car catch fire right before he saved
John Raptor (7 years ago)
@blacklagoonaholic hahaha true dat
Streu sel (8 years ago)
Silent Knight (8 years ago)
@blacklagoonaholic and the Medal of Honor's too
Zach Mccombe (8 years ago)
aww i hated wen this happened to me in fallout 3
Xen Tutorials (8 years ago)
lol @ normal fallout 3
maning04 (8 years ago)
you saved at the wrong place at the wrong time.. HAHA!
Cameron Hill (8 years ago)
BTW You saved next to a car that was on FIIIIREE. I DID THAT A LOT @[email protected]
Cameron Hill (8 years ago)
Boom Headshot...XD Nice....Good job :P XD Me-I got headshots everytime I targetted the head in VATS....yay for all those passives i worked my ass off for...And yeah, glitches are what made Bethesda INFAMOUS XD
TheCookingmaster (8 years ago)
@blacklagoonaholic alas it twas good when she came out but now shes just fucking the cop
Nick Pees (8 years ago)
Your death is inabitable! hahaha xD
Codename4711 (8 years ago)
@XxCopelandPS3xX wtf lol
Adrian Yair Peña Sosa (8 years ago)
I survived OH YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
HVLJungah (8 years ago)
Apparently its the fucking car...v
Tobi Burke (8 years ago)
CatfishShotgun (8 years ago)
hotblooded94 (8 years ago)
EPIC.FAIL I can't stop laughing.
Barnabas Lie (8 years ago)
lol car explosion kills all
sapo77487 (8 years ago)
liquidrock2u (8 years ago)
where have i seen this befor, boom! wait, Boom! i think i've got it, BOOM! hahaaa, o wait, i don't know where i've seen this befor. :(
HunterJaegar (8 years ago)
HA! THAT was pure genius!
Mofleaker (8 years ago)
@thatfallout3guy Fuck yeah.
Planetary Pieces (8 years ago)
Groundhog day in 1 minute.
Zophah (8 years ago)
The car nearby exploded. it took too much damage and was in a timed release.
Ezldor (8 years ago)
what are u guys bitching about , i do have both , but i like games like this ( first person shooter ) on PC cuz it much easier and more fun to aim with mouse :/
Mofleaker (8 years ago)
@TomDarkwulf I said mods, not cheats...As a matter of fact, the way I've modded my game it's about 10x harder. I have ironsights, new clothing, more companions, new homes, and a shit ton more weapons. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.
Corgblam (8 years ago)
@TomDarkwulf only the manufacturer or contracted makers can make downloadable content for console games. its true that you need a great computer to play most games very well, but if you do then the possiblities for games are mostly endless. i have a pc version of grand theft auto: san andreas, and i got a PORTAL GUN mod for it. cant do that on console.
Corgblam (8 years ago)
@TomDarkwulf modding doesnt equal cheating. there are tons of third party content that can be downloaded, such as different weapons, places, and all sorts of things.
Mofleaker (8 years ago)
@TomDarkwulf Mods.
Niek093 (8 years ago)
@AttackMyAss put in the disc and enjoy it
george77772moons (8 years ago)
And THIS is why, for a time, I had 1000 different save files. After deleting many of them to make space, turns out i deleted ones necessary to certain achievements. Needless to say I'm sad.
Stewart Dunn (8 years ago)
This happened to me in Vault 92 (i think, the one with the mirelurks) I saved after I went through a door and there was two mirelurks waiting for me :( Luckily I could just turn around and survive to get through the door :D
Kindathiskindathay (8 years ago)
Same thing happened to me I reached a checkpoint right I got sniped so I would spawn and die and spawn and die and spawn and die
Shane Smith (8 years ago)
I'm guessing that the Jonas Brothers are in the related section cause the word "bad" is in the title
darkmachete (8 years ago)
You could've just jumped over those sandbags and crouched. o_o
FrustratedWhiteMale (8 years ago)
I've had this sort of thing happen to me several times in Max Payne.
FatJoe214 (8 years ago)
Then come the Behemoth.
kyle fischer (8 years ago)
what the fck eff happen!
Angel Veliz (8 years ago)
Next time have blast sheild and lightweight.
p1nkpupp3t (8 years ago)
HOT SEXY PICS of Joe Jonas... may be too hot to handle! ..... what? whats that gotta do with this?

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