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Nested /execute detect MCEdit Filter

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Using this MCEdit Filter you are able to create nested /execute detect commands to substitute and improve the /testforblocks command in Minecraft 1.8. ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Download Link: http://mediafire.com/download/jjq8bbh1dy40ze9 Minecraft Server: crushedpixel.eu TeamSpeak IP: crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/CrushedPixel
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Text Comments (59)
MSpaceDev (1 year ago)
I am so glad you exist! This is going to be super useful. Thanks! =)
tttymo (2 years ago)
can this also be used on armorstands instead of players?
Jaisy Arasy (2 years ago)
can you make @a change to @e[type=...] ???
Pedro Vieira (2 years ago)
I have so say TANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!
Dimensión cuántica (2 years ago)
hey crushedpixel link for download all filters pls ;D
1SDAN (3 years ago)
Can you please fix the KeyError: 169 glitch?
Márton Léder (3 years ago)
+CrushedPixel  for me it doesn't works. it says:    File "C:\Users\ME\Documents\MCEdit\Filters\CPExecuteDetect.py", line 58, in  perform     cmds.append("/execute @p~ ~ ~ detect ~"+str(x-sx)+" ~"+str(y-sy)+" ~"+str(z -sz)+" "+values[id]+" "+str(level.blockDataAt(x,y,z))+" ") KeyError: 169 :(   can somebody help me?
TaintedEnergy (3 years ago)
Uh, I have a problem. I tried to use this with a 12x12x12 cube with stuff inside and it failed. In MCEdit after I did the filter it was fine, but when I opened it in MC it Reloaded the Chunk that the Command Block was in, removing the Command Block and resetting it to its natural form. I tried looking in the code, but I see nothing. I tried to Clone the Command Block In MCEdit (Before Opening MC) and when I pasted it it crashed MCEdit. I think it has something to do with the Command Block. I used this filter before on something 3x3x1 and it worked fine, but I tried many times on the 12x12x12 Cube, With the same result...
The command might have reached the character limit of 32767 characters
chompy101 (3 years ago)
AWESOME!!! this would help if you wanted to create a structure that spawns a boss mob or somthing
Daemonfire101 (3 years ago)
Just done that
Matt Bergwall (3 years ago)
What do u use to record?
Duncan3242 (3 years ago)
Abdullah Craft (3 years ago)
if you want to the player to be out of the area you can simply go to the command and change the ~ ~ ~ in the first 
Marino Feric (3 years ago)
+Abdullah Craft What do you mean by that , that when u change in first execute command to ~ ~ ~ that it will check if im anywhere in the structure i filtered ?
Abdullah Craft (3 years ago)
sorry if this bad english
SlimeGames (3 years ago)
doesnt work in 14w28b :(
SlimeGames (3 years ago)
oh wait forgot to replace my stone :P
Max-A-Million (3 years ago)
Pls make a video how to make filters
meapjuice (3 years ago)
Gordon Stiphler (3 years ago)
when i try to test an entity(not a player) my minecrft crash at the second i place the entity is it working well for some of you?
Delgo talor (3 years ago)
Can u plz make an invention that is really really cool but it's also easy to make?
Tim Woocker (3 years ago)
I think I will edit this filter a little bit.
Tim Woocker (3 years ago)
Hab mir auch schon gedacht diesen Filter zu machen, habe aber schon erwartet, dass du ihn machst :D
Bigpowkill (3 years ago)
Is there a way to add an option to set the target as an Item or any entity? For example, an item within a sacrifice altar or a cow within a special pig transmutation box.
Bigpowkill (3 years ago)
Nvm, implemented this myself. But yeah, awesome filter. This just shortened my 20 command block system for detecting a sacrifice altar right down to a 1 block system.
Mir doch egal (3 years ago)
Boah wie geil ist das denn!! :D richtig cool gemacht!
Toke Nyholm (3 years ago)
Why are you not just using /testforblocks and /execute?
Bigpowkill (3 years ago)
bcus with /testforblocks, you can't run a command on the entity that is near the structure. for example, using testforblocks on all items to check if they are within an altar. if it finds an item within an altar, it says, "Oh hey, there is an item in an altar in the world" but it doesn't say which item it is. meanwhile, with this nested execute detect, it can find that item, check the altar, then set itself to say, a score value of 1.
Escore (3 years ago)
12 hours and only 45 likes for such a good job.. Here, take mine. I know it's not much, but it's my last one. I need to buy some more and then I will come back here and give you the amount you deserve. I will leave them at your next video! Farewell compadré!
Junuh (3 years ago)
WOW!!! Hey remember when you made the Directions filter? How did you calculate the velocity? I know x = speed * sin(hr) * cos(vr) and z = speed * cos(hr) * cos(vr) (hr = horizontal rotation and vr = vertical rotation) Although I'm having trouble using the formula. I need a Minecart to travel 0.30 blocks (By tp command) in 24 different directions. Any suggestions? Or help?
RandomGgames (3 years ago)
I like it :D
Tolga20 (3 years ago)
I <3 you!
Dasiturn (3 years ago)
Awesome filter, so much better than testforblocks :D
Deli73 (3 years ago)
Where did you get the music?
Axilex (3 years ago)
Hey this is awesome! But i have a question. Does it works when i put a sign on the structure? If not could you do it, maybe in a newer version?
Ercerus (3 years ago)
+DeRedstone e I solved it by deleting every 1.8 block, I guess because the filter can't identify the block and therefor can create the command.
William Phillips (3 years ago)
+DeRedstone e what does that mean?
Darius Cotovanu (3 years ago)
+CrushedPixel KeyError 167
CrushedPixel (3 years ago)
It does work with a sign, however it doesn't check for the NBT data on the sign (the text written to it). This is not possible with the /execute detect command, so I can't include it in the filter.
João Salgado (3 years ago)
First :D
entereloaded (3 years ago)
*Wow, pretty usefull ^^* _Richtig Goil :3_
TheEiscremeMaster (3 years ago)
I don't trust that link... :/
entereloaded (3 years ago)
+TheEiscremeMaster http://unicode.bloople.net/
TheEiscremeMaster (3 years ago)
I think it's more like "rofl", but well, I am a gentleman and a true gentleman accepts the opinions of other people. IT'S NOT LOL IT'S ROFL!!!
entereloaded (3 years ago)
+TheEiscremeMaster YEYEYEYEYS
TheEiscremeMaster (3 years ago)
Well... Is it really "lol"?
SiberianHat (3 years ago)
That's an awesome filter :D I think this could now be substituted by the new NBT Tag for command blocks, the one that adds a score in an objective for each time a command is successful (i.e if a /testforblocks has 70/100 blocks the same, the score is set to 70). With that you can still run commands in the same tick (:
Starwarswii (3 years ago)
However, as +entereloaded said, that wouldn't be player independent and therefore wouldn't work in infinite multiplayer.
entereloaded (3 years ago)
Oh, no, actually, that way you could only say how many players stand there, but not who stands there ?!!
entereloaded (3 years ago)
Well, pretty much xD
gentlegiantJGC (3 years ago)
that is really cool I had no idea you could do that
Max I Tic9090 (3 years ago)

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