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Today Jen and I our building a room for our house, but who builds the best one? JEN'S CHANNEL - http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! Like my Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Popular... Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos FULL MOD LIST for Epic Proportions Season 9: http://popularmmos.com/challengepackresurrection/ In Season 9 of Minecraft Epic Proportions Jen and I are bring back challenges! Every episode will be competitive and we will do fun challenges against each other and sometimes together! We will build, fight bosses, explore dimensions and much more! Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmere... https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (128478)
crap corp (38 minutes ago)
Henrich Li (2 hours ago)
Nasser Alaqil (3 hours ago)
Pat won
Tahir Teshkeel (4 hours ago)
I like both of your houses. You both are awesome
Keldon Hill (6 hours ago)
DylanV9YTGaming gaming (15 hours ago)
what minecraft version 1.7.10?
Annette Kyeremeh (21 hours ago)
That blue thing was Anima experience
dimend pp (23 hours ago)
Leda Malto (1 day ago)
#Jen Mcdonald sign with blocks around it
Leda Malto (1 day ago)
Marlon Garcia (1 day ago)
Syazwani Iskandar (1 day ago)
i ganna pick pat becouse her house is cool ! :D
ana cruz (1 day ago)
best complation (1 day ago)
Rewaching season9
animelover 27 (1 day ago)
Skyla Jennings (1 day ago)
Jen did better, Pat just added legs to his "sword" house (no offense) 😅
Dan Bilea (1 day ago)
Minnypaws jamaa (2 days ago)
"You're sabatoring me." -Pat, 2k17
Tan Yong Je (2 days ago)
Pat I'm giving a hint if you Are fighting move around and u won
Autumn Spencer-Hoskin (2 days ago)
I like Jen's house.
Kikigaming Pokévids (2 days ago)
Jen’s part
Zoe Paluch (2 days ago)
Orijinal 100% (2 days ago)
I mean I'm a boy but I prefer Jen's house
C S (2 days ago)
I've watch this series like 10 times when is this coming back?!?!
geli agustin (2 days ago)
Add mee
Ryan Burns (2 days ago)
Pats was.better
Unkown Person (2 days ago)
i vote pat
Raffe Chamoun (2 days ago)
plz make another epic poporshion plz'
Raffe Chamoun (2 days ago)
hi im in 2018 add me nextt
Viviane Couto (2 days ago)
žaidadantis karalius (2 days ago)
Pats beter
Radoslava Petrova (2 days ago)
i subscribed please reply
Diana Valentino (3 days ago)
I love you pat
Jeremy Bower (3 days ago)
Zander Driesenga (3 days ago)
PAT WINS!!!!!!!!
Gabriel Palma (3 days ago)
Pat wins . Jen loses
Daniel Hernandez (3 days ago)
Just asking
Daniel Hernandez (3 days ago)
Is this crazy craft 3.0
Yeni Valle (3 days ago)
Go pat
Jake Lennon (3 days ago)
Pat won
Zhon Zhon (3 days ago)
jens is better
giovani Torres (3 days ago)
iy pat in jen iy lovuy
giovani Torres (3 days ago)
iy pet in jen
Jeffrey Griffin (3 days ago)
Rick Bilek (3 days ago)
Your house when you’re done decide that you put the both together so that you could make a very good house because that be really good if you did
rishi miles cruk (4 days ago)
I'm team jen
Naya Hamm (4 days ago)
I like both so you better do it because I like jeans and pants so hey do you want to go because Pats inches is the best I can’t go on one because both of yours are good and jeans thing can be the kitchen and yours and visit your❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ room and pepper pink one pink in your room block so much Jen will have a little dessert pie that’s me
Lindsey Bunting (4 days ago)
Can I be a fans on
minecraft mode (4 days ago)
Creeper Amazing (4 days ago)
I remember waiting for this series and now I’m watching it and it seems so old
Javier Morales (4 days ago)
Jen win inside and out
Kalyn Brown (4 days ago)
You both win
Jack Fairburn (4 days ago)
Roses is red violet is purple I love you so u do
Laurel Eith (4 days ago)
Pat win
Pat is better than jen
Coen Carlsen (4 days ago)
#jen win
AuBrain B (4 days ago)
10:10 I thought Jen said "I found sans"😂
Avery Ware (4 days ago)
jen won
Ain_ maisara11 (5 days ago)
Who's rewatching this in 2018, 2019, 2020?
Me when i played minecraft survival for the 4th time: Me: I NEED NORMAL WOOD TO CRAFT A CRAFTING BENCH? NOOOOO!! BUT IM IN THIS BIOME WHICH DOESENT HAVE NORMAL WOOD!!! AGHHHHHHH CANT WE JUST USE ALL KINDS OF WOOD FOR A CRAFTING TABLE? AHGGGGGGGGGHHH **Turns out I couldn't craft it because i didnt make the wood logs into wood planks yet**
Micaela Orosco (5 days ago)
pat is awesome i think he won
Kayleigh Lecours (5 days ago)
Hi I love you guys soooo muchhhh
John Nelms (5 days ago)
im righting the deaths r.i.p jen from the begging of the ep
hawkinsisaac (5 days ago)
Dixie Beechner (5 days ago)
Nathanial Morris (5 days ago)
I like your videos i like them a lot i
Nathanial Morris (5 days ago)
Love them so much and i am a big fan of pat and jen
Johan Ramadhin (5 days ago)
Imelda Punsalan (5 days ago)
JEN WINS!!!! :)
"Welcome to, The Grand Opening of Jen's McDonalds!!"
BTW, anyone can reply the version!!
What version did you do Epic Proportions on?? And I love your vids!!
ShadowBoy (5 days ago)
Eunice Villegas (5 days ago)
Pat you win
Michele Ayres (6 days ago)
Pat #won
P Sridhar (6 days ago)
Popular emojis get cool cool and mods
P Sridhar (6 days ago)
Jain is so weird
Abi Hepworth (6 days ago)
#jen is da kills.
Janzel Lim (6 days ago)
I think that was close but pat won becuase jen's house is look like a shack pat's house is amazing with the giant sword
Suzanne Bordelon (6 days ago)
Jen for the win
Cadence Satterfield (6 days ago)
Pat's house is the best!
me Gamewin (7 days ago)
when Is  eps10 coming out?
Gustavo Alanis (7 days ago)
You could break the two blocks on the bottom sides
Austin Bauman (7 days ago)
popularmmos won
Ian Ing (7 days ago)
Pat won
Daniel Salazar (7 days ago)
I love you
Ghost Man (7 days ago)
poplarMMOs Wins GG.
Danica McCoy (7 days ago)
Jen is the queen of animals
Rachael McClung (7 days ago)
pat is...derpy
Rachael McClung (7 days ago)
i LOVE pat and jen. Jen is da bomdotcom
Emma Overla (8 days ago)
I subscribed
Kraken Gamer101 (8 days ago)
Watching this for the 10000th time
PurpleShadow ! (8 days ago)
I love jens <3333
Ken Fangirl (8 days ago)
It looks good with wood
Laura Montes (8 days ago)
Pat cool
I re-listened to 20 seconds of the first episode of every season and my heart burst! Season 7 is totally the season when they really purcked up and built their confidence and that building is still going even to this day. I'm so proud of you too, you really have drastically changed.😄💖💗
Daniela Dominguez (8 days ago)
Daniela Dominguez (8 days ago)
am jor #1 fan ai falob yo
develcon gamer (8 days ago)
Hi bois

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