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Freememeskids (2 months ago)
*Like the video and Subscribe for more <3* *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYScLW8Cxh4 *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYScLW8Cxh4 *NEW VIDEO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYScLW8Cxh4
Irma Soto (6 days ago)
Ase más videos
Isacc Sasser (8 days ago)
Freememeskids what is that anime
Will Connell (5 hours ago)
Literally I’m in a tank and ur not
Stam9s 1027 (7 hours ago)
*T pOwEr*
TW Wrestling (8 hours ago)
Garrett Phillips (8 hours ago)
do not be f!cking talkin about west virginia you mother f!cker
PS4 Gamer (8 hours ago)
Wooo rooooo roooooo rooooooo rooooooo roooooo AHHHHHHHHHHHahH
Red And Blue (11 hours ago)
Obunga nigga
BlameMe (12 hours ago)
*Nigga Chin*
Infinity Wolf (13 hours ago)
For the amount of views this channel gets There should be way* more subs <3
Mr. Mew (14 hours ago)
Sarah Prybylski (14 hours ago)
PB &J (15 hours ago)
Katherine Miller (16 hours ago)
Edxon Asiain (17 hours ago)
christian tophen (18 hours ago)
What is the song at 2:49 ?
Diesel The puppy (22 hours ago)
1:47 I died XD
mexgema (1 day ago)
0:02 *_Nice and Gently_*
TheBlueCatGamer92 (1 day ago)
Why do I find the Obunga meme funny yet kinda creepy?
pedro augusto (1 day ago)
minino ney
Karen Page (1 day ago)
You are better than fortnight
J monster (1 day ago)
EmberRBX (1 day ago)
2:59 here you go nightmares
Sįxtęęn (1 day ago)
9:24 song?
100% Trash (1 day ago)
3:34 his laugh made me choke.
Facu (1 day ago)
*uy un gay*
ghgbug 146 (1 day ago)
ghgbug 146 (1 day ago)
3:16 obunga is creepy
Hawt Channel (1 day ago)
6:35 So sad like if you cried
Bad Girl21 (1 day ago)
The Obama face creeped me out, even with the call a duty song In the back ground.😦
100% Trash (1 day ago)
that made it even creepier lmao. I love cod though.
Xx Amberrr xX (1 day ago)
The Dark Wolf Sif (1 day ago)
1:09 name of anime?
yeet man (1 day ago)
2:14 and 4:17 are the same meme you just kept it in there to get to the 10 minute mark cheap fuck
Hudson Allyn (1 day ago)
the stuff of my nightmares 3:03
Wolfy The Warrior (1 day ago)
5:18 song?
Bruno Arcade (2 days ago)
2:55 que homenagem f#d# ( •-•)-b 2:55 what a fu#c##ng homage ( •-•)-b
quest4panic (2 days ago)
Gameboi 13 (2 days ago)
3:35 that laugh tho
outer ink .-. (2 days ago)
3:35 I only put this here so I can rewind it several times
Alajandro Fierro (2 days ago)
3:23 haha
BroFilms (2 days ago)
3:23 video example of the definition of autism
hack it (2 days ago)
😁/ _/ll
Matt_ 69 (2 days ago)
Nate Burkell (2 days ago)
Alpha Gamer (2 days ago)
Musfera Muhammed (2 days ago)
6:50 thats not funny 😐😐😐🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
M3M3S (2 days ago)
When you send a video to your crush and try to act cool.
NSS Extinct (2 days ago)
5:56 meme?
Gamerinho Le Petit (2 days ago)
6:04 is my fav part
박세직 (3 days ago)
jake oneal (3 days ago)
Adding creepy faces and repeating clips is a great way to get dislikes
Bulldog (3 days ago)
Stupid Scrub idiot (3 days ago)
gta 4 6ix 9ine
Bulldog (3 days ago)
Rational America (3 days ago)
Me when I’m in school
Mr. Nick107 (3 days ago)
3:47 lol
Maxim (3 days ago)
Wowa 0:34 cz 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿
yellow bonnie (3 days ago)
6:49 كما اضن أنكم تهينون السعوديه 🌝🔪🔪🔪🔪
kaleub haynes (3 days ago)
Uwe Weigel (3 days ago)
Whats the meme called at 5:55?
God Of Telepathy (3 days ago)
Wtf is with that weird-ass obama pic
ItzAce (4 days ago)
100% Trash (4 days ago)
3:22 I’m going to have nightmares now, thanks.
Gameboi 13 (4 days ago)
2:48-2:53 he's half crab half human
3:48 WR🅾️NG FL🅰️G Nℹ️🅱️🅱️🅰️
Dragan Todic (4 days ago)
Angelo Ponce (4 days ago)
At 3:00 so sary😱😱😱
GamingBlues (5 days ago)
Does anyone know what the static music meme is
Gameboi 13 (5 days ago)
"Do what you gotta do" by Bobby (babyface)
Sponsored by Clorox (5 days ago)
That Obama abomination is a sin
Daniel Martinez (5 days ago)
What is that laugh 3:34
Juan Gama (5 days ago)
Clint The gamer (5 days ago)
Her name is voi for boi
KeshawnCage (5 days ago)
This meme compilation was so funny I did a try not to laugh if I laugh three times I subscribed. But I subscribed anyway
Brayden Figard (5 days ago)
0:19 wasn't expecting that
Diamondcreeper098 (5 days ago)
7:00 man goes woof dog woof's man woof's again but dog says what?
AIDS Official (5 days ago)
Sorry bo1 zombies music to good.
Saturnø (5 days ago)
The last one, IS BRAZILIAN!!!
Mostafa Alaa (5 days ago)
What the name of the song 6:26
Erling Castillo (6 days ago)
Gameboi 13 (6 days ago)
Leonardo Dawhat???
Gameboi 13 (6 days ago)
5:56-6:10 These three are jacked up
Gameboi 13 (6 days ago)
4:23 Again?
Gameboi 13 (6 days ago)
2:22 Try me Female Dog!
Gameboi 13 (6 days ago)
2:42-2:47 Thats how i roll in GTA4
Abby Renee (6 days ago)
0:44 i laughed too hard...
Larson Szulc (6 days ago)
garlick bread (6 days ago)
8:20 the fact the voice for gumball is accurate scares me
Larson Szulc (6 days ago)
poor obama
Rolling Star (6 days ago)
Go to 2:12 and pause the video when you see the elastic girls like my comment
Dachiy (12 hours ago)
Skyler Maywald (1 day ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Merrell _ TDM (3 days ago)
*_L O L_*
Joel Butler (6 days ago)
Obama creepy
slewed7_ Playz (6 days ago)
4:24 that is so my friend
thestyffelife1801 (6 days ago)
DaTBoI123 123 (6 days ago)
7:02 he made a compiling arguement
Uganda Knuckles (6 days ago)
Ugandan knuckles want to be a mean ckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckckc
saiyan boi (6 days ago)
Flipping obunga gives me shivers
sliver daft panda (6 days ago)
gastao do pinto (6 days ago)
A.D Fairhurst (6 days ago)
That girl with the drill needs to either go to school or get a brain

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