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"Fortnite Season 4 Battle pass" Release Date (When Does Season 3 End & Season 4 Start)

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When you will need you v-bucks to purchase the season 4 battle pass on release date
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Text Comments (116)
The Golden kai (3 months ago)
I’m sad cause I didint buy season 3 battle pass cause in season 3 didint know what a battle pass was XD
Dumb Rat (4 months ago)
How low is your sensitivity
The dragons (5 months ago)
1:09 10 seconds of just fucking air
iLLuZioNzz Nick (5 months ago)
This video is so shitty
VeNoM Qwerty (5 months ago)
Congrats on 30000 subs
-TragiicK1llz- - (5 months ago)
I just bought the battle pass.... im tier 37 WTF.
Nemanja Obrenkovic (5 months ago)
can somebody just tell when the fuck season start i cant watch this autistic video ?
Charlotte Maxwell (5 months ago)
HMMMM interesting ...
Taye Walls (5 months ago)
Great vid
Jackson Pelt (5 months ago)
The audio is jacked
Eddie Ortega (5 months ago)
"13 days at the time of this video" bruh Season 3 is ending today at the time of me typing this comment! I just spent HOURS grinding for that "sweet" High Octane glider for the 5 Tier 100 challenges!! Just in time for Season 4 today! I can finally sleep..
oii m8 it's meh (5 months ago)
Eddie Ortega that glider was easy to get, but the John Wick was so many hours of my life wasted
Eddie Ortega Thanks For The News :)
REALS GAMING (5 months ago)
They should make a revive grenade...
Earie (5 months ago)
are the vbucks is gonne be gone ?
Asdbalint0944 (5 months ago)
BaaR nah
Chris Chi (5 months ago)
do you have ps4 pro
M 0 5 (5 months ago)
seal the real deal (5 months ago)
there a timer on the battle pass
Markazzz (5 months ago)
i hope in season 4 100 tier will be raven skin
Markazzz (5 months ago)
MISO HUNGRY (5 months ago)
Markazzz i dont fully understand what you meant, but whatever you did, sorry, ty, or your welcome
Markazzz (5 months ago)
oh k i know why you texting me
MISO HUNGRY (5 months ago)
Markazzz that isnt gonna happen, shop items arent allowed in battlepass
-TragiicK1llz- - (5 months ago)
SkywardduckGaming 3587 SHUT UP
peasen. (6 months ago)
Guys im planning to buy the battle pass season 3 right now . Am i going to be able to cmplete previous challenges like challenges from the week 1 or so ? Or only current challenges ?
peasen. (6 months ago)
Yes, i do have 1400 V bucks
Intimidqtion (6 months ago)
peasen. Hopefully you have money for season 4 Lmao, I have 1000 V BUCKS waiting for season 4
peasen. (6 months ago)
Update : i bought it on Friday at 1:00 PM and i was at tier 51 at that time. I just finished the battle pass the next day at 10:00 PM. So i completed it in 34 hours (including sleep, gym etc. i didn´t game all day long )
Intimidqtion (6 months ago)
DarkBlackFaZ LMAO IN TWO WEEKS? I got tier 100 and I was at 30 in like 2 weeks
DarkBlackFaZ (6 months ago)
Yea buy it cause in 2 weeks I got like 63 teirs
Sea Of Retards (6 months ago)
I think it will be more a kind of post apocalyptic theme after all the meteors hit the map
Kitty Productions (6 months ago)
that dramatic pause though 1:09 - 1:19
Minicat (6 months ago)
I got 1000 vbucks and how much vbucks will the season 4 battle pass cost?
Angel Fajardo (5 months ago)
LeBron James the same as season 3 950 or 1200
Cr 7 (5 months ago)
I got 2k vbux
SkywardduckGaming 3587 (5 months ago)
950 retard
Minicat (5 months ago)
-Magi- SunnyAxloth (5 months ago)
950 vbucks
Kason Mclemore (6 months ago)
What happened to the metior
oii m8 it's meh (5 months ago)
Kason Mclemore it's gotten bigger
I hope in season 4 all the new skins will be in it
Angel Fajardo bitch i aint no kid boi
-TragiicK1llz- - (5 months ago)
Angel Fajardo stfu nigga
Angel Fajardo (5 months ago)
No shit kid
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner they won’t trust me
TG YoungLad (6 months ago)
A caveman would be a sick skin
Travesty (6 months ago)
The paus tho
Kifaa Tv (6 months ago)
You became a like
Jake Velez (6 months ago)
Kifaa Tv what
Kifaa Tv (6 months ago)
You are a good youtuber
SpaceTroll (6 months ago)
your voice record is fucked up man ps. love your vids:)
RawRaw 67 (6 months ago)
GG https://youtu.be/MbYMjUiLOtI like please 😃
EFUNS (6 months ago)
When does season 3 end
Intimidqtion (6 months ago)
April 30th, 2018
Chris Adams (6 months ago)
EFUNS 13 days
Jorge Q (6 months ago)
Literally just bought the battle pass not knowing I had only 2 weeks left🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Jorge Q (5 months ago)
Unexpectation - Minecraft yea bro it wasn't that hard I was able to get up too 97 and I just went ahead and bought the last 3 because I didn't think I was gonna have time to complete the challenges for the glider🤦‍♂️
Jorge Q (5 months ago)
Jason dp 150v bucks
Jorge Q (5 months ago)
Gaming KnockeR damn how so🤔 my little brother is able to play multiplayer in ps4 even without psn subscription sounds crazy but I seen it he has never had a psn account and he is able to play battle Royale🤷‍♂️
Jorge Q (5 months ago)
Update I just got John wick and the glider💪🔥🔥 had to buy 3 tiers tho🤷‍♂️
The dragons (5 months ago)
Mike-Lyon (6 months ago)
Last day we see tilted :(
Brayden Tilley (5 months ago)
It will be dusty depot getting hit so epic have tons of room for renovation and for new places to the map
COOLGAMINGSHOW (5 months ago)
William Tazer well someone found the same meteor under tilted towers... 1 day left
William Tate vids (5 months ago)
COOLGAMINGSHOW yeah or dusty or lucky I hope it’s tilted tho
COOLGAMINGSHOW (5 months ago)
William Tazer i will go tomorrow
William Tate vids (5 months ago)
Mike-Lyon it’s still there m8
SUPERIOR2good (6 months ago)

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