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The GUN GAME *CHALLENGE* In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Fortnite Battle Royale but you can't use the same gun twice! ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (2361)
Trego Cody (8 hours ago)
Power Squad (1 day ago)
I am from the future the meteor didn’t hit tilted ha
Jacob Riege (1 day ago)
Snipers only just for you
MegaArch73 _playz (2 days ago)
Jamie Barrett (3 days ago)
There a reason why you don't stream. It's because you suck
Rach Campbell (3 days ago)
Scar is an ar numpty
Gavin Herrington (3 days ago)
Get out of my game
Minion _0731 (3 days ago)
Love it
CB GAMING /VLOGS (3 days ago)
W.P Photography (4 days ago)
Gun game Aka no Sheild game
Rigo Wesner (4 days ago)
you used a sniper twice.........?!
Samuel Hernandez (5 days ago)
I got in truble for watching ur vid in school but it was worth it
Mario Zuniga Lopez (6 days ago)
ROBLOX OOF sound 😂
illy Jo (6 days ago)
Zocardi (6 days ago)
tf how do you have the crossbow in april 27 it was removed when april starting
Maddox Moleski (6 days ago)
I swear I saw someone shoot me *shoots kid in the head with a semi* Semi’s done🤣
DixonJ712 (6 days ago)
Remember when crossbows we’re still in the game?
Big Si Nor (6 days ago)
Your selling yourself short mate, it's ''The Gun Game Challenge with no Med's Version'' Top Game Play!
Callum Richardson (6 days ago)
1 better than ninja
Donutz 7 (7 days ago)
No guns and no grenades you can use traps
R Dawg beast mode (7 days ago)
Do a challenge with a common revolver only
Toy Talk (7 days ago)
11: 21 Get out of my game Just, get out Get out
Blake Stejskal (7 days ago)
Copied ceeday
Huy Pham (7 days ago)
No meds challenge
Ace Ward (7 days ago)
Love your vide
mrs. snatch yo weave (7 days ago)
two bullet challenge- you have to get a kill with two bullets only
Cryptic Craze (7 days ago)
Love this challenge
MrJojoRoxx (7 days ago)
Hard Challenge: Win the game without taking any damage! :)
TOMMY K (8 days ago)
Sharkman4life Logang (8 days ago)
Bush challenge where u hide in a bush and try to win AKA No kill challenge
Mason Benfatti (8 days ago)
Magne Selliås (8 days ago)
C😋😋l video
DGM Games (8 days ago)
How does he have a crossbow I thought it was gone 1-2 months ago
Alex Xin (8 days ago)
Oof !!
Boikevin Villa (8 days ago)
Your gay
Freddie Brown (8 days ago)
He used 2 green ars and 2 semi snipers
Spencer Canges (8 days ago)
Git gud queer
GoOfFy DUDE (9 days ago)
Lachlan is God at Fornite ( then becomes the new Ninja)
jelly army (9 days ago)
XxMorning_MoonxX (9 days ago)
Still waiting for Roblox and Fortnite to collab! 😂
Jalbeelee 5 (9 days ago)
Ethan Tiger (10 days ago)
Challenge: You can only take one item from each town (including meds) you can take anything outside of town and from kills. Get 10 kills and a win
Taco Plays (10 days ago)
Lachlan I challenge you to do only one gun pick challenge so you pick a gun but you have to be smart you can’t switch guns so same gun the whole game and no you can’t switch for different levels
anee0053 (10 days ago)
No building challenge / no mats
Hugosan3000 Mayers (10 days ago)
The scar and the assault rifle are the same thing seriously the scar is called “assault rifle”
LuckyBuckets (10 days ago)
The no med challenge
Gianna Number one (10 days ago)
You should do this challenge again it is so fun to watch
Hamad Enezi (11 days ago)
You used the hunting rifle 2times
I got a fortnite add XDDD
Box Man (11 days ago)
double pump and triple and just pump are 3 different types of guns *wink wink*
nemo 206 (11 days ago)
well done Lachy Dachy
{Danny_boy07} Gaming (12 days ago)
SCAR= Super Cool Assault Rifle XD
scott z (12 days ago)
oh my, how noob are you lachnub. You don't have the right to call someone better than you a noob, you noob
Sergio Placencia (12 days ago)
how did he get a crossbow and a comit hit in season 4 he published this 2 weeks ago how?
demoslug (13 days ago)
No healables challenge only shields and guns
David Kendall (13 days ago)
the thumbnail does not go with the challenge -_-
Charlie The Main 02 (13 days ago)
trap kills only grenades allowed though
AnesG123 Gamer (14 days ago)
Do a challenge only with grey stuff so that means that you can’t even use the chug jug,the shield potions and the med kit if I’m right
Thunder (14 days ago)
I’m giving a ps4,pc, and Xbox to anyone that subs and watches my last vid
William Horton (14 days ago)
Where are you actually from
Nicksterv Hater (15 days ago)
U said no meds out hear when u had a med
Shane Jensen (15 days ago)
Shotgun only challenge
ShLd Clan (16 days ago)
Used heavy teice lol
bruno Filipe (16 days ago)
Usually in a gun game the final guns are the worst xd Anyway that would be way to hard to accomplish xd Nice video as always
Jeremy Samoyedny (17 days ago)
My favorite thing that lachlan says "GET OUT OF MY GAME DUDE"
Pestlence _wrath (17 days ago)
No house challenge please
Avery Laine (17 days ago)
how do you make the gun shadow glow when the gun is on the ground
Jonas Rajagopal (17 days ago)
No building challenge
crayolaph (17 days ago)
I remember the og craftbattleduty😭
the swagest sushi (17 days ago)
Do the no sound challenge in fortnite
Tanner Vlogs/plays (18 days ago)
You got this from ceeday
Harry Scott (18 days ago)
Do legendary 5 kills epic 4 rare 3 uncommon 2 common 1 kill
Fedora porg Star Wars (18 days ago)
More vids plz!
Samantha Stefanac (18 days ago)
Trap only challenge
Micah Jake (18 days ago)
Pc is lame I play ps4 300 dollars
Retro Birdwell (18 days ago)
U didn't get 10 kills tho
NegetiveGaming (18 days ago)
A scar is just an epic or legendary assult rifle it says assult rifle when u pick it up
Max Landon (19 days ago)
Season 4 anyone?
Hunter Kniffen (19 days ago)
He killed someone with a bolt action sniper two times
Kaden Guillory (19 days ago)
He used the sniper twice
Austin Callihan (19 days ago)
Click bait
Lewis Munn (20 days ago)
do the blind folded challenge its when you land somewhere but you are blind folded and you have play from there without blindfolded
The Mellow Marble (20 days ago)
If you had killed yourself, you would have gotten 10 kills
Hondo 1018 (20 days ago)
“How the hell is people die that quick?” -Lachlan 2018
Jaime Lyn (20 days ago)
No shield potions challenge
Janet Doyle (20 days ago)
No kills Challenge
Elizabeth Allison (20 days ago)
Pop a doddeldo
A Robloxian (20 days ago)
I wike the offf death sound
G.C Tramping (20 days ago)
Lachlan is the best
zadiaks90 (21 days ago)
Show stats
Harry Murphy (21 days ago)
Ur not Bobby bojangles
brandon doge (21 days ago)
scar is still a.r. just different looks
MARUF SAKI (21 days ago)
Lachclan plese friend me in fortnite because I suck at fortnite please play duos with me and teach me how to be good at fortnite I watched alot of videos that says how to be good at fortnite but it still does not help me my fortnite username is mhtoki no capitals
Jack Harding (21 days ago)
U copied ali a
Harry Murphy (21 days ago)
Jack Harding and Ali a copied bobby bojangles
Nacho Quilantan (22 days ago)
Last weapon pikaxe
Jellyman 268 (22 days ago)
Sup guys
IQLukepop (22 days ago)
Eddie and Tom (22 days ago)
did no one see that loot llama before final fight
aidangramp (22 days ago)
scar is same as ar

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