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Minecraft Mini-Game : THE MURDER GAME!

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FOUR BYSTANDERS AND ONE MURDERER! TRY AND DISCOVER WHO THE MURDERER IS BEFORE HE MURDERS EVERYONE! Friends Channels! http://www.youtube.com/user/craftygarrett http://www.youtube.com/user/antvenom http://www.youtube.com/user/okwardindustries http://www.youtube.com/user/raginghouse Follow me on twitter and instagram and Facebook! http://instagram.com/skydoesstuff https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesMinecraf http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Music Used NoiseStorm - Airwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9VeneffTM NoiseStorm - Renegade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjOeSzktwJs Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - http://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Save 5% Off on CYBERPOWERPC systems powered by Intel Core Processors over $1,299 with coupon code “SKY” http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/landingpages/Intel/i7/
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Text Comments (9099)
Duck Paul (7 days ago)
I tried 🙁☹️
Noches Zeman (20 days ago)
Wish you still did minecraft like this.
Rhino The pro (1 month ago)
aopoop (3 months ago)
The premier of Ross face
Derpy Everything (3 months ago)
It makes me sad to watch this he is under depression and it makes me sad
Rock (3 months ago)
Sky's the murderer and Ross kills him lol
abs (3 months ago)
Rosa Lopez (3 months ago)
Is Ross a narwhal
RGS TheBadGamer (3 months ago)
Slap that like button with your nose! Me: Uh... alright... *hits my nose as hard again the like button*
Shadow Bloc XE (3 months ago)
I just realized it is on the Adam account
tameka vandermolen (3 months ago)
Sky is really gizzy gazza
GABRIEL CALAYAG (3 months ago)
Mazcraft (5 months ago)
"Who turned out the lights?! Good for camouflage..."-Okward 2014
Skydoesminecraft and they were not respectful
Jonathan martinez (5 months ago)
I try to like with my nose did I not work
Hawaiian Sloth (6 months ago)
Okwards joke was hilarious “someone turned out the lights it’s good for camouflage”
LeJack Tessea (6 months ago)
I actually slapped it with my nose XD
April Garcia (6 months ago)
At 5:32 Adam: Who is the murder ...Ross: Ay.... Never mind
Optimistic Kadyn (6 months ago)
Watchin this in 2017
Weird Gang (6 months ago)
Type in I <3 SkyDoesMineCraft with your eyes closed I <4? Skusissmimssxdadf Lol
Maria Aguilar (6 months ago)
I did it
BioShock FTW (6 months ago)
Garret: I think if you use your gun you lose it so use it wisely *Sky shoots Ross*
Rendra Bro (6 months ago)
E85rxi qu r 6k
Rendra Bro (6 months ago)
Rebecca Romano (6 months ago)
south park !!................the bartly brothers 😵
Rare321 Gaming (7 months ago)
I like this kind of murder i think
Indayah Scales (7 months ago)
I used my nose to hit the like button ! 😆😆😆😆
Midknightraz32 (7 months ago)
7:51 my favorite part
Kayleigh Everett (7 months ago)
Sky and ant are twinning the same necklace
LolliPopGum Plushie (7 months ago)
Lol Just lol
Luzu _____ (7 months ago)
Btw sky ant killed you
Piper Woodard (7 months ago)
Mithross(jk I love annoying people) (typed with nose) skydoesminecraft
Zachary King (7 months ago)
I legit hit the like button with my nose
striker456 gaming (8 months ago)
I slapped it with my nose
Endboygamer 915 (8 months ago)
I slapped the like button with my nose
Dallasthekid05 Gaming (8 months ago)
My only friend is youtube not even my family
Dallasthekid05 Gaming (8 months ago)
Is my friend
Charlie-Ann Goodridge (8 months ago)
Sky I slapped the like button with my ear lol
BigboiBlueRayVHS (8 months ago)
Yang Xlaolong (9 months ago)
Rip sky
Alexa Krznaric (9 months ago)
three years later and I'm still dying laughing at these videos
Myathekid Studios (9 months ago)
After all these years I finally understood what Owkward said about the dark and camouflage. Omg I'm Dead XD😂😂
ADNAN AAMIR (9 months ago)
How is watching this in 2019
Foxlord (9 months ago)
I remember I watched this on I pod touch, and I pressed the like with my nose.
Robert Burchfield (9 months ago)
I slap the the like button with my nose and it hurts
Meh (10 months ago)
Erm... what happens if I accidently hit the wrong button with my nose?...
DarrenDJW 7 (10 months ago)
I actually touched the like button with my nose
Dallas Lovie (10 months ago)
I actually hit the like button with my nose
Waffle Mike (10 months ago)
awsome vid
Lokked Raven (10 months ago)
Who else actually hit the like button with there nose
Janet Rivera (10 months ago)
Hey Its Fox (10 months ago)
I spent ten minutes trying too slap the like with my nose
Skytiger (10 months ago)
i love how sky was like never the murderer XD (wrote that with my nose)
BTS Jams (10 months ago)
I hit my nose so hard I think there's gonna be a really big bruise 😂😂😂
ChatMod MAX (11 months ago)
ip server
PsychoGaming l (11 months ago)
this,video is 3 years old and its funny
Tomato Juice (11 months ago)
I actually slapped with my nose...broke my nose
Brennon Hotchkiss (11 months ago)
rusty is that you I thought you were forced to make samwichis for all eternity
- Hanji - (11 months ago)
My nose is bleeding now.
Thyme Magnetic (11 months ago)
anyone else actually slap the like button with your nose
Phoenix fenton (11 months ago)
Sky does Minecraft
Gary Reisinger (11 months ago)
7:55 never gets old :D
welcome to 12 mins of adams screaming
Jesse Coppock (11 months ago)
I clicked the like button with my nose.
Genevieve Lily Valkrum (11 months ago)
Wait! I have a question! How do you smack the like button if you're on a laptop? I know that you could do it on a phone, tablet or iPad.
Emma Johnson (1 year ago)
I licked the like button is that ok
Gene Sutton (1 year ago)
its been almost 3 years since this vid went up
NarWhal_657 (1 year ago)
I actually slap the like button with my nose no joke
AwesomeEdds World (1 year ago)
I did I slap it with my nose LOL XD
hawo ali (1 year ago)
At 0:26 pause WHAT HAPPEN TO ROSS!?! :0 wait......................did you guys leave him in his natural habitat again!?! =_=you guys ugh *sigh* love you guys :)
hawo ali (1 year ago)
Skyla Drew (1 year ago)
what is this on?
Zahid Felix (1 year ago)
I don't know how but I smack the like button with my nose
pinkeyesthepheonix :3 (1 year ago)
SkyDoesMineCraft! I have so much commitment! I write this for you with my nose!!!
Cory Gray (1 year ago)
Super alFtzfhakisticexoiskadoscis
none (1 year ago)
hey antvenom i think i say u on memyself and pie's chanel...
Aaron Bogner (1 year ago)
Aaron Bogner (1 year ago)
TheVelvetClub (1 year ago)
Ashley Sammons (1 year ago)
I acutely pressed the like button with my nose
Rebecca Closson (1 year ago)
I actually just unclicked like so that I could smash my nose into it......this is the life I freaking live now. Great.
Fluffy Bunz (1 year ago)
I miss ross
victoria drejer (1 year ago)
So this was written with my nose...
Ralkey (1 year ago)
alexander urgiles (1 year ago)
I did it
Kat Games X (1 year ago)
Mariah Fauolo (1 year ago)
tanya thorpe (1 year ago)
(Nadia) le unsubs everyone else except adam
tanya thorpe (1 year ago)
My nose hurts now Adam... (from Nadia)
Averi Lindberg (1 year ago)
Maia Tongue (1 year ago)
I slapped he like button!!! (with my nose!!!)
Trevon Senteno (1 year ago)
I am on mobile and touched the like button with my nose. 👃
i slaped disliked with my nose by accident
Nightmare Heather (1 year ago)
I'm Still watching this over and over again since 2014 up to MY present time...Meaning 2017! ^-^
PuLse B3asT (1 year ago)
The old days :(
Jolly Badger (1 year ago)
4:00 I JUST got that joke XD
Ben Baillie (1 year ago)
I did it with my nose
IPlayOP2 Gaming (1 year ago)
Goldencam 99 (1 year ago)
I can't it won't work
Madisyn Duet (1 year ago)
(Ross) Hi am a Drug Attic for two months
Colesome diy (1 year ago)
i slaped the like butten with my nose
good bye (1 year ago)
7:56 lol
maddie (1 year ago)
skyudoesminecraf t i tries

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