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[UPDATED] Attributes and Modifiers MCEdit Filter - Minecraft 1.6

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My self-coded MCEdit filter to apply Attributes and Modifiers to Items. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/view/nm1e09ejg156w6t/CPAttributes.py
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Text Comments (155)
Tejdxa Xu (1 year ago)
how to update it i downloaded the file but my filters aren't updating its still in add potion effects to mobs
Stanley Jones (2 years ago)
how TF do I get the add attribute to item filter O_O!
BlazeKiller (2 years ago)
How do you add the attribute folder to mcedit?
Patrick John Avila (2 years ago)
will this work in multiplayer?
Syn (2 years ago)
can u make a video on how to install it for pc
Syn (2 years ago)
this dosnt work
Quinten MC (1 year ago)
thinking the same
Dat Epic Fish (3 years ago)
It does not affect my minecraft. Items will not somehow receive these tags
Liskmer [GD] (3 years ago)
if you do 0.2 it can go super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fast
City Kitty13 (3 years ago)
How do you do this in NBT explorer?
City Kitty13 (3 years ago)
yeah thats why i wanted to know if you know how to do any?
Kami (3 years ago)
+Loveliest word5 Umm ok thats hard
City Kitty13 (3 years ago)
i know but i trying to get custom attributes ! on xbox 
Kami (3 years ago)
Its called mcedit
Vladimir Delta (3 years ago)
Really Really cool I love all these filters for customizing items and mobs. It helps with map making a lot. Giving a zombie +20 health and full diamond... Crude, very crude >:) (i'm not a mapmaker but vechs will like this kind of stuff)
xDyl (3 years ago)
Help! When I downloaded the .py file and put it into filters it did NOTHING McEdit Launched and nothing changed.
Aiden Cal (3 years ago)
in the filters click on the Filtets button! Then it will open the folder, drag and drop the .py into the folder and reloade it! Then you have it! Hope this helped
Harrison Le (3 years ago)
How to add the Attributes and Modifiers to McEdit?
Ceres-22 (3 years ago)
Thanks Thanks Thanks, finally i found one that works :D
A Sly Fox (3 years ago)
the filters are different on my version 
Spotlightsrule (3 years ago)
OMG! Thanks so much!
Sir_Alonnstein (4 years ago)
is it possible to use is on a server?
LiamFireball (4 years ago)
Can you add the attackRange attribute?
Luís Sousa (4 years ago)
I can't download D:
Insert-Bacon-Here (4 years ago)
I wish this worked.
CreatorCraftMC (2 years ago)
it takes a while cus it needs to create another file, it works :)
RazzleberryJam (3 years ago)
+Richard Hossen what is the problem? Installation? or download? If its the download, I may be able to re-host the dl in a zipped format temporary and then remove it once you have it. 
Insert-Bacon-Here (3 years ago)
No it does not. I am not the only one who could not make this work.
RazzleberryJam (3 years ago)
it does work.
Vicenta Erickson (4 years ago)
Can you teach me to how it shows Up? i open the folder and its not in my filters
Gems4Ever (3 years ago)
Download it 
Vince Kellam (4 years ago)
Creg (4 years ago)
AWESOME!! Really good for my adventure map's class system!
Dyran Wavimodier (4 years ago)
+1 subscriber, thanks for the explainations!
bradley t (4 years ago)
Not working I tried it, I downloaded the link, and yet it wont work
Dedinside16 (4 years ago)
thnx, really appreciated! you've just earned a subscriber!;)
Geometry Dash - Aronia (4 years ago)
Download Link Here If You Cant Find It: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nm1e09ejg156w6t/CPAttributes.py
LetsPlay1Adventures (4 years ago)
nvm the 2 coments but dude umm how do i download the filters ? its just opening with notepad
ThePizza66 (3 years ago)
Right Click on it and click Open with.. and choose a different program other than notepad.
LetsPlay1Adventures (4 years ago)
it dont work for me :( do new vid please
LetsPlay1Adventures (4 years ago)
epicface16dude (4 years ago)
It crashes everytime i mouse over the item. Is there a way to fix that???
Mr Penguin (4 years ago)
Thx my game crashed on the last one l:
Cocheese898 (4 years ago)
Thank you very much. I tried using sethbling's filter but all it did is crash my game whenever i scrolled over the item. good work! 
deleted (4 years ago)
That probably happened because you added too many attributes. If you do that, the game crashes.
Dedinside16 (4 years ago)
same here
Andrew Schlanger (4 years ago)
i treid sethblings filter, it sucked yours is way better!
aym90fr (4 years ago)
thank you soo much
mrnerdguy1 (4 years ago)
My game just crashes :(
ilikeyoshi (4 years ago)
AWESOME!!! I've been looking for something that works—I struggled so much with squirtdude's attribute filter. This one is so much easier for me to understand, and works! Thank you SOOO much! I'd +like it ten times if I could! :D
Rowan Wei (4 years ago)
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
Nope. Would be cool, though :D
RebelWolf8U (4 years ago)
Hey just wondering if that diamond sword heals considering it has negative attack damage?
Almaz Akhmerov (4 years ago)
It isn't true your voice is nice! Btw video is awesome too!
Jonerico (4 years ago)
Thanks man, helped a lot! :D
THAMER GAMES (4 years ago)
انا عربي كم انا كبير هههههههههههههههههه
mickadude (4 years ago)
Just a small tip to people wondering, the default minecraft attributes on swords are coded in a way that if you add an attribute, it overwrites their default ones, so that -5 attack damage actually was -5 damage with the sword instead of a (7-5=2) 2 attack damage. Just thought it was worth mentioning.
Kawaii Potato (4 years ago)
Your videos are AWESOME!
ZekRamU Page (4 years ago)
is there one for jump boost
spdieralien (4 years ago)
I've gotten the filter and did it but whenever I put my cursor over the item my Minecraft crashes.
ThatOneGuyTOG (4 years ago)
I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong and not realizing it, but it crashes my game when I reload the world. I've been trying to do this with NBTedit also, but to no avail. Please get back to me ASAP. thanks!
Cru_Sader (4 years ago)
TheGreasyGamer (4 years ago)
Great video :D
Deathreus (4 years ago)
I noticed the speed attribute doesn't actually increase speed at all, just changes fov, just like -10000% speed for the zooming stick, you shouldn't even be able to move, but you do
Pokeluigimon49364 (4 years ago)
Thank you so much! Been looking for a working attribute filter, and I luckily found this video. Sethbling's filter doesn't work. Why don't you have atleast 10000 subscribers? :P
IIsan (4 years ago)
;D thx
Nicolas Napetschnig (4 years ago)
Kannste das Progamming für MCEdit mal auf deutsch machen? :D
Sebas Romero (4 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your filter is actually working, unlike sethblings filter! xD
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
please shut up, or you will be blocked
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
No nice comment
Patrick Staab (4 years ago)
its a very good idea, sethbling's version dosen't even work!
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
High5LPs (4 years ago)
Also bist du Deutscher ?
Lil Marco (4 years ago)
strange, i had that prob with sethblings but never with this one
Lil Marco (4 years ago)
it will reduce the range at which a mob will notice/ follow you. So you know ho the new zombie follow range is about 40 blocks.well deduct 70% from that and tht paticular zombie with tht effect will only notice you from 12 blocks away unstead of 40. i think the notice range for all other mobs is 16 blocks, so you do the math
_Collision_ (4 years ago)
What happens if I have -70% Mob follow range? what does it do?
JALLASNOW (4 years ago)
Irgentwie wird man nicht schneller oder langsamer oder?
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
Use my filter and it works :O
Avana (4 years ago)
what?!?!? cant i use sethblings filter? why? lol i am using it and my minecraft crashing all the time -.- reply plz
Avana (4 years ago)
I can download it but when i put a effect on something minecraft chrashes plz help me
Raydude1010 (4 years ago)
Ty this vid really helps!
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
Ich finde mein Englisch auch echt kosmisch.
High5LPs (4 years ago)
Kann es sein das du ein deutscher bist ? Denn du hast ein kosmisches englisch xD
doubledee8100 (4 years ago)
it didn't work for me
pr0xii (4 years ago)
ForestFires1000 (4 years ago)
Overlords Bloodmail= Vanilla QuantumSuit
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Lawl, it works with mine, too^^
blacksmith5219 (5 years ago)
how do you do it withoutcrashing then???
jacob mitchell (5 years ago)
is there slowness?
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
No... You just type in -100 instead of 100
Lil Marco (5 years ago)
Sir your a genius this works better than sethblings and sethblings doesn't work cuz when you put your cursor over a filtered item it crashes mc but yours works so you've earned a subscriber and I hope to see more
Cpt_Anope (5 years ago)
thanks man! BEST CODER EVER!!!!! i am serious when i tried to use sethbling's it crashed but yours didnt crash
Space Core (5 years ago)
I don't actually speak german. I went to google translate.
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Yes, there aren't more unfortunately.
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Du musst die .py-Datei einfach in den "filters"-Ordner im MCEdit-Ordner ziehen...
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
I can't add more effects because still Mojang has to add them.
Space Core (5 years ago)
Ich kann es nicht tun, weil ich Sethbling-Version ausprobiert und ich öffnete sie in Notepad, so dass die. Py Ordner immer in Notepad jetzt zu öffnen. HILF MIR!
Space Core (5 years ago)
Yeah because these arent many
Emk Mage (5 years ago)
Can you add more effects? Like jump boost, knockback, and strength?
THEslowBUILDS (5 years ago)
merc - (5 years ago)
You just earned yourself a subscriber. Thank you!
The Holy Honeydew (5 years ago)
how do i install filters?
TheDenaton (5 years ago)
Are those the only Attributes that was added? Was hoping for more...
jzTechReview (5 years ago)
Set lings filter didn't even work but yours did! :-)
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Hast du ihn neu runtergeladen? Ich hab ihn vor ner Weile schon erneuert.
Revolzio (5 years ago)
Bei ging es gestern nich.
SmileyFace2U (5 years ago)
You look like you get knocked back more because of the fov XD
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Jawoll, grade getestet.
Revolzio (5 years ago)
Geht es für die Minecraft 1.6 Pre-Release
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Works now
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
Working now.
CrushedPixel (5 years ago)
I tested out if it was working without UUIDMost and UUIDLeast... In 13w21a it did, but I updated it right now.
Tintent0 (5 years ago)
Hey, it seems that your filter forgets to add UUID Most and UUID Least. According to Dinnerbone, that's why it's not working.

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