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I WON SOLO vs SQUADS on the NEW BLITZ MODE (1v4 fortnite)

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Thank you for watching please leave a like on the video and subscribe if you haven't already! If you're on xbox join my club (Cg Communityy) Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SStOngTCido&t=125s
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Text Comments (2452)
Ceeday (7 months ago)
March 27th
Dat kool Pig (11 days ago)
Ooo March 27th is my birthday
Abdi Yahye (18 days ago)
Ceeday fak arbigi
Buff_bandit (21 days ago)
realmika :D when I’m watching this... he is a 4.2 million. :) still love Ceeday
ItsyourBoi J (22 days ago)
Ceeday your doo
YaBoi ASRIEL (26 days ago)
Ceeday your my daddy
Blah (15 hours ago)
Cessation is the best fortnite player ever
Adan Nguyen (1 day ago)
I’m from the future and pickaxes do 20 damage now
Camilla Scharrer (2 days ago)
How easy is it to get a rocket launcher in this mode??
Kingkong Khaira (2 days ago)
I won solo squads on creative destruction (crappy rip off of fortnite)
Adrianne Melby (2 days ago)
He missed the blue AR 9:00
prestigezoned (5 days ago)
Retro Squad Gaming (5 days ago)
6:22 super sayain
Bytah (8 days ago)
Re released
Titan Thompson (10 days ago)
Where’s Raptor
Allekkz (11 days ago)
Ahh season 3 when no one jumped with shotguns
Tacolypse Apocalypse (12 days ago)
This vid was made before first shot accuracy
brandon jjj (12 days ago)
hi will
Giovanni Bazan 44 (13 days ago)
Ceeday: let's fight this like men. PROCEEDS TO PULL OUT AN RPG. 😂
The Five-headed Viking (13 days ago)
“I don’t like shotguns but... this gamemode” Wut
Noahcruzgaming Fpaan (13 days ago)
1:05 lol
Leo Cooper (14 days ago)
2:47 he says JOOGIE BOMB Lol
Ranger TheGamer (14 days ago)
Fucking bush wookie
James Coupland (14 days ago)
A added you
chunky monkeyYT (14 days ago)
Anyone here after skull trooper became a default
reda hafez (15 days ago)
5:38 that supply drop was losing her virginity while im playing fortnite
Jonathan Perez (16 days ago)
Big Body Ghost (16 days ago)
I was the rustlord default dancing with the default
The Broken (17 days ago)
the mummy part killed me
JaxBlueBlade (17 days ago)
When do i get into these lobbies?Never. When do i get into Sweaty lobbies?Always.
Dogo Rodo (18 days ago)
3:28 Do you play overwatch??
Sracula語 (19 days ago)
Who else watching this season 6?
jesse ; (19 days ago)
Ceeday use to be good hes so ass now bru😔
OsCaR134_YT Nebulous (19 days ago)
Who else is watchig this on season 69
endergamer 0412 (19 days ago)
Let's settle this like men *uses rpg at close range* hmmm
Scott Happy (20 days ago)
Pug (17 days ago)
Scott Happy lol wtf is a tactical you weeb go kys you little piece of absolute piece of fucking utter garbage
Scott Happy (18 days ago)
+MsD Punani because some people here are normies and i dont need ppl saying "lol wtf is a tact you weeb go fucking kys you little peice of absolute piece of fucking utter garbage
MsD Punani (18 days ago)
why the fuck u say tactical just say tac fucking normie
AwesomeMonkey 992 (20 days ago)
Anyone watching old videos cause ceeday never posts? Except for ceeweek of course
Cmoso nskld (20 days ago)
night night bitch
KillerWolf316 (20 days ago)
How come I haven't seen this video
Basic productionzz (20 days ago)
When fortnite was actually fun
Rainbitz (21 days ago)
8:01 Rainbow
Mobile Gamer (21 days ago)
Who’s been watching before one mil
El Remolino (21 days ago)
sugneA (22 days ago)
You deserve more subs
CrcTx (22 days ago)
Crystal Games (22 days ago)
i have lag so everything is 2 fps
Lamar Harrison (22 days ago)
Like ceedays video and I'll add you to one of his videos Jk Butt still like it it won't hurt anyone
Loquaser (23 days ago)
Not even joking.... This is how i got my first win xept it was 2v4 not 1v4 :P
Joesph _GG_ (23 days ago)
What is the background music?
Gavin Crouch (23 days ago)
That skull trooper doodoo
MORE BUTTONS (23 days ago)
5:56 blue rpg!?
MORE BUTTONS (19 days ago)
I only knew how to ready up in solos because I didn’t know you could change it
MORE BUTTONS (19 days ago)
Started end of season 2 but I was such a noob
Biraven Udayakumar (19 days ago)
U must have only started playing recently
Cray Pit (20 days ago)
They removed them though
MORE BUTTONS (23 days ago)
Hmm your most likely right
Idriss Conteh (23 days ago)
Remember how quiet it used to get after the fighting was done and all you could hear was the wind and storm and some birds
Cole McChlery (24 days ago)
Do builder pro
King (24 days ago)
There was an og skull trooper
Rhyas Bloomer (25 days ago)
I have you as a friend on Xbox
I am watching in season six I DO KNOW DA WAE
Sam Parker haha u r right 😂
Sam Parker (19 days ago)
Mfw that was a meme in January omegalul
Piggy IGGY (25 days ago)
I died at 6:07 he was like you fukin bush wookie
Salman Naeem (26 days ago)
Congragulations on 4mil subs ceeday
Twitch.RiiddleGX (26 days ago)
Ceeday can I please 1v1 you, my Xbox name is PlatinumStage
Hawk Force (26 days ago)
What’s the outtro song
Max Kalinyuk (27 days ago)
8:03 “pS4 hAS So MaNY boTS”
OutOfIdeaRandomness (27 days ago)
8:01 anyone see the rainbow
Awesome Gamer007 (27 days ago)
Ceeday ceeday Yea papa Trolling defaults No papa Telling lies No papa Show me your replays HAHA
Peach Fuzz (27 days ago)
Ceeday is the best supressed pistol console user ive ever seen
Mitch Games (28 days ago)
Testing Testing 123
Kevin Myers, II (28 days ago)
I miss this outro
Black ops Kid (28 days ago)
Bro I am watching this in season 6 and bro shotguns now do 70 damage but you just 101 easily
Super Scott Films (28 days ago)
The thumbnail is North America,Central America and South America ima smartie
Slay_ KillerXD (29 days ago)
SEASON 7 BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jadiel Rodriguez (29 days ago)
1:39 night night
Shiny Bones (29 days ago)
When the silenced smg was shit
Zachary Machado (30 days ago)
samuel walton (30 days ago)
who is watching this in season 7
You got 4 mill subs now, i am happy for you and i have subed😝👌❤
Samuel Dollahite (1 month ago)
Bro I love your vids they lit
boris bajlo (1 month ago)
How can you play Season 1 in 2018
4ty7 (1 month ago)
Dusty depot <3
BruhItzDrewZ K (1 month ago)
It took me 5:11 until I realized he not raptor lol
Waterfox_ 3 (1 month ago)
Omg did you see that!?! 10:35
Waterfox_ 3 (25 days ago)
+Lord Tachanka lol
Lord Tachanka (26 days ago)
Waterfox_ 3 didn’t fool me haha
_-Ghostly_God-_ (1 month ago)
_-Ghostly_God-_ (1 month ago)
CAN OF CLOROX (1 month ago)
Season 6 anyone
endergamer 0412 (19 days ago)
SD SAM (1 month ago)
This video makes me happy seeing moisty again and ceaday using my fave skin not stupid raptor
Bunny Brawler (1 month ago)
He pulled out his build cuz he was used to destiny crouching. 1:35
Xxredxthebest123 (1 month ago)
The rainbow 8:00
Christian crusader (1 month ago)
Pause at 8:01 rainbo
TREYVON A STEWART (1 month ago)
Hey do u play on builder pro
supergames 10020 (1 month ago)
65 damage silinced pistol damage
Ingrid Maldonado (1 month ago)
Why does cedar change his opinion on when he likes shotguns on not like them in the shotgun only video he said he doesn't like anything other than shotguns and in this video he says he doesn't like shotguns and picks it up because of the game mode edit:can I get 1 like if u agree or am I the only one noticing
UppedArtist14 (1 month ago)
The shaky screens gave me a stroke
Josephine Marshall (1 month ago)
Can you add me at copycat celery28
Ultra legenderay (1 month ago)
*cough cough* early stages of ultra instinct *cough cough*
8:00 fortnite rainbow
Caleb Dodson (1 month ago)
Let's settle this like men gets RPG to his face hole
iamsam (1 month ago)
Ahhhhh the grey pump best pump known to man
Zlayer Ekmanjr (1 month ago)
Skull troper XD 5:08
The thunder Kinv (1 month ago)
Zlayer Ekmanjr did you buy it
Pika (1 month ago)
when ceeday uses your favorite skin
Dizaster X (1 month ago)
Anybody else see the rainbow at 7:50
Moongeist _ (1 month ago)
Donald Dietz (1 month ago)
I saw this in my recommended and hopped on fortnite just to be sad....
Memecraftkid (1 month ago)
Who be watching in season 7
Greyson vlogs (1 month ago)
Happy birth day
lucky user184 (1 month ago)
Back when the game was good
Spicer Edmonds (1 month ago)
First Class Fortnite (1 month ago)
7:05 Thanks me later also RIP common pump
Afro Supreme (1 month ago)
When ceeday doesn't use raptor

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