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Minecraft: Hunger Games - Game 36

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com This is a series of us playing on survival games which is based off the book and movie "Hunger Games". Hope you guys enjoy and if so please leave a LIKE :) *If you want to join, try to join any of these servers at http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/pages/servers/ and click where you are (your location) and try joining any of the servers.*
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Text Comments (385)
Joey1128 (4 years ago)
screw silver kitty she is on reddit
Ann Daltilio (4 years ago)
I just love your videos so MUCH they are awesome
GoodToaster (4 years ago)
~Blues.EXE~ (4 years ago)
~Blues.EXE~ (4 years ago)
Where did jordan go :(
ghost_ninga (5 years ago)
My favorite map!
sabrina alvarez (5 years ago)
love u guys watch u every day #swag
Kaboom910 (5 years ago)
santa why dont u die fast and easy cause you did not bring me my preasent when i was 7 years old
isaac chang (5 years ago)
nick cusmano (5 years ago)
fuck you danny you suck max is a god
storm boy vlogs (5 years ago)
Mc finest sucks nutter butter
TheBossIsMyName (5 years ago)
I love MinecraftFinest
priicefantage (5 years ago)
dsg0897 (5 years ago)
What are they supposed to be doing
Rj Achterberg (5 years ago)
thats the most stupid movie ever
Tyler White (5 years ago)
chek out this server
Nikole Goblirsch (5 years ago)
lol im crying at toy story 3 :,)
Euan Bell (5 years ago)
I think on your screen you could move and on the other guys screen he could see you and you were frozen
Vy Nguyen (5 years ago)
Max you have a fucking boat
JollyPics (5 years ago)
LOL, the Invisible one can't hit and the other's still. XD
antone harris (5 years ago)
Jmart99 (5 years ago)
DANNYS BACK YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wardercoder (5 years ago)
You get the cape when you donate $5 :P
Heidi Morris (5 years ago)
That is a bit rude I mean am I girl I still play 5 hours min of video games a day and I have school too, and a ton load of homework :P
AdamEvans008 (5 years ago)
fucking dick hes shit at minecraft
dukeofcheese2 (5 years ago)
Im not a sexist, I just thought she did not play video games because, all of the other girls at my school hate video games.
Akita Neru (5 years ago)
So what if she's a girl? You think that girls can't play games? *cough**cough*sexist*cough**cough*
roberto soto (5 years ago)
u had a boat
Ccarlson (5 years ago)
Guys this u use sucks
Shut The Front Door (5 years ago)
You know girls can play Minecraft, as well as Black Ops or COD. Girls are no different then boys when it comes to who can play games. I love Minecraft and I'm a girl.
Tristan Tram (5 years ago)
Leigh Gate (5 years ago)
You are a girl you are Dom and awesome an ate you going to Mack a video 83?
dukeofcheese2 (5 years ago)
Nic Cho (5 years ago)
hello minecraft finest this is ...
Joseph Dougan (5 years ago)
Do u guys talk by Skype,
Jack Etters (5 years ago)
i was wondering about this Friday the ip is us1.mchg.eu
Jack Etters (5 years ago)
And make some more hunger games vids
Jack Etters (5 years ago)
Can me and my brother join a few of your videos some time just email me at [email protected] and Danny i like your color but Jordan is better at tekkit and max i am kind of like you cause i have a small bit of 80hd and i am crazy hyper sometimes so just email me and we are your super fans i have watched all your videos i am skywolf89 and my brother is Pureawesome11111 best group and do you guys know captain sparclez
harout karageozyan (5 years ago)
btw i like how max plays TEAM MAX!
harout karageozyan (5 years ago)
can u guys tell me the hunger games ip address plz i wanna play and when i play im going to say. team? minecraftfinest
Tabitha Rogusta (5 years ago)
Wow!very boring!
Suck my P (5 years ago)
should have used your boat
ChrisInMinecraft120 (5 years ago)
ehy do u get banned for a period???
Miguel Mayers (5 years ago)
Stupid server they shouldn't have to deal with that player
Shane Laskero (5 years ago)
I cant get it yo have vonnection with yours but I fsn with others
janeya (5 years ago)
Can u tell me what the direct connect is
Dr Lemon (5 years ago)
Deeeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhh to alllllllll
Sneep Loper (5 years ago)
Kaleb Caleb (5 years ago)
Lol gg
Acadia Morgan (5 years ago)
Swag of the lag
Ted Williams (5 years ago)
The OF cape is from donating to Optifine
Jay Dawe (5 years ago)
jordan your a retard OF is Optifine...
Ethan Ashton (5 years ago)
I was just playing with jmartt he was so awesome my name is avrion123
Toeya Brown (5 years ago)
matt m (5 years ago)
hey can u upload a video of how to get those servers on a mac I'm stll confused on what to do
john rider (5 years ago)
lovepuppy359 (5 years ago)
Definitely :)
Tae Lawrence (5 years ago)
Suck my dick then make me a sandwich
PuRe x Trilogy (5 years ago)
I love all youru videos
logan4231 (5 years ago)
Hello everyone! I doubt anyone will read this, but my friend and I have just made an MCSG YouTube channel! We posted our first video and are trying to get some views. It would mean a lot if you checked it out and gave some feedback... Thank you!
sabzz23 (5 years ago)
Shouldn't the name of this channel be Minecraft's Finest... cuz Minecraft Finest doesn't make sense lol
Kailin Ferguson (5 years ago)
The o f on the guys cape means odd future its a rap group there are cool
thepolebear13 (5 years ago)
Or just type /gf
joseph abf (5 years ago)
Note u had two fucking bouts
kian mulholland (5 years ago)
type /ghostfix max if you cant hit and open cheasts
Andres Moreno (5 years ago)
i that the OF standed for OddFuture
kyle kennedy (5 years ago)
what is the ip
Matt Skinner (5 years ago)
Load load load ugh
HiddenSpark (5 years ago)
Gg = good game
Allison Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Totally team max he sound sooo cute and hes funny!! ^_^ what gg mean??
infl8o (5 years ago)
more videos
wezley luedeman (5 years ago)
mc finest add me on skyp plz
Jenina David (5 years ago)
retard means crazy
Chris A. (5 years ago)
『kris』 (5 years ago)
optifine is a mod
SoSDylan (5 years ago)
OF = Donator to Optifine
Andrea Corso (5 years ago)
To much
Andrea Corso (5 years ago)
You fight with each other
Mathias Jensen (5 years ago)
the server is laggy?
Andres Carbajal (5 years ago)
Andres Carbajal (5 years ago)
Whuts the IP
Chris Conolly (5 years ago)
If I get a new computer will you send me the ip adress
Resident Hen (5 years ago)
what the heck
Sean Kim (5 years ago)
No duf Swag is something we athletes got u retard
Lincoln Salisbury (5 years ago)
S=secretly w= we a= are g= gay SWAG IS SOMETHING U DON'T WANT
-Blasty- (5 years ago)
Mf you should use a texture pack
chandler sparkman (5 years ago)
swag is really gay
D3F14NC3 _ (5 years ago)
jordan does not like intruductions
cameron vernachio (5 years ago)
he could have made a golden apple
3P1CN4RWH4L1230 (5 years ago)
Do they know that they can drop an item on the pressure plate in the secret thing to get the chests?
DJ Swaggamuffin (5 years ago)
they know that you 'baka'
supersaiyanspigit (5 years ago)
Matthew Schuyler (5 years ago)
keep making these videos love em'!!!!!!!!!*_*
Michyrea (5 years ago)
@xxtechfaze45 the day before ur bday was my bday :D
Freddy Garcia (5 years ago)
press the box at the bottom
xRiZe Viper (5 years ago)
turn annotation off
IMnintendo (5 years ago)
You guys should put your GUI scale on 'Large' instead of small it's hard to see the inventory.
Spagz24gaming (5 years ago)
can i have the ip address plz
Crakr Smakr (5 years ago)
Hey guys subscribe to me and I will make better videos
ShawdowTaot (5 years ago)
he is awesome until he backstabs you on a sever :P thats what he done to me :P

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