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Remote Action! - The fastest way to play all PC games on Android! [Official spot]

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Remote Action! is the fastest and the best quality software to play your PC games on Android devices! Try now and experience the unbeatable performance, smooth HD quality, fully customizable game controls and more! Key features: - Playing all PC games on Android devices - Remote access and control of your Windows PC - Awesome HD quality up to 1080p - Super smooth video up to 60fps - The best performance on the market - Favorite lists for quick games and apps launching on mobile device - Secure connection - Custom game controls Getting started: - Install Action! software on your PC - Install Remote Action! app on your Android device - Create a Mirillis Account - Enjoy! Requirements: - Minimum Android 4.1 - Network connection - Action! software installed on PC For latest news and information: Visit our fanpage: https://facebook.com/Mirillis Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/MirillisTeam Official website: https://mirillis.com
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Text Comments (40)
FilterzV2 Gaming (2 months ago)
1:41 what are you watching?!
SerealKiller (1 year ago)
Not gunna lie but the sister looks hot
Random Tuber (1 year ago)
then your phone runs out of charge ****
Wang Gaming Nostalgia (1 year ago)
Guys please anyone help i installed action! on my pc and i dont find the ba that has icon A+ How to find jt please tell me? did i jnstall wrong version?
Anshul Bains (1 year ago)
that chick gave me kicks
YT MarkThatGaming (2 years ago)
where do we get the app Google Play?
Outstandn (2 years ago)
on their website
Last Gen Gamers (2 years ago)
What a terrible message. -Playing games in class -Playing games while driving(like texting wasn't bad enough) I love my games but not enough that it effects my school work or life.
pudding topping me (2 years ago)
Thanks for this Ad, my parents now never left the PC power on when I am not at home...
Vallsucfor (2 years ago)
I want to play gta v on android is it work without internet
Jason Lim Chin Hoong (1 year ago)
Android Games no
Bacot axc (2 years ago)
are work on laptop?
RetroGamezNL (2 years ago)
**it costs money rip :(**
Saif Wazed (2 years ago)
What if someone sits on my laptop to use it, and then switches it off, then mobile gaming won't working anymore right ?
Bill Something (2 years ago)
open new user then don close yours just put change user and it is still work
MobileDecay (2 years ago)
Lol! I don't know what to think about this ad. At one point it's funny but at another it's basically telling children to be drop outs. Lol.
linkinzak v (2 years ago)
fucking true. lmao
SNiKe Dz (2 years ago)
fuck you MirillisTeam have seryal
Raul R. Lupescu (3 years ago)
Thank you mirllis for this video, now all kids will just play and learning nothing on school, this is the only script to promote youre feature software? if yes, then you have a problem. And by the way update splash pro ex, almost 2 years without update...4k etc wake up.
Paris Parle (3 years ago)
0:47 what an ass !!
Frappo Ccino (3 years ago)
How does it work? Do I need wifi or something? Oh, and can I see my fps while recording on action? How?
Bacot axc (2 years ago)
U need Wifi Fp When U connect to phone If u use Phone and play every where It not use wifi But offline hame only
Snitt (3 years ago)
What a terrible marketing strategy... It's clear that your target market (At least from this ad) is kids since you focus so strongly on school and parents restricting but these kids will also need their parent's help with actually buying this software in the first place.
Max Hunter (3 years ago)
Can you please make this app for Apple/iOS?
XGD- X Game Door (2 years ago)
nı im fuck you
Kokona Haruka (2 years ago)
+softman PS no need to be mean
softman streetracer (3 years ago)
+Max Hunter fuck you
Spyrter Tv (3 years ago)
SkyLordOwen (3 years ago)
No Apple?
SolarsphareS (3 years ago)
**sad music**
John Guardian (3 years ago)
I have to agree, encouraging game playing when going to and at school is not the message to send Mirillis
UNKNOWNGAM3r (2 years ago)
It's okay when going to school but not at school. Lunch maybe.
Yolo Cholo (3 years ago)
I get connection failed.... 
avikbellic911 (3 years ago)
Do i get tha sister free with Mirrils Action? she look hot xD
elcava88 (3 years ago)
AHHAHAHAHAHA i want also the mum
Pvt. Duckling (3 years ago)
It's working, but I'm experiencing a shitload of random stuttering and artifacting. Also, no controller support means that you have to play with the UI only. I'm sure you guys will improve it a lot in the future. Besides, you made my favorite DVR of all time!
Tutoriel AndPlay (3 years ago)
Good ! Thanxs
WAEL angel (3 years ago)
the commercial gives a very stupid message but the app looks good 
hardcoregamer1985 (3 years ago)
True.Realy unninspired message.Not educational
Zły Maciek (3 years ago)

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