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Minecraft Aircraft Carrier Defence

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I got bored, so I decided to shoot down ghasts with a fighter plane.
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john smith (5 years ago)
He forgot one
LeeviArts (5 years ago)
enimzaj mil (5 years ago)
Even the sound
enimzaj mil (5 years ago)
Awsome aircraft careyer
Kuba świeciński (5 years ago)
me too
Mitchell Kelley (5 years ago)
Monorisu (5 years ago)
I was considering making one using the new multiplayer update, but there is an annoying glitch that makes it that vehicle machine guns dont fire properly.
Philip Tovell (5 years ago)
good flying!!! u should make some more vids like that!!! :)
Monorisu (6 years ago)
I got the flans mod.
OgMuisku #SRC' (6 years ago)
how you do that

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