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[Minecraft Reviews] Mars Mod Review

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READ HERE! Subscribe here : http://youtube.com/terragamers97 so today, decided to do another minecraft review video, i see some of you like it :) this is the mars mod, its very cool and still in Alpha 1.1, so it should be updated to more awesome stuff, also I'm sorry for some um's and wrong words in the commentary, its like 1am right now, so im very tired.... Also to answer a very frequently asked question "why dont you do alot of minecraft reviews anymore", well its because i only review very good looking mods and texture packs, and not ones that alot of ppl already reviewed, for example toomanyitems, and Single player commands. Mod Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/577724-173mars-planet-mod-alpha-11-wip/page__hl__mars
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Text Comments (9711)
santosh chohan (1 day ago)
It didn't work for me
Moni & Mario (6 days ago)
At least you have a good day and time works for you and I'll make sure to get the kids to the park and ride at the park and ride to the airport on Friday and ride it out and ride it out and let you know if we have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time and ride it out and let you know if we have to do it out of the tattoo I have to go to the store
mong y (9 days ago)
Inspector Gadget (28 days ago)
I should have done the review
You sound so boring like thiiis and thaat redstone orrrrb lets go to marrrrs
Cristiane Palermo (30 days ago)
- set w
THE MAD_ MODZ_FR (1 month ago)
I love you
THE MAD_ MODZ_FR (1 month ago)
Je t'aime
mine craft kurdi anas (1 month ago)
Indah Rama (1 month ago)
Jancok nyocot
Red Plagued Steve (1 month ago)
Hey I am shark
I'ts oKai (1 month ago)
Leonardo Filho (1 month ago)
Mirka Jesionka (2 months ago)
Kohamće cie
İçerik Patlar K90 (2 months ago)
Proxy Modz (2 months ago)
I’m making a video
Proxy Modz (2 months ago)
Hi people
Sarah Kotaa (3 months ago)
Hallo 01520 5178740
lil b (3 months ago)
Not cool because you sound so ugly when your talking boy
Andrei Andrei (4 months ago)
Cephas Kodja (4 months ago)
Tonya Rhodes (4 months ago)
Good job on the views
Alexandru Petrescu (4 months ago)
What mod is
ahmed wesam (4 months ago)
YAWLI (4 months ago)
Carahgaming viojan (5 months ago)
hacks I
Carahgaming viojan (5 months ago)
Muskan so nice Kumari (5 months ago)
Muskan so nice Kumari (5 months ago)
taralynn0930 (5 months ago)
Alass TV (5 months ago)
Marky Joe2006 (5 months ago)
I mess The Old days
Cynthia Pozo (5 months ago)
Niño rata
khant sithu (5 months ago)
samix kermia (5 months ago)
whats the version
Ngô Minh Đức (5 months ago)
Julinda Hutagalung (5 months ago)
Lama kali masuk portalnya
Maria Lopez (5 months ago)
but I like how he jumps on mars
Maria Lopez (5 months ago)
I hate when he or she takes a lot of time to go to the portal
Blue Dragon (6 months ago)
Fals e mod
kap meet (6 months ago)
C quoi ron pack de texture
Arnold Hana (6 months ago)
Fantastic minecraft game
Nadine Trinks (6 months ago)
Ich wies wie man ein Haus baud
john Swensson (6 months ago)
Semart 404 (6 months ago)
You voice is annoying
Arostos Olympiakos (6 months ago)
Fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail us no hu
Arostos Olympiakos (6 months ago)
You fail
Yulia Fedoseev (6 months ago)
ישראלייי 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Smoien sanso (6 months ago)
Jean Sison (6 months ago)
The revenger
Amal Lachhab (6 months ago)
C' est un truc de putin
oliver Treial (6 months ago)
Voxel (7 months ago)
Jasper van den Broek (7 months ago)
j hdz 🤗😇😟
Cano Çiçek (7 months ago)
İyi ya
FAREL REL (7 months ago)
Bang itu minecraft apa kasih tau dong bang
Jocelyn Isip (7 months ago)
Fake po lang yan
abas bash aga (7 months ago)
شكد قديم
Christopher Vallette (7 months ago)
this video is awesome
olzhas1one (7 months ago)
Kordian Pawłuś (7 months ago)
Devon Parker (8 months ago)
mohmed kamal (8 months ago)
Where is the Redstone orb you noob there is no Redstone orb
Rodel Sango (8 months ago)
very cool portal hahahah
TerylGadz 0fficial (8 months ago)
THERE IS GRAVITY!! Please learn about science
Wei Erman (8 months ago)
Wow! I had never even seen what’s on mars in Minecraft!
Nugroho Temanggung (8 months ago)
onnik kafedjian (8 months ago)
boring video
I didn't know this was made 6 years ago
Mr. Big Boy A (9 months ago)
Wow I watched this video a long time ago and I didn't realise that you are from Iraq
Lídia Lopes (9 months ago)
Hambug süd
furiou jumpe (9 months ago)
Ta geule
Hilma Hilma (9 months ago)
Suara nya kurang gede
Lita Andini (9 months ago)
sri yuniarti (9 months ago)
GEEBAX 30 (9 months ago)
what texture is that???
Erra Anything (9 months ago)
Subcribe me plz
Jasmine Albert (9 months ago)
Mialet Armelle (9 months ago)
Herobrine_Mods (9 months ago)
I not can hear You
Albert Tagaytay (9 months ago)
How to you download that mod?
Brandy Marroquin (9 months ago)
pendejo quien te crees , 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Sarah Widodo :D (10 months ago)
You need the mod for this
Sher Cristoffe Ayta (10 months ago)
خوش رہیں 19 دستیاب طرف دیکھا جو کچھ ہو رہا ہوں گفتگو 140 روز گرفتار کرکے نامعلوم مسلح جدوجہد میں مصروف رسول 198 میں سیکریٹری وصول دو عالم میں اس کی ایک بڑی سی کوشش کی گئی ہیں 200 دیا جائے اور وہ بھی اسی طرح کے واقعات میں اضافہ ہوا اور 2x کی طرف 5+3 کی درخواست پر 6th ہ کیا
Sher Cristoffe Ayta (10 months ago)
...we go.
Sultan Rizky (10 months ago)
What you version?
Alexandru (10 months ago)
none21 (11 months ago)
how did this get so many views
SmellMyPwnagee (1 year ago)
amazing tutorial dunno why people are hating :(. btw im iraqi as welll. God bless saddam <3
WARXON Official (1 year ago)
this is real mod???
WARXON Official (1 year ago)
lol how to rate bro???
Rainnier Bugarin (1 year ago)
gago ka nag post
Leonardo Dubai (1 year ago)
good so cool what's that portal!
ALİ NDNG (1 year ago)
Lucia Betiana Juarez (1 year ago)
Wendy Laney (1 year ago)
fucking stupid
Daria Aszyk (1 year ago)
nie jestem z twojego kraju a więc pisze do ciebie z polish
SamTHK GamerVn (1 year ago)
Worst mod ever
Ebba Nilsson (1 year ago)
I dont have the "red ball" that you Click
tampinha w (1 year ago)
Não Gostei vc não fala a minha lingua

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