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Minecraft Xbox - I Lost [541]

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Part 542 - https://youtu.be/yzVBA8nYH8o Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. In this episode I fly my airplane and helicopter over my lovely world. Twitter - @stampylongnose Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stampycatyt Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (16876)
stampylonghead (11 months ago)
You can see the next episode here - https://youtu.be/yzVBA8nYH8o
Ginger 182 (1 month ago)
Sidney Awesome (2 months ago)
stampylonghead thnks
Berenice Chimal (4 months ago)
Slime Gymnast (6 months ago)
stampylonghead I am the 500 th comment
supersmasher13 :-P (6 months ago)
500 comment
Mysterio00 (18 hours ago)
You can use a nametag to name your wolves
Joao Guevara (22 hours ago)
I did too
Martin Garcia (1 day ago)
😘 i love you
jtk6732 (2 days ago)
I saw veer dash
Kaitlyn VanCleve (2 days ago)
7:40 why are there alpacas ???
trina snyder (4 days ago)
You are Awesome and I love you
Galaxy Dust (4 days ago)
How stamp flew to the moon, but with more editing
Dragonkid V (4 days ago)
I know this sounds dumb but how does he fly everything
Harendra Suthakaran (6 days ago)
can you make more hunger games
TheGamingSlime 99 (6 days ago)
nice edeting
sylveon likes umbreon (8 days ago)
I just came back to your chanell and i noticed that a lot has changed!
Issy Garrington (10 days ago)
13:40 did anyone notice the Luna friends
Aung Aung Myo (10 days ago)
FierceGaming TV (10 days ago)
MCman -games (10 days ago)
Oh hey I am just noticing the ufo is there
Cindy Wijntuin (11 days ago)
Am i the only one that saw the mysterious black guy at 13:40? XD
Cindy Wijntuin (11 days ago)
I saw Beverdash below.
areckert04 (11 days ago)
7:07 look closely and you will see someone near the dog house.
Joanne Dixon (11 days ago)
03:58 I've never flyed one before
황성광 (12 days ago)
13:40 is that fred the friendly endermen?
Phantom Punk (12 days ago)
Stampy I'm your big fan
Traci Spencer (12 days ago)
hit the target can get to your dogs because you never shut their door
Tedd Ho-Jeong AN (13 days ago)
How did you make the plane fly
Providencia Echevarria (13 days ago)
i saw dash too
Ryo Verdy Yo (3 days ago)
*_13:40_**_ LOOK AT THE BACK! THERE'S A BLACK THING WITH WHITE EYES! 😨_* *_(NEAR THE TREE)_* _Edit: Nvm that's a enderman .-._
Ryo Verdy Yo (3 days ago)
_SI Kitty_ Oh Ups .-.
SI Kitty (3 days ago)
That's a enderman....
Fun dog home 2 (15 days ago)
Thank you for flying with air stampy 🤣
Zvonimir Dusper (16 days ago)
Your so pro
Marlene Londt (17 days ago)
did anyone see the llamas when stampy took of in his plane.
Super Girl PickAxe (17 days ago)
After he crash il saw Fred the freindly Enderman
Train Station Studios (17 days ago)
Nice editing, Stampy!
Ahmed Alhasan (18 days ago)
You talk too much
RedGamer ThePvPG (17 days ago)
And youre too rude,and dont you know that hes the ONLY one that can talk
Allison Phillips (18 days ago)
BCDC Boys (18 days ago)
lovests1238 Playz (18 days ago)
7:05 is that Veve Dash down there?? 😐 I kinda focusing the whole screen xD
Bill Jasmer (19 days ago)
Stamps all your hard work and your videos are great
Dash Jacob Farcon (19 days ago)
I see veva dash Im not veva ok
frosted blade (20 days ago)
am i the only one that noticed when he landed there was a button but when he started moving there was no button
Anika Yee (20 days ago)
Hi you are the best YouTuber in the world!
Alysia Payne (21 days ago)
I saw Vavva Dash
KV-2 (22 days ago)
Stampylonghead k
In comeing!
Are you stirring
Andrew Playz (23 days ago)
Was that viva dash???
7:07 there's vever dash next to mittens house
TheMCSpacePro (24 days ago)
Music for to be continued
Lori & The Boys (24 days ago)
You should "accidentally" crash
James Harrison (24 days ago)
I love you
Cutie Assass1n (24 days ago)
Veeva dash is in the vid I’m not saying where u got to spot her
stepmeza 101 (24 days ago)
U should make a Stampy cat state park
__Williamisboss __ (24 days ago)
Next to the cittecatcombow
__Williamisboss __ (24 days ago)
At 7:07 i saw veverdash if you look closely to the ground
13:39 you can black guy or enderman
Markus Landgraf (25 days ago)
7:06 Veeva dash!
Bilog Miranda (25 days ago)
Stampy why is hitthetarget👿is in your world if he hates you
Thomas Odonnell (27 days ago)
Is the plane and helicopter a mod?
vergelbv2000 (28 days ago)
At 30.40 did i see a black man next to a tree.
Pusheen TheCuteKitties (28 days ago)
7:05 Who is that???? Hit The Target or Veeva Dash?
SammyTubeHD (29 days ago)
Amy Laughlin (29 days ago)
You left the door open to the dog hows
TOTORO Playz (29 days ago)
Does Stampy knows how to close doors?
Mattycool37 (1 month ago)
How do you build and fly your plane
Pattie Moyo (1 month ago)
Can you be my friend on Xbox 360 my name on Xbox live is BlushedWaif
Pattie Moyo (1 month ago)
I agree
Sophie Hudnall (1 month ago)
Sorry I meant viva dash
Sophie Hudnall (1 month ago)
zoraida ruvalcaba (1 month ago)
Hi Stampy I started to watch you when I was 4 I am 8 now it is not too different but I stopped watching your videos. Your name came up in my head . So check up on you.^_^
NoName 456 (1 month ago)
I know he uses mods on his rhg xbox 360
Stampy hi maybe you should build a jetski
Agnes Owogowog (1 month ago)
Stampy is is cool right now I watch it I'm first
marili knight (1 month ago)
Hit him into the lava
Kieran Tait (1 month ago)
Andrew Bregg (1 month ago)
13:40 I thought it was herobrine in the back ground but it was a enderman
Annette Laird (1 month ago)
Hawmeny class is you have in your plan?
Cat_Master_47 Mr._J (1 month ago)
stampy you should mack a landingpad on the sky skaper
Uncledonkey537 537 (1 month ago)
that's what happens when you trespass
KingBoi (1 month ago)
U can fly a plane???!?!
MohammadHassan 3 (1 month ago)
Michele Brewer (1 month ago)
wait i see a tiny vevva dash as stampy flies
Marco Zdravkovic (1 month ago)
He totally buttered that landing
Layken Doherty (1 month ago)
That crash low-key made me jump!
Robert Small (1 month ago)
Stampy, you should have security so Hit the target can’t steal your doggos.
Mark Harris (1 month ago)
Stampy I am an Xbox friend can you friend me I am called CuteSquirrel397
Duncan Bertetti (1 month ago)
He could have jumped in the lava and respawned...
Dylan Ertel (1 month ago)
Stampy You can we beverdash down below 👍🏻
rubber duck (1 month ago)
13:40 look at the tree
Nick Lacy (1 month ago)
how did you get them to fly?
Ann Low (1 month ago)
Dun dun dun.................................................
inferno drive (1 month ago)
It's too bad his channel dying he's one of the biggest influences on me
Helen Morrison (1 month ago)
have you seen
jasper cook (1 month ago)
Where's the hud
Shofarian (1 month ago)
You’re awesome stampylonghead
Larry Hopper (1 month ago)
Hi I love your videos I drew a picture of you
Larry Hopper (1 month ago)
You rock im a huge fan
B dog Playz (1 month ago)
I know how stampy flies.he uses the elytra wings in creative mode so u can go high and go low by press A
Sophie Pickering (1 month ago)
I love your air port
WoTB_USA_AUS (1 month ago)
So many memories ;_;
Michelle Davitt (1 month ago)
I seen the video
Michelle Davitt (1 month ago)
Stampy i found another pereson
coolbadraljabri (1 month ago)
6:53 you can see viva dash on the path
Cake Craft025 (1 month ago)
It’s weird knowing he does the commentary after he records. And it’s not raw footage.
Leanne Burnham (1 month ago)
For god sake get cake for

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