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Minecraft Xbox - I Lost [541]

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Part 542 - https://youtu.be/yzVBA8nYH8o Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. In this episode I fly my airplane and helicopter over my lovely world. Twitter - @stampylongnose Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stampycatyt Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (16693)
stampylonghead (9 months ago)
You can see the next episode here - https://youtu.be/yzVBA8nYH8o
Sidney Awesome (7 days ago)
stampylonghead thnks
Berenice Chimal (2 months ago)
Slime Gymnast (3 months ago)
stampylonghead I am the 500 th comment
supersmasher13 :-P (4 months ago)
500 comment
Finn Witton (4 months ago)
You're my favourite Minecraft you tuber
Cat Lover (5 hours ago)
I saw never dash
Freya Prescott (8 hours ago)
Hi Im your biggest fan stampy you could die and respawn and then get stuff and FIGHT HIM.............. YAAA
Upsurge (18 hours ago)
Stampy u never cease to amaze me
Rudan Matig-a (1 day ago)
You crashed stampylonghead because hitthetarget shock waved you.
GoMinecraft (1 day ago)
GoMinecraft (1 day ago)
Go mine craft
Daniel Borg (1 day ago)
At 13:40 you can see a masked alien presence, this is the very same alien that has helped him in the past. Still I don't know if he can trust this masked alien presence because as you can see he just sat there and watched stampy get raped and stripped by hitTheTarget. For now in my profesinal opion he should trust thsi masek entitiy. -XxShadowChaos1xX out
TRAVELS with NATHAN (1 day ago)
i will make one tomorow
ABBAIV (1 day ago)
that ending almost made me cry it was so sad
Matthew Plumer (2 days ago)
I don't know what I'd do with out you❤️❤️
Elisha_ Mae (3 days ago)
7:40 Notice how the button disappeared?
ርસ૯ᄁվ (3 days ago)
I wanted to say how he made the airplane move but that would ruin the magic ;)
NicoTubeHD (3 days ago)
Are you flying
NicoTubeHD (3 days ago)
Bell GirlI (3 days ago)
At 7:05 someone is there next to the fountain
Ben Shorthouse (3 days ago)
You could have just broken the tripwire hook which was connected to the Redstone
Noah Raney (4 days ago)
So scary, Stampy.
ashley stout (4 days ago)
beaver dash is there
Barrie Smith (5 days ago)
loved it
Isobel Mackie (6 days ago)
Stamp y I love your videos and they can challenge me too. As I get older your vocab gets better....
Samuel Wilson (6 days ago)
That would be so hard to edit
Who saw lunar friends
Oliver SCANLON (7 days ago)
why didn't you just walk into the lava
Fiera Phoenix (8 days ago)
I saw your lunar friends
Slime Forever (8 days ago)
Is it mods
Kj Kj (8 days ago)
How do you fly
Ryan Booth (8 days ago)
11:15 wut that in then top right corner?
Ghow do you do that . It is amazing.I have tried it myself. Can I be a Minecraft helper😝😍🤑👌👍✌️😜😊🤩😍🤗😉😁😃😀😄😆
Lionilia Macapanas (9 days ago)
Or if you just kill yourself you will be able to respawn
Ice Kiddo (10 days ago)
How did u fly the plane stampy
Kywen Tan (11 days ago)
Or hit the target
Kywen Tan (11 days ago)
Did you viva dash in the Heli
Marcel Staszak (12 days ago)
Why not die? You will respawn!
Scam Scam (13 days ago)
I’m w
Scam Scam (13 days ago)
I so Viva dash
Maria Blancas (13 days ago)
7:06 beaver dash
Jaden Rumpf (13 days ago)
this is good editing
Roseth Alto (14 days ago)
So sad your capture :c
Sam Petty (14 days ago)
I spotted beaver dash approching your dog house
Sam Petty (14 days ago)
At 7 05
Jean Almoquira (16 days ago)
Is that possible
Margaret Felder (17 days ago)
Air plane mod nice
Margaret Felder (17 days ago)
And stop eating cakes pls stop
Lionilia Macapanas (19 days ago)
You should can be able to go out without barnaby gettting pushed into the lava just break the hooks
Ang N Jr D (20 days ago)
next time you should make a minecraft story mode when reuben dies
Levi Davies (20 days ago)
you are the best
chen正南 (21 days ago)
chen正南 (21 days ago)
Jo Baker (21 days ago)
Regina Sanchez (21 days ago)
Can you please build a Subway
Owen Mooney (21 days ago)
Did Anyone see hit the targets accomplis steal a dog
Daniel Dean (22 days ago)
Hi stampy I subed since episode (27)
Ittysaur YT Gaming (22 days ago)
RowanNTM (24 days ago)
Lol 4 cakes is his snack🤣
James Keyes (25 days ago)
I saw veeva dash 7:06
winter RL (25 days ago)
If you pause at 7:07 u can see viva dash leading barnabie
Arman Alexander (25 days ago)
7:07 viva dash on checkered pathway near stampy's house
Tysm stampy
Awesome 45 (26 days ago)
13:39 Aren't those your Lunar Friends?
WWll Nerf (28 days ago)
As you are flying in the helicopter a helicopter fly’s over my house
Lewis Brendan (28 days ago)
I mean fun land
Lewis Brendan (28 days ago)
I saw beaver dash in the town stumpy
Funky face COOL (29 days ago)
Veaver dash was on a tower!
HowdyDoo Bro (29 days ago)
7:39 the button disappears
Extseer YT (13 days ago)
HowdyDoo Bro yea
Holly Newcomb (29 days ago)
How do you Make those
Holly Newcomb (29 days ago)
Thanks again for making this video
Holly Newcomb (29 days ago)
My Minecraft name is Kidblast5
4.45 you can see the recording of the enderman thing from the Halloween special
Yazoy 098 (1 month ago)
This would make a good netflix series
Name your dogs with name tags
Maddie Elliffe (1 month ago)
do more building videos
Maddie Elliffe (1 month ago)
check out hit the targets bass in the hellicopter
JM 284 (1 month ago)
Stampy why didn't you just break the Redstone
Rudan Matig-a (1 month ago)
Maybe hitthetargets plan was to shockwave all redstone devices and i think thats y stampys helicopter crashed?
Wolfy Dragon (1 month ago)
*sees ending* ur so dead
Rachel Spohn (1 month ago)
Stefanus Agraprana (1 month ago)
What version do you play stampy?
Jacob Gauvin (28 days ago)
Stefanus Agraprana 360
A Ross (1 month ago)
When he said "I lost" i got so sad
Toxic the Wolf (1 month ago)
The wonder is, how does he edit? XD
Diamond Noobz (1 month ago)
You should’ve add missles to your helicopter
LIM NATHAN (1 month ago)
What about elytra?
Richard Young (1 month ago)
Oxic 285 (1 month ago)
Image if the plane crashed into the clock tower
Richard Young (1 month ago)
Hey mr. Stampy Cat my friend e guess what he said you're lame but you are not lying to me
Breannarenee Smith (1 month ago)
I saw bever dash taking your dog
Natalie Solis (1 month ago)
I saw vever Dash
redowen22 (1 month ago)
stampy i know its satged but keep up the good work
James Moore (1 month ago)
You should have crashed into the sky high restaurant and repeat 911
Amy Jenner (1 month ago)
You could die respawn and save barnaby
James Lassey (1 month ago)
i love you stampy
The Gaming Squad (1 month ago)
I subbed and liked 😀😀😁😁😀😀
The Gaming Fox (1 month ago)
Jose Perez (1 month ago)
you brighten my day
Keanna Louise Laureles (1 month ago)
I saw veeva dash
I started watching u when I was 5/6 and I forgot about you when I was about 7 😔 but Now (I am 10) and I continued to watch you :)
Umbry Umbreon (1 month ago)
Sandy Connell (1 month ago)
Video question what did hit the target shot down? Leave your answer in the comments
Vincent L (1 month ago)
Guys he has magic powers to drive his vehicles it’s so awsome
MRFunnyDUDE (1 month ago)
Mods or what how IMPOSSIBLE

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