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Minecraft: INSANE EMERALD LUCKY BLOCK RACE - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game

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Today we race with some of the most epic Lucky Blocks ever! Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Don't forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content! Shirts! https://www.districtlines.com/PopularMMOs/ Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Download Emerald Lucky Block Mod: http://www.popularmmos.com/emeraldluckyblock/ RULES - First To The End Wins - You May Use Any Items That Drop - You Can't Skip Lucky Blocks, All Must Be Mined - You May Go Outside Your Lane If Mobs Are In The Way - Do Not Attack Other Player - Arena No Rules, Just For Fun In this Insane Emerald Lucky Block Race Modded Mini-Game: Jen and I must race to the end of the map of this epic Lucky Block map to win! Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (22177)
Wolvesarecool (2 hours ago)
XD the intro
Aidens Life (2 hours ago)
Did you quit your job
Mike Yulianetti (20 hours ago)
I ♡you guys your the best you tubers ♡♡
Sarah Robertson (22 hours ago)
yanyan dc6 (1 day ago)
Joshua Truong (1 day ago)
bb bg (1 day ago)
I am balloon boy do a balloon boy lucky block race please hi hello
Flex gamer Carino (1 day ago)
guys I love you guys I loveeee your gameplay
Hayden Hendricks (1 day ago)
Ah the old days.
Ava Estrada (1 day ago)
Pat I can't believ you win.
Maria G Aguila (1 day ago)
I usto watch u guys on my moms ghone then i got Myuin own and i gorgot about this channl then i dubed to a nother youtube and it showed yourchannel and i remeberd u guys i still💖💖💖your vids
honey2daBee (1 day ago)
Pat is so awesome because he wins on all lucky block races
Charlotte Van Beek (1 day ago)
Wyatt Benson (1 day ago)
Lazzzzzzzzy didn't even build his places he makes us fans do it now he only builds a few maps but I hope you get it
Wyatt Benson he dosent make people do it, they voluntarily do it
Jessica Hillman (1 day ago)
My moms name is jen
Jessica Hillman (1 day ago)
I love you Pat
emiliano12 diaz (1 day ago)
Jada Hovenden (1 day ago)
Declan Errorsans (2 days ago)
I’m your friend in ROBLOX maiden1916
Lou Santi (2 days ago)
Princess sparkle123 (2 days ago)
Princess sparkle123 (2 days ago)
i watch ur vid every day
Princess sparkle123 (2 days ago)
Princess sparkle123 (2 days ago)
I really like watching your vids! They are soooooooooooooooo COOL! I love watching your channel. You have a cool channel!
Sapphire Wolfa (2 days ago)
What about are head?!We can't do head first??
Sapphire Wolfa (2 days ago)
"Feet first he says" 😂
Kiatta Korkowski (2 days ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday
Chloe Blacksmith (2 days ago)
Tiger Rose (2 days ago)
#sad if your mom took away your computer beacuse she did it to me
AIM BLOXIAN MCPE (3 days ago)
Nice Vid Keep Up!
vanessa Morrow (3 days ago)
Do the floor is lava change
Tony Burkett (3 days ago)
I am waching this in 2018
darklord wild (3 days ago)
Ah I’m rewatching all their videos 💗
Charles Anderson (4 days ago)
Amanda W (4 days ago)
Love u guys so o much who agrees like this. If you love them =)
Hong Zhang (4 days ago)
Hi its me again just saying your the best you tuber in the world and i just love your videos i wached you when i was 6 now im 7 im your biggest nuber 1 FAN!!! im so sorry i have to go now bye💘
Hong Zhang (4 days ago)
Shredyo (4 days ago)
i 😻you
Shredyo (4 days ago)
you the bomb
Shredyo (4 days ago)
you the bomb. com
Shredyo (4 days ago)
you the bomb. com ⚫⚫
Family Productions (4 days ago)
I guys are so funny and I wish I could meet u
daewon koretz (4 days ago)
Pat and Jen your amazing and I love your videos g Good job
Dezzy Knee (5 days ago)
Same with me I always use he
the marble racer (5 days ago)
0:00 Fail 0:20 Double Fail 0:24 Perfect Fail
socorro espada (5 days ago)
U cool
Seth Ainspac (5 days ago)
good vid
Blakley Rod (5 days ago)
So cool
Joshua Lebron (5 days ago)
Hi pat🤑
Aita Mangar (5 days ago)
That was fun to watch
Pusheen Cat (5 days ago)
Even me?
Captain Bloxsky (6 days ago)
I miss old vids
Ross Petzold (6 days ago)
I have been watching your channel for a long time. I love you guys!
Carleigh Stonehouse (7 days ago)
popo Quinn (7 days ago)
I watch on 2018 lol
Alpha Serenity (7 days ago)
Fhtvshend. Gr
Alyssa Pratt (7 days ago)
If jen pat are awsome like this comment and try spot the difference 😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀
Alyssa Pratt (7 days ago)
cheryl kerzman (7 days ago)
I’m working on a survival world on Minecraft pe if u wanna join!!!!!
cheryl kerzman (7 days ago)
Pay and Jen I have suggjestion
Kieran Budke (7 days ago)
Salih Madadi (7 days ago)
is pat from a minecraft song or he stole the skin go check the song out its good bye
Trinity Garcia (8 days ago)
Pat and Jen I love you soooooo much I made phone back round of you and Jen and I loveee you soooo much❤️❤️❤️
rip jen and pat.... welp their gone!!!
aidan stacey ramey (8 days ago)
Juliyana James (8 days ago)
2018 anyone? Or am I the only late bum here
Sergio Renteria (8 days ago)
Sergio Renteria (8 days ago)
hype alayo videos de sol
Ugly Facw (8 days ago)
I hope you guys never die for more vids #greatyoutubersever
Popular Master (9 days ago)
Cool vid
Daniel Revilla (9 days ago)
Bruh pats health is crazy at 13:19
April Berry (9 days ago)
You guys are 😉
Franklin Bryant (9 days ago)
lona leiss (9 days ago)
You soooooooooooooooooo cool pat. ... And ... Jen read more
MrFDNY0911 (9 days ago)
if pat and jen are funny like this comment
V&A Toy's Adventures (9 days ago)
My cousin doesn’t like your videos and I feel sad :( because since I was little I like your videos But I still love your videos :)
Tawnya Godman (9 days ago)
Love you guys
Xx JI3 xX (9 days ago)
4:44 boss fight
Katy Courtaway (9 days ago)
NIKOLA NINKOV (10 days ago)
Best youtubers
Macey Lynae (10 days ago)
Here in 2018 was here when it came out❤️❤️
Djamar Sanders (10 days ago)
Kingston Marsters (10 days ago)
MacKenzie Wutzke (10 days ago)
Hi I watched all of your videos
Emma Gonzalez (10 days ago)
Hi pat you are cool
Elizabeth Wethington (11 days ago)
I am gay
Elizabeth Wethington (11 days ago)
محمد صالح (11 days ago)
نووووووووووووووب Noob
Robin Martinez (11 days ago)
I 💘 ur guys lucky block races 😂😂 there funny XD
Nia Jones (11 days ago)
Lauren Smith (11 days ago)
My name is aito your funny Jen.🎂
Lauren Smith (11 days ago)
😊❤️💚Hi pat and jen👍🏼
flash boy 21 (11 days ago)
Do more hide and seek mods those are my fav
Dominican gurl23 (12 days ago)
Please do more lucky block races
Dominican gurl23 (12 days ago)
I watch this a year ago and I watch it again
Eizin Rreeyan (12 days ago)
Hi! I haven’t watched this in a long time! For some reason it in subbed by ily still!!!!!💗💓💕✝️💖💜❣️💙🧡🖤💛💚💞💗💓💕💘☮️💗💞💝💟

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