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THE CRAZIEST MINECRAFT BLOCK EVER! w/BeckBroJack ✅ Enjoyed the video? Drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for 🍪's ➡ http://bit.ly/SUB2BECK THE CRAZIEST MINECRAFT BLOCK EVER! Today we check out the most insane Minecraft block in the world! This block can generate Minecraft villages, spawn TNT, create insane Minecraft traps and so much MORE!! THESIRUD: https://www.youtube.com/thesirud ✔ CAN WE SMASH 555 LIKES?! PLAYLISTS: 🡆 Minecraft Redstone Command Block Creations - Minecraft Redstone - http://bit.ly/25aa9y5 🡆 Minecraft Showcases - Mod Showcase Minecraft - Minecraft Animals! - http://bit.ly/200T56W 🡆 Minecraft Shaders - Minecraft Optifine - Command Block Tutorial - http://bit.ly/1Xi3VGr 🡆 Top 5 Minecraft - Top Minecraft Mods - Best Minecraft Mods (2016) - http://bit.ly/1Yybl6Y CRAZIEST MINECRAFT BLOCK DOWNLOAD► http://www.9minecraft.net/chance-cubes-mod/ 🎵 Outro Music by ► Bandcamp: https://bitonal-landscape.bandcamp.com/ ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/RVt0oW ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BitonalLandscape 🎬 Intro By ► https://www.youtube.com/user/velosofy 🔻 About My Channel 🔻 On this channel you'll always see fun, family friendly, Minecraft videos! Some of my favorite series are Top 5/10 Minecraft Lists, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Popular Youtubers, Minecraft Mods, Top Minecraft Mods, Minigames, Map Let's Plays, and some other random videos. I try my best to make each and every video as entertaining as possible, so if you enjoy, please SUBSCRIBE and pound that LIKE button with your toe... or your finger, whichever you prefer! Music: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (224)
Kobe Jones (5 months ago)
If he truly loves his fans he will pin this
yudith raier (1 month ago)
i loi
yudith raier (1 month ago)
i loi
catchy lil fella po (1 month ago)
Dboy37 Lol Jake Paul
Lonniece Scott (2 months ago)
Kobe Jones gi
kristi wyatt (2 months ago)
Kobe Jones
Allison Bragg (1 day ago)
...welp, my skyblock survival world is ruined because of these blocks so... "WARNING! IF YOU USE THESE LUCKY BLOCKS, BE CAREFUL OF THE INVENTORY BOMB! IT RUINS YOUR INVENTORY AND YOU CAN'T PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR INVENTORY" so yeah, be careful using this mod guys :D
Lacey Wallace (5 days ago)
Elizabeth Gvasquez (7 days ago)
I want to see a lucky block golem
Flamingo 4lyfe (26 days ago)
Pin me
bronna koontz (27 days ago)
Crystal Redman (29 days ago)
HOW do you get out of the water??????????
Jackson carpenter (1 month ago)
Dum step guns (mod)
yudith raier (1 month ago)
Didik Chandra (1 month ago)
Make a video that the wolf pack vs minecraft mons (Not Boses)
Kat M (1 month ago)
Popularmmos did this
Aiden Liddell (1 month ago)
A poo moed
Spencer Anthony (1 month ago)
leave a like
Cool Stuff (2 months ago)
Here is how you pronounce it (I-SO-SI-HE-DRON)
Vtc_Gamer (2 months ago)
Mincraft monster gamemode
Nilda Amazona (2 months ago)
ender mod beck bro
Tammy Gale (2 months ago)
slenderman mod
Nathan Meadows (2 months ago)
You videos are awesome
Maidamward5 KatieB (2 months ago)
Ohcnjwiw7eks x ninnovation
Maidamward5 KatieB (2 months ago)
6yhe2y3yd6g5tyr54gghctfygh3jviff38bgfy do uno bbc.co high
jennifer kays (2 months ago)
love it
Lindsay Erin (2 months ago)
or craft anything into a sword mod
Lindsay Erin (2 months ago)
cat mod
mad caker (2 months ago)
Check out the biomes I'm plenty mod
Ugnius Ugninis (2 months ago)
do ai level mod!! :)
logdotzip 2.0 (2 months ago)
lovvvvvvvve u dbz modddddddd
Piper Howard (2 months ago)
im sick.
Jack Morrissey (3 months ago)
hi beckbrojackmyour rilly my bro
Roxanne Truesdell (3 months ago)
Hey Beckbrojack Check out The Hungry shark world Mod
William Pabst (3 months ago)
Stampy's lovely world MOD\
lois and mig vlog (3 months ago)
thaths chance block
The Mage (3 months ago)
James Walker (3 months ago)
troll block mod
Jess Lentini (3 months ago)
Oliver Lopez (3 months ago)
New minecraft Golem VS ENDER DRAGON please!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan McDougall (3 months ago)
i love your vids =)
Jordan Sun (3 months ago)
What is that colorful thing
James Ranone (3 months ago)
A twelve sided 3D star is called a stellular rhombic dodecahedron
Jacob zerangue (4 months ago)
Star wars mod
Braydan Sonstegard (4 months ago)
bad93ex (4 months ago)
I love it
Fancy Serach (4 months ago)
The last sword you ever nid
augustinux gamer pro (4 months ago)
Please tekkit
Gunman sans 9999 (4 months ago)
hi don't die
Lucio (4 months ago)
I liked the music when big things happen like the BIG lucky block and time ran out in the maze
Gadinosaur 3 (4 months ago)
And piiiiiiiin me
Gadinosaur 3 (4 months ago)
What song is the intro?
Essa Abou (4 months ago)
All the good effects armor MOD
Marcell Hung (4 months ago)
people who watch ssundee lucky block series MUST KNOW KEHAAN IS EVIL
Tara Russon (4 months ago)
transformer mod
paulette martells (4 months ago)
Please do naruto
Zombie Cyclops (4 months ago)
Theo Parry (4 months ago)
Pls review the giant robot mod
madz venter (4 months ago)
Eric Breaux (4 months ago)
Car mod pleas pin
deandre phillip (4 months ago)
JE 863 (4 months ago)
Gaming with Tell (4 months ago)
Do the goku mod
lazy gamer (4 months ago)
More Wolves Mod
John Paul Tercio (4 months ago)
Thunder mod plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Jake the man (4 months ago)
He used clickbait
Latrell Givens (4 months ago)
Your dad did the girlfriend robots mod in Minecraft
Caroline Hornby (4 months ago)
Un useful items
hocsy pocsy (5 months ago)
MELLOMAN 007 (5 months ago)
Chaos dragon vs end dragon
Adrian Arnold (5 months ago)
this is the best ever
atlantiean minecraft (5 months ago)
Do a morphing vid
ThetrueCaptain Doggo (5 months ago)
Tech gun mod
Amber Closson (5 months ago)
Do Friday the 13 mod
montiehgames (5 months ago)
Do traincraft
Knut Bengnér (5 months ago)
Your really crazy bro!!!
Kill Craft (5 months ago)
I hit bell and all. Do a review on flans mod
Agent LW (5 months ago)
Can you do the tnt lucky blocks!
Josiah Thomas (5 months ago)
lucky block mod
Kelim Majano (5 months ago)
do mo rmor part 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dathsroke Games (5 months ago)
don the SML
Dathsroke Games (5 months ago)
seen hes a noob he should get drite block
Dathsroke Games (5 months ago)
alexs is noob
Milo Hämäläinen (1 month ago)
Dathsroke Games dodo wow lol xd
SHADOW GAMER3000 (5 months ago)
Jack you call every new thing crazy
montano 8899 (5 months ago)
MadlyHyperion30 (5 months ago)
Solar Apocalypse Mod
YouTubers lucky block
Roope Kvist (5 months ago)
Star wars mod
Ian Dela (5 months ago)
Hi what's the intro songs name
Sandworm and Ender dragon mix
Ni Vost (5 months ago)
Dargonballz mod
Dennis is here (5 months ago)
sasa vukosavljevic (5 months ago)
TNT lucky block
Seema Kumar (5 months ago)
Unluckiest lucky block
Big bro Christensen (5 months ago)
Do orspawn vs mythical plz
Daniël Van Der Plaat (5 months ago)
ender io
Tristan Ocampo (5 months ago)
Hi BeckBroJack I love u ur my favourite YouTuber ever plz like
Jayden Lewis (5 months ago)
Beckbrojack u forgot about your orespawn series u did not craft big Bertha
R_H_777 YT (5 months ago)
Herobrine Mod plz
Rickard Ihre (5 months ago)
You have super cool videos I'm will never dislike your videos
Milo Hämäläinen (1 month ago)
Rickard Ihre i did
Xircle the Circle (3 months ago)
Rickard Ihre (3 months ago)
Xircle the Circle what are you meaning?
Xircle the Circle (3 months ago)
Angie Garcia (5 months ago)
Refight the titans you didn't defeat.
sultan saepudin (5 months ago)
if u have a 1 hit sword u can repair it with diamonds u have
Angie Garcia (5 months ago)
You are the best youtuber ever😇😆.
GUSS WRIGHT (5 months ago)
Do mobzilla and Godzilla in a mob battle

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