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Rival Rebels Vs Mobzilla! Minecraft Mod Vs Mod

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Hey guys can we reach 500+ Likes for the new series? Rival Rebels Mod:http://www.minecrafthippie.com/rival-rebels-mod-download/ Orespawn Mod:http://goo.gl/zFXXuX Time Stopper Mod:http://forum.minecraftuser.jp/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6628 Minecraft Rival Rebels Vs Mobzilla Mod Vs Mod. Minecraft mod vs mod is a series where I use weapons such as nukes, explosives, stealth bombers, TNT, and more from mods and take the hardest bosses from other mods and use these weapons of mass destruction to try and destroy the boss! If the boss can not be killed with the modded weapons then the boss wins but if I suceed to kill the boss with the weapons from the mod of coice the mod wins! Using Stealth Bombers, Atomic Bombs, & Nukes from the Rival Rebels mod to try and kill Mobzilla the Mutant Godzilla and one of the most powerful minecraft bosses ever! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm All music in this video was used with permission from its creator
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Text Comments (92)
Kelly Renspurger (9 months ago)
Godzilla mod vs military mod!
Michael Williams (1 year ago)
U got 11k
Pirido Jake HD (1 year ago)
Tzar bomb (rival rebels mod) vs end
Master Mewtwo (2 years ago)
Do not like intro
Master Mewtwo (2 years ago)
Noah Jones (2 years ago)
the reason the nukes failed is because you 1. didn't get it in the hotbox right 2. the nuke blew up the other nukes. also, you need hydrogen rods i believe.
Doruk_ayy (2 years ago)
""""" (•_•) """"""
Xvirus (2 years ago)
ICBM MOD vs ore spawn
Xvirus (2 years ago)
ICBM mod vs ore spawn mod
Donovan Waggoner (2 years ago)
I don't even use the rival rebels mod, and I know you've never played minecraft before. The tips of the nukes were where you kept clicking, but that wasn't part of the nukes' hitbox, so I know you're a noob.
+Donovan Waggoner he's a youtuber not a noob
Donovan Waggoner (2 years ago)
And for the stealth bombers, it targets the ground...
Donovan Waggoner (2 years ago)
Amy Walters (3 years ago)
the kracen
irontom10 (3 years ago)
Debbie Bisel (3 years ago)
Use the gun mod
JDplaysHD (4 years ago)
Starwars vs Godziller
Amy E. (4 years ago)
Hit him in the balls
Weashoo (4 years ago)
Your intro is just.. Ugh Do no like it
Sam Lawson (4 years ago)
And use the flans mod it another weapons mod but their is more guns tanks helicopters fighter planes bomber planes and a bunch of other things
Pandu Louis (3 years ago)
i agree
Sam Lawson (4 years ago)
I saw you on a server once
Lojan Of The Shire (4 years ago)
You are to close to your mic. it makes you sound fuzzy.
Justin Pascua (4 years ago)
Use natural disaster mod
Pat Anutarasoti (4 years ago)
Flans mod vs emperor wcorpion
Darte (4 years ago)
intro horrivel
ColorBreaker (4 years ago)
You can get it from skydaz
Gary Hines II (4 years ago)
Jered do god zilla vs explosives +
Tohbu Shimana (4 years ago)
His hit boxes are its feet
Daniel Houston (4 years ago)
I think u should have set up a nuke then spawned mobzilla
Ardent (4 years ago)
What?!?!?! The DL link for time stopper mod is a link to another website with a diff language!
Ardent (4 years ago)
Thaumcraft + Thaumic Tinkerer Vs. Godzilla!!!  Might wanna download Thaumic Cheatery if you want to be able to have the best staff.
Eduardo Garcia (4 years ago)
He is made out of radiation and nuclear tested
Jean Perez (4 years ago)
Hey do a crazy craft series
Skymorales Morales (4 years ago)
Slime mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skymorales Morales (4 years ago)
Too much TNT mod + period
Simin Ye (4 years ago)
mobzilla is a mob not a block so u can't target mobzilla directly
Kitty Kei (4 years ago)
hippie bundle of sticks
AlexTheKaiser (4 years ago)
AlexTheKaiser (4 years ago)
AlexTheKaiser (4 years ago)
AlexTheKaiser (4 years ago)
Travis Goodnight (4 years ago)
congrats for 1000 videos
Chad Goss (4 years ago)
I like rivals riebls mod can you use it
Karen Chaffins (4 years ago)
boring  vid
I closed the video the second I saw the intro. THIS is why I think recording this game is a lost cause.
+julbot1 No, but wannabes with random names and godawful blender intros are.
julbot1 (4 years ago)
So you think it's a lost cause to record minecraft because of one uploader's intro?
FallenZCreator (4 years ago)
Nop we dont know what you dide 
Anna N (4 years ago)
NICE intro man!
EpicLazyGuy (4 years ago)
9,500th viewer :3
Queen Bri (4 years ago)
ATL02BATCH (4 years ago)
You r Awsome
Unlikely Specimen (4 years ago)
How about The King VS The Hater
RockedSolid (4 years ago)
Battle 234 (4 years ago)
Rocketsolid you actually commented!I'm a huge fan!
Goku Griffin (4 years ago)
You couldn't hit him because he has a weird hit box
0mn0m8w31rdc4ndy (4 years ago)
Creepypasta mod vs scp mod
Adomas Sirvydis (4 years ago)
do godzilla vs too much tnt mod
Azel Low (4 years ago)
Mutant creatures
jason talbot (4 years ago)
your weapons is going apeshit 
jason talbot (4 years ago)
do 7 mobzilla vs the king vs godzilla vs 3333333333333
jason talbot (4 years ago)
33333333333333 wtfs
TEMPAA xhdz (4 years ago)
Mobzillas hitbox is under his belly
Jordan Saies (4 years ago)
King vs Tesla gun
James Evangelists (4 years ago)
Hater (team crafted mod) VS the king
PHOON BLEW (4 years ago)
Your awesome
Zoe Abbott (4 years ago)
Plz dude do herobrine mod vs the king!!!!!
production lures (4 years ago)
Whats the introtrack
production lures (4 years ago)
Whats the introtrack
Jermaine Johnson (4 years ago)
The king vs dragon ball z
The king vs the orespawn mod
its kimchii :p (4 years ago)
Gettindizzy (4 years ago)
Alex Goodin (4 years ago)
Mobzilla vs dragon ball z
dominic sicignano (4 years ago)
Mobzilla vs batman mod
dominic sicignano (4 years ago)
i dont have any
justin Gardner (4 years ago)
to much tnt mod vs Godzilla
its kimchii :p (4 years ago)
PRC BRIDOGG24 (4 years ago)
Do the more TNT mod vs mutant
PRC BRIDOGG24 (4 years ago)
You should do the tropicraft mod
Tracy Feor (4 years ago)
Do the king vs too much TNT!
Julie Sheehan (4 years ago)
Keep this mod butt go against the king!
Pacman64 (4 years ago)
it should be mod vs mob
Spartan Warrior (4 years ago)
The King versus Too much TNT mod
Sofia Double time (4 years ago)
The Trumpster (4 years ago)
O_O oookkkk
Connor Morrow (4 years ago)
AsYouShouldMyGuy (4 years ago)
Hey guys can we reach an amazing 500 LIKES FOR THE NEW SERIES????? Comment some mods and bosses to do for the next episode!
JaredAlecRealm sorry more you Have a stupid intro
JaredAlecRealm sorry note you Have a stupid intro
Chrisjohn Orellana (4 years ago)
Can u do more gta please I like watching it and its funny keep up the good work

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