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Check Out Zach King! https://www.youtube.com/ZachKingVine We are checking out lots of Zack Kings Magic Tricks with animals and reacting to it! Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen EPIC SHIRTS! Shirts! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos Don't forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content! Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/popularmmospat/ Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Thank you Zach King for giving us permission to react to your vids! Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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PopularMMOs (1 year ago)
We are checking out some more Zach King videos!!! I love these!!! I hope you dudes do too!! I am still recording with Jen so I will be replying to comments a bit later :)
TwinTrouble2000 (1 year ago)
PopularMMOs magic sparkle sparkle luv your vids
Alan Davis (1 year ago)
PopularMMOs you guys are so funny
21_AVA (1 year ago)
PopularMMOs l
maribel bernal (1 year ago)
PopularMMOs I love it
Cf Vlogs (24 minutes ago)
BTSJungkook Fan 111 (48 minutes ago)
Nicolai pastor (2 hours ago)
stop being fooled by it its just edit theres no magician dude
Drifter Skillicorn (3 hours ago)
i am subscribed and have been watching your vids for 5 years now
Peter Newman (4 hours ago)
ok pat have a good day :)
RealDestroyax Gaming (5 hours ago)
Wilbur from Charlottes web
veronica Garcia (5 hours ago)
"Harry Potter got nothing on Zach king"HA WHAT A STUBID THING TO SAY JEN
Katrena Pinter (7 hours ago)
Katrena Pinter (7 hours ago)
It's purring dummings
Katrena Pinter (7 hours ago)
He's back he exists it pay and jen
Alison and matt Haines (7 hours ago)
GAMES R FUN (7 hours ago)
Oliver Krejbich (8 hours ago)
2:19 put in slow motion
It's Gaming Jojo (8 hours ago)
you Sey truet
Melissa Chaney (9 hours ago)
Why did he atit his videos I was a fan of him now I am not 😡😡😡😡😡
Kelly Machin (12 hours ago)
Correction wizztart
Family Auzenne (13 hours ago)
I am a wizard with sleeping! jelly?
Family Auzenne (13 hours ago)
Elaine Marquez (14 hours ago)
Can you watch aarons animals
Michael Curry (16 hours ago)
It was just purring
Lulu Idris (18 hours ago)
I love you
jonah sorrentino (18 hours ago)
i subscribed
jonah sorrentino (18 hours ago)
i you and jen to play granny horror
Anggie v (19 hours ago)
The cat goes angry like that that’s how a cat gets angry
Esat Oh (1 day ago)
foxy master253 94 (1 day ago)
On the prison part Zach king was like peace im out
Nour Alibrahim (1 day ago)
Set slowmotion 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Natasha Moila (1 day ago)
he was purrrrrrring
Natasha Moila (1 day ago)
some is magic and real my cousin saw him at the shop real promise he didnt have enogh money so he peeled it
xxxlaquan stevens (1 day ago)
xxxlaquan stevens (1 day ago)
Rolu Bravo (1 day ago)
Zach you're a wizard
red x gamer (1 day ago)
You guys are the best luv your yt channel i wrll get your book soon
Galaxygirl Jane (1 day ago)
Awesome I watch it too
Calan Feagin (1 day ago)
Edits vids
JJ Almighty (1 day ago)
Nobody nose... 🤔
ThijsKraan (1 day ago)
Wait wha...the.......doubtful !?!?!?
Hung Nguyen (2 days ago)
Did you didn’t know about a invisible cape that’s new
David Bye (2 days ago)
dragon man (2 days ago)
I subscibed
STG 55 (2 days ago)
TheAwesomeGirl_ 22 (2 days ago)
I subscribed
fortnitegod1 legend (2 days ago)
Yarizmar Alva (2 days ago)
I LOVE YOU POPULARMMOS!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
oxo_Jessica_ oxo (2 days ago)
M. N. L. K. P. B. Z. X. D. G. H. U. E. R. Q. W. J. F. S. A. T. Y.
Eli Jones (2 days ago)
i subscribed
Nina Phommaseng (2 days ago)
No it’s magic trick it’s all editing
Mi Mi (2 days ago)
Wizards of magic
Bethany Darvin (2 days ago)
I subscribed
7mooday HQ (3 days ago)
Hamada Mada (3 days ago)
That noise meens it happy
The card one when he threw it i think it was sliced already
pger10 (3 days ago)
Edit because the card went sideways not forward 😠😠😡🤬😤😖😣👿😡😾👎
YMP Elevenca (3 days ago)
That is real I have done it I slice my apples like that
Mark Domingo (3 days ago)
I always watch him yo 👋
Menard Kyle P.Inaldo (3 days ago)
All cats make that noise
Henry j Seymer 3rd (3 days ago)
It's not that loud
midisa1975 (3 days ago)
hi can you watch jeff the killer
Bailey Trudgett (4 days ago)
Pat you know that is real cat noises they do that noise when there annoyed
Cheng Wah Khor (4 days ago)
My brother said to don’t watch your videos but I still watch them I like your channel
Deanna Supatan (4 days ago)
Your faces is so ahhhh i cannot describe it
janne70 gt (4 days ago)
U have biutiful girl friend
Fox3Gamer Girl (4 days ago)
sorry to ruin your dreams pat and jen but the cats are puppets thats why they purr weirdly its not purrfect
Pepper & Chris Mayney (4 days ago)
The apple was cut
Davyan Paredes (4 days ago)
The 'Perrrrr...' from the cats are real...That how it goes... ._.
hamster hands 2 (4 days ago)
The mouse is a hamster
Eirik Øgaard (4 days ago)
its just film trics
sara porter (4 days ago)
I subscribed
Matthew Luvs Games (4 days ago)
Oksana Newton (5 days ago)
There must be people in green screen like if you agree
Georgina Stevens (5 days ago)
Fabian Valdez (5 days ago)
Do Collins keu
Zack does edit
Leonardo Mora (5 days ago)
Dude the cat was purring and when it's purring it's happy duh
Kennedy Blackburn (5 days ago)
weirds i alwasy watching him for 1year Dude pat jen
Ollie Rhodes (5 days ago)
James Connolly (5 days ago)
It's almost Halloween
maddelyn smith (5 days ago)
I like zack kings videos too I love them sooo much but I like your videos more and I think zack king is a wizard too
Huisterful (5 days ago)
Not a wizard
Huisterful (5 days ago)
hello he is the best guy
Connie Tan (5 days ago)
Matthew Lund (5 days ago)
Travis (6 days ago)
Guys that cat noise is the purring Thats the noise
Shuo Wang (6 days ago)
This is 😉 amazing
Prabin Chamlagai (6 days ago)
Power of editing
Larnell Benbow Jr (6 days ago)
Pat tell jen can i mary jen
Larnell Benbow Jr (6 days ago)
Yeah he is a wizard
Jason Sams (6 days ago)
The cats prrring
Doug Shuey (6 days ago)
I don't want to on one of Jen's videos she posted that you keep she posted that you keep on making her sad so well she told me that so you should really start being nice to her
DuckyP (6 days ago)
its called editing
Sidrah Ahmed (6 days ago)
It’s sooooo cooool
AOG King (6 days ago)
8:03 theres no card then a card then no card
mega star (6 days ago)
I'm sorry
mega star (6 days ago)
Stop puseing
Exequiel Cabrera (6 days ago)
That's DEMON'S MAGIC, I'm amazed but is a dark demons magic, like this >>>😈🤡😈<<<
Rej Salalila (7 days ago)
Can u add friend me at ROBLOX Pat and Jen
Matthew Wiebe (7 days ago)
i subed
Tim Zeller (7 days ago)
I love you guys
nikki g (7 days ago)
So cool magic
Mariah Aultman (7 days ago)
Zack King is Zach King is the bomb

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