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Game Theory: How DEADLY Is Super Mario's Bob-Omb?

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Mario's LUNAR APOCALYPSE!! ►► http://bit.ly/2FRgd4Y How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill? ►► http://bit.ly/2FhaN5J Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 We've told you about Mario. We've told you about Luigi, and Peach, and Kirby. We've told you A LOT about Nintendo over the years. But now, loyal Theorists, we turn to something new; something old; something EXPLOSIVE!! Today we are going to find out just how DEADLY is Bob-Omb!! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Hang out with us on GTLive! ►► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz More THEORIES: Super Mario BETRAYED?! ►► http://bit.ly/2zCM6v4 KSI vs Logan Paul? Who Would Win?! ►► http://bit.ly/2EPdhVl WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl Loot Boxes Hack Your Brain! (Pt 1) ►► http://bit.ly/2EZ4BPA Scariest Game You Won't Play | Petscop ► http://bit.ly/2CFzDXF Doki Doki’s SCARIEST Monster! ► http://bit.ly/2Cg0b5T How Bendy Will END! ►►► http://bit.ly/2oqRNbd Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://goo.gl/GFK9EV
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Text Comments (19728)
StrickenRecord (8 hours ago)
And so what we learned: whatever is inside a Bob-Omb. it sure as hell isn't black powder.
MCFinalNinja FTW (11 hours ago)
Ka-boom indeed...
Potato (18 hours ago)
Ana Lígia Mello (18 hours ago)
Kudos for the brazilian meme.
Endy 12 (19 hours ago)
When your a hipokrit to yourself
Irvin Flores (1 day ago)
Me:ZZZZZZZ, huh what
Tyler Crandall (1 day ago)
Do you hate America?😭😭😭😔😔😔😭😭😭😔😔😔
Gay Bird Leader (2 days ago)
When I first saw this all I could think about was how MatPat and Dom seemed to have a genuine friendship and how MatPat seems good with kids... "Aw he's so good with kids he would be a great dad!" Now MatPat IS A DAD AND IM SO PROUD OF HIM!!
enderking (2 days ago)
Mat in 10:49 you say 82 ft for the fatal area but then you say 98 ft for fatal area i am confused also what if every bomb-omb in the mario franchise was combined how much mega joules will it have
Moonlight Crobat 500 (2 days ago)
analyse how deadly getting hit by a spinning Koopa shell would be
Beam uThrow (2 days ago)
I like the voice of the internet
16:02 my name
Grace Veschak (3 days ago)
Hehe bob omb sounds funny
Evjord (3 days ago)
You should do how deadly are the seeking bullet bills and torpedo toms
NoobPlayz YT (4 days ago)
I love the internet he is such a cool chaicter
Matt saying “bob-omb” kinda sounds sounds like “butt-bump” lol
Simon Iversen (4 days ago)
Good intro!🙂
Bwacha HD (4 days ago)
4:04 Ka- *BOOM*
Jack Casey (4 days ago)
That doki doki joke was the most cringey thing ever
Pikajuice (4 days ago)
The bomb weighs more than me!!!‼️ oh yeah and to whoever is reading this have a nice day!
elNILLU (5 days ago)
What hapoen if there is less powder inside it?
Andrew Hernandez (6 days ago)
I mean suiside bomers
Andrew Hernandez (6 days ago)
Suisiders much
anders nygaard (6 days ago)
Never again will I wish..... You pressed read more Ha ha
Pat Barry (7 days ago)
irrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrily dont like your intro ;|
Aerix (8 days ago)
But what about the Live Action movie's Bob-omb?
Noobyarceus 50000 (8 days ago)
Wait king bombomb has arms too Unsubscribe
Diamond Dragons (8 days ago)
That’s a lotta damage
The Blue ninja (9 days ago)
Mat pat some one will make a real life bomb bomb you know who the Donald
Pretzel Time (9 days ago)
0:43 -no- all Xbox 360s were harmed in the making of this intro.
Girl law Ofthewild (9 days ago)
U do stuff I haven’t learned yet but I oddly understand
birdymoon Harvanek (9 days ago)
but what about his feet you also added his feet so the explosive gets about a good bit smaller
Faded Gemstone (9 days ago)
Zefram Brunkow (10 days ago)
A shot in the dark... it's got a windup key. Like the mechakoopa, it's probably mechanically powered. Would that throw off the measurements on explosive capacity?
Bill Cipher (10 days ago)
Love matpats effects and voict
Mark Perez (10 days ago)
Oh god,
Trinity Carluzzo (11 days ago)
Can you do a house tour please
Edvinas Sungur (11 days ago)
That HYPER-CRINGY joke at 0:01
Prefer Awesome Dogs (11 days ago)
BoomBoomBro 101 (11 days ago)
I love the mario movies bob-omb reference with someone stuttering trying to yell bomb 😄 (im probably the only one that watched it, huh)
Lyra Tano (11 days ago)
LOL that bit at the end, that's why I keep coming back. Theories mixed in with some humor among friends, the perfect combination. XD
mason arnold (11 days ago)
First and last time to have arms. Shows king bomb omb from 64
joshua moe (11 days ago)
What about the biggest bomb in super mario maker?
“The first and last time to have arms “ what about the king bob bombs
SauceMage (11 days ago)
Then what about the POW block
SauceMage (11 days ago)
Also the King Bomb-omb boss in Mario party star rush for the 3DS
Nub Rules (11 days ago)
Not in roblox Noobs Vs Zombies The Mortars shoots big bullets
Ancient Golem Gaming (11 days ago)
But this is Mario
ZerqTM (12 days ago)
2:22 did't you contradict yourself there? that bob-omb king thingy had arms too
Jensen White (12 days ago)
Like that nice little Portal voice you got going there.
Erfedwe (12 days ago)
But Mario 3’s cannons look the same as it’s mortars.
Elect 6339 (12 days ago)
7:49 FORSHADOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danielathan (12 days ago)
MatPat: "IF memory serves, this.... shouldn't do anything..." *poke* *KABOOOOM!!!!!!!* Me: "It's a bomb! What where you expecting?" Also, I was absolutely blown away, mind blown! That really was an explosive ending! *wink* *wink*
Zillion Knight (13 days ago)
I have mario party nine/9
thekittyempire warrior (13 days ago)
You forgot bomb king from palidins
xSlyFox (13 days ago)
3:27 oh I see what you hid there 👀👀
Mohandas BARRAN (13 days ago)
i have a question:how many times did MatPat say bomb?
Hilary Hamm (13 days ago)
wait if memory serves this should't do anything jk u ded
Purple magic (13 days ago)
Ash Gaming (13 days ago)
The intro brings back so much nostalgia
the ending though it's so funny with matpat and dominick
lwvmobile (14 days ago)
If you combine this with the other Mario videos where you have to calculate gravity in the Mario games and find it to be substantially higher than Earth, wouldn't that affect the blast radius of the bobombs in some way?
hydrosolar1 (14 days ago)
dominic is funny and awesome
Xammeron (15 days ago)
14:32 nightmare fuel
Nick Adkins (15 days ago)
no mat pat YOU dead son!*dabs*
Rafaelle Francisco (15 days ago)
your a theory god oh and great video
future sans (15 days ago)
14:44 The shrapnel text coming together from tony pieces looks like it’s from the intro of the Twilight zone
Evan Cleary (16 days ago)
That episode was da bomb
Ailyn Lopez (16 days ago)
When you are watching MatPat while practicing guitar 😂😂
Brama Saputra (16 days ago)
Are the inside the bomb just a gunpowder? How about the bomb is a robot fill with gun powder
Mr. Will (16 days ago)
I’ve never seen the end until just now I feel weird
Joel Mejia (16 days ago)
do you play mortal combat
terio bost (16 days ago)
In the first Mario game on the ds there was a bomb on a challenge level and I think he was bigger than the one you called the biggest (EDIT) not counting king bomb om
VEEMOS RULE (16 days ago)
HEY the imperial system is not stupid
LUIGI PLAYER ONE (17 days ago)
what is doki doki
MP Studios (17 days ago)
2:23 “Bobombs never had arms again” shows picture of King Bob-omb... who has arms
Dead Tree (17 days ago)
Ah back when (if memory serves) fnaf was being thought up we where discovering Mario's evil and I was to young but never got below a c in math or science so thanks.
Potato (17 days ago)
Well we just throw these things at each other while go karting...
Simple Animator (17 days ago)
*Kids are gonna die tonight*
X360bam90 M (18 days ago)
8:32 THEY DED SON THEY DED Someone help me I'm dying of laughter
Luis Merchan (18 days ago)
14:33 whyyyyyyyyy nooooo
McStinky's stuff 2.0 (18 days ago)
A B (18 days ago)
The reason Mario does not die is.... Bowser just puts less gunpowder in the Bob-ombs lol.
Dante k-po monzani (18 days ago)
I am so glad you use meters an kilos 😅
Dr Oddfellow (19 days ago)
I wonder which has more members as a group......those who've played Super Mario RPG or those who've seen this video.
Jonathan Barak (19 days ago)
i wonder though - the bob-ombs are alive and sentient. meaning they have some sort of body systems - at least a brain and a face. so wouldn't it mean that the amount of black powder in them be less than what Matpat calculated?
Thats Ruff Dog (19 days ago)
Sorry, but king bob-omb doesn’t have a fuse so he can’t explode unless you throw bombs at him like in the mini game. But like in 64 you see that when you throw him he doesn’t ignite like any other bomb.
Thats Ruff Dog (19 days ago)
“First and last time bob-ombs would have arms.” Then shows king bob-omb. He’s still a bob-omb, get your facts checked.
*that's alotta damage*
Peka Silk (20 days ago)
Rip matpap
Mr. Muffins (20 days ago)
Lol I still remember that intro
Sam Huskey (20 days ago)
kaboom indeed
Xavier the Roblox kid (20 days ago)
1:21 anyone notice golden Freddy
Gameboy123 (21 days ago)
my math teacher will be a fan if i showed her this
GamingArtsGecko (21 days ago)
Hey loved the intro, made me laugh so hard!
YeetVonOof (21 days ago)
Broken Staircase.

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