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Today we check out 5 structures that were cut from Minecraft! » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library
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Anthony Powell (1 year ago)
I have been a fan of your channel for years, and when i first found you, you were my favorite youtuber. I really love how instead of giving up since nobody was watching your content, you made something new and really enjoyable! thank you so much for entertaining me with weird and interesting videos on the daily :D (also im in the early squad :P ) btw Mojang should totally bring back brick pyramids XD
Ezekiel Mr H. (25 days ago)
Anthony Powell Ant was one of my favs for a long time too. I think I found him through an adventure map colab thing he did with sky like... crap probably 4 maybe 5 years ago? I don't even remember... >_<*
Ethan Guthrie (1 month ago)
Anthony Powellzlll,kolk
William Bunnell (2 months ago)
Anthony Powell i only agree because bricks are next to impossible to get
rares2510 (3 months ago)
Anthony Powell I’m dumb
They should add all the structures added back into the game.
IDrawStuff (6 days ago)
Wait... Desert pyramids are a thing? All that I’ve seen in the desert are temples, wells, and villages
Traktorq (6 days ago)
there was a jungle fortress too
PoLKadOYSTebOMb (7 days ago)
The vagina is a muscular canal extending from the cervix to the outside of the body. The word "vagina" is a Latin word meaning "a sheath or scabbard", a scabbard into which one might slide and sheath a sword. The "sword" in the case of the anatomic vagina was the penis.
foregivensoul (8 days ago)
the farland as a world option
Boomburd (9 days ago)
What about the old P.E nether generators they had instead of a portal
Golden Fantasy (10 days ago)
This is how much Minecraft has grown I'm proud of Notch.
Enduro/Trail NSW (11 days ago)
I miss the old terrain generation from the old beta days
Jimmie Johnson Fan48 (12 days ago)
I want the farlands back
Random Gaming & more (13 days ago)
me would be the far lands
RAI RU (13 days ago)
Did u see his blocks at the pyramind things? Its like 981
Saeyoung새영 (15 days ago)
honestly i wish they could add the farlands back, yes ik there are things today in the settings that you can have something kinda like it but i think the original are the best and me being a builder who likes to build on the sides of cliffs it would be a dream for me to build there
Lazy Boy (22 days ago)
I really like to have the out lands thing back that would be coll
derpatron 888 (24 days ago)
Don’t you hate when you find a desert temple and the coast are automatically despawned because the temple is intercepted by a cave.
Daniel Stwalley (24 days ago)
I kindof wish the Farlands weren’t removed. They were always so awesome to explore and try to live in.
Dylan Sandoval (24 days ago)
if I spwan in the wither it ends up finding it
Ezekiel Mr H. (25 days ago)
Personally, I think the obsidian wall could come back as ruins of some heavily fortified castle or something. 😁
Ah, the old days. The days when creepers jumped at you to do damage and exploded on death.
RogerWilco (25 days ago)
I think I remember the wooden starter house. Man, I've played this game for a long time.
Vanessa Martinez (26 days ago)
I never knew about this!!😱
Joshua Fogg (26 days ago)
Minecraft Archeology. Now I've seen everything.
Bella Ella (26 days ago)
We all need the farlands back but it be a world option
Stephen Pritchett (27 days ago)
The mossy cobblestone wasn't entirely removed so much as repurposed into a dungeon underground with a mob spawner and a couple of chests.
Professor Logan Berry (27 days ago)
I like to imagine that dungeons are the spawn homes and current minecraft takes place centuries after indev.
Tracie Ward (28 days ago)
i fond a brick premd
Diamond The Hedgehog (29 days ago)
I wanna see the Farlands return.
Pengu, Penguin King (29 days ago)
I am an old Minecraft player so I remember all of this
Mert Oguz (29 days ago)
I shouldve been studying now
void wanderer (30 days ago)
you know the little sandstone pools with the tops on em you showed, im startin to think thoes may actually just be shrines made by villager priests.
Joshua Red (30 days ago)
Ya’ll forgot about the nether fortress in MCPE that requires the nether reactor core
Rukir (1 month ago)
What about the jungle temples?? I havent seen them since the update they came out in
Yen Abubo (1 month ago)
My dad and i used to build a brick pyramid...hmm...
Wynn Gentapa (1 month ago)
When it was my first time to play Minecraft I was like "WHAAAAT"??. So then I found your channel on YouTube, after watching your videos I was like wow Minecraft is so complex...but when I got the hang of it I was very thankful that antvenom is here.. I learned everything from Minecraft even though I'm on Pocket edition... THANKS ANTVENOM😊
C A D (1 month ago)
0.5X When you take 5 shots of wishkey
TheAnon03 (1 month ago)
Been playing Minecraft since near the begining (back when you played in a web browser from what I remember) Never saw a brick pyramid and don't remember obsidian walls.
Tamao Umbre (1 month ago)
I want "the far lands"
Morgan H (1 month ago)
I havent watched a minecraft video since middle school
Polski Polak (1 month ago)
Wow, this Channel is cool!
Kobe Tran (1 month ago)
ant can you tell me if the wells in vills we're replaced?
Matic Povse (1 month ago)
I really want to see obsidian walls coming back. They will form in a smaller area and in shape of the broken-apart fortress (in shape of a square). Plus you could harvest obsidian)
abcmole (1 month ago)
I like the starter house at spawn.
Lewis Thorburn (1 month ago)
What's behind the far land's ?❓❔
Quisl (1 month ago)
So is the Minecraft world infinite now since he farlands are removed?
TinyLittleYoutuber (1 month ago)
I miss the brick pyramids, they were just cool, and you could break inside of it! Also, I recommend doing a vid where you make a mod of ‘the moon’. I know it’s a lot to ask but it would be super cool, and you’re super reliable so I thought I’d ask. I mean, please don’t do if you don’t want to, and especially if you can’t. Also, you probably should stop reading because I’m super annoying. Anyway I love you and please keep making videos!
raphael Stein (1 month ago)
wait why can't you just go past the far lands, they have a ton of holes
Jathom Red (1 month ago)
A farscape portal
Exo Sniper (1 month ago)
Floating islands, yeah best generated structure.
NicK Quebodaux (1 month ago)
I would like the pyramids like the pyramid sets Pond that is brick that doesn't have nothing but has TNT in it till I come back but have TNT and Flynn still like 2055 Flynn still in TNT in it
Lord Hrvatska (1 month ago)
wait pyramids exist
PandaKiddo Plays (1 month ago)
The wall in the end is Trump wall
Yoren The Ripper (1 month ago)
Bring back Nether Core Mojang
Pugz4Life (1 month ago)
Who here remembers the PE Alpha nether?
Christian Payne (1 month ago)
U forgot the forgotten place called 666 rain biome
KSqoosh (1 month ago)
how do you get InDev? i can only get infdev...
Crani (1 month ago)
Add back the far lands!
Reagan Clark (1 month ago)
There is a cloud cross in when you showed the farlands in this video
Kilo the neko (1 month ago)
okay this is an old video but i can still comment on it I think it would be cool to see the minecraft worlds slowly destroy themself the more you survive the more your buildings start falling apart caves crumbling and i think 1000 days is a good number for it to start to happen then after 5000 days maybe the world exploding ? such thing would be neat for hardcore the knowledge that your world will delete itself if you die and that the world will END after a certain time limit so your buildings have to matter they have to be efficient so you can survive until the DOOMSDAY or maybe not explode but new mobs starting to appear like the red dragon , more powerfull mobs and obviously The end and nether tearing into the overworld and maybe a gamerule that could activate the doomsday sooner so minecraft youtubers can end a minecraft series with a BANG a big BANG
Stuffed Minecrafter (1 month ago)
i soooooo want the farlands back
AFoxFromSpace14 (1 month ago)
I actually like the brick pyramids. You could probably build something fun out of it
TheBreadDragon (1 month ago)
I remember the glass pillars
FuckinAntiPope (1 month ago)
I want the brick pyramid back. It's just kinda awesome! Obsidian Walls are also kinda awesome
Ian Douglass (1 month ago)
I've seen one of the sandstone water well things in the desert
Foxyfan777 Baxter (1 month ago)
ThePixelFlames (1 month ago)
I want the farlands back but like an optional thing and that you can set how far away the farlands will begin.
Berre (1 month ago)
kneegrows Trihard 7
How to take care of your cermet
Preston Garvey Dog (1 month ago)
what about the termite place? With the ice and stuff
Legoless (2 months ago)
you forgot locked chests
Rival Nolan (2 months ago)
i love it
Ibraheem Qazi (2 months ago)
John McNamar (2 months ago)
Anybody remember the old nether structure generated in pocket edition before the netherworld?
Fearful Gaming (2 months ago)
What if they made the farlands a world, like the Nether? Probably stupid, kinda interesting.
G04TCYA (2 months ago)
My first house was a 10 by 10 hollow obsidian cube. I used creative
john mark igsoc (2 months ago)
the farlands still exist
xWeeb (2 months ago)
I love the farlands!!!!
Lord_peculier (2 months ago)
I want the farlands back
Ryan Alberts (2 months ago)
trooper steve (2 months ago)
Farlands will return after all why would they make a settlers skin series from the farlamds?
chara_auundertale (2 months ago)
When the aorror hit him to be conunedud
Anita Stephens (2 months ago)
Minecraft really is infinite. It generates random biomes as you go.
Skyler Rigby (2 months ago)
The farlands are still here
pro Psycho Girl (2 months ago)
I love your songs My favourite song is level up
Mark Van Gorkum (2 months ago)
Old school minecraft had so much more charm to it. Like current minecraft is a good game minecraft way back just had something about it. Maby the more cartoony textures or the crappier lighting.
BlazeGamer 110634 (2 months ago)
Did i just saw a cloud cross or am i just a 3 year old kid
Warpig 1999 (2 months ago)
They should bring back the farlands i would love to explore them
FurryEskimo (2 months ago)
What about all the stuff in the game now we forget about? Like giant bone skeletons in detests, igloos and their hidden rooms, and flower biomes. Lots of things in the game are so rare, many of us forget they exist!
mrnee_gurboi (2 months ago)
Did this dude just have 999 glass
Salvage Radium (2 months ago)
When I first saw the Far Lands, I thought someone wrote their name in it :D
alex chop (2 months ago)
I remember the good old days back in beta
undertale soviet sans (2 months ago)
I saw ur first video I liked and subscribed so many times
Rayhan Mewengkang (2 months ago)
Well, I think i would like the farlands to be back. It's kinda cool
minihalkoja (2 months ago)
The Farlands could become a biome. Maybe even a new "dimension" only accessible with a portal or something. It would also give a chance to make some crazy looking mobs.
Eddie B (2 months ago)
They should make one portal to the Far Lands and it should be 12 million blocks from Spawn but the player will not know which direction to go to find it! #AntVenom
Ghostman Wayne (2 months ago)
I think it wold be cool for them to leave there marks so u could discover them
KarlaO711 (2 months ago)
I rememeber those glas pillows. o:
Dinosaur Times (2 months ago)
Farlands should come back. Better border than blue stripes! It also gives you something to explore for.
B3G_CRY (2 months ago)
Man, I really miss the days when you'd just spawn in a box. I remember when I was like 12 and I would watch so many lets plays that started in that tiny box and just became amazing and wonderful. Man, I need to go back and create a new world in an old as heck version. Heck, I remember when the water mechanics were like if you had an underground room and destroyed one block with water next to it, the whole room would flood. Does anyone else remember that?
Klison (2 months ago)
I remember when Golden Sword used to spawn the Ender Dragon.
The far lands look so cool
Pechi (2 months ago)
Brick pyramids were there so you could get brick

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