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Top 4 advantages of using games to engage customers

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Video games are an important part of our leisure time, but they are not just developed for their fun factor. Games can be used for improving productivity too. Recently, we helped a client develop a video game to educate their target audience and generate leads. It is an effective tool to market services to target audience. The advantages of using games to communicate with target audience are: 1. Riding on big hits. Angry bird, Candy Crush and Farmville are some of the most popular games in game history. Companies can adapt these games to fit their objectives when they are red hot; 2. Games are designed to be interesting. With the help of graphics, animations, music and sound effects, products and services can be marketed in a sub-conscious way. It means that target customers learn your products without thinking; 3. Leads can be generated by collecting player's information. Players are more willing to give out information when they are offered incentives, e.g., lucky draw or power up; 4. Promotional messages can be integrated into games. They can be used to generate interests or cross-promote other products and services. As long as the integration is organic and natural, players will not find them intimidating.
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