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Minecraft: Just Jump - Episode 3 - We Have To Keep Sane!

2596 ratings | 126684 views
A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com If you guys enjoyed the video, leave a like rating and a comment :) Want to play the map? http://bit.ly/17QisPm Check out Laine - http://www.youtube.com/user/IAmTheAttack --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­----------------- •Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamersxfinest •Livestream - http://www.twitch.tv/gamersfinest •Get a T-Shirt at: http://mcfinest.spreadshirt.com •Twitter - http://bit.ly/1117Snf •Facebook - http://on.fb.me/14kEzfi Intro: Project 46 - Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYzxMAyrEEM&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=21 Outro: Hellberg & TwoThirds - Farewell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw8yADaCpxg&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­-----------------
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Text Comments (324)
cuusins forever (3 years ago)
Guys check out my gaming channel and nice video man
7575as (3 years ago)
Tip double jump
Cheradia (4 years ago)
for something to do they should play on a parkour map called nyon lights
mathew prystash (4 years ago)
what if other people joined and they tried to knock you off
Isak Larsson (4 years ago)
yeah right
Addy Bartolome (4 years ago)
jk love your videoes.
Addy Bartolome (4 years ago)
its laine not sane smart ones.
Verenice Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Good job smart one. It's supposed to be like that. Do you even English? They want to keep their sanity XD
Addy Bartolome (4 years ago)
btw you messed up on the title.
kyle paris (4 years ago)
L.O.L But racist.:D
Vanita Krouch (4 years ago)
I already know wut they look like... :P
Alma Astorga (4 years ago)
kyle paris (4 years ago)
Me too...IM A HUGE FAN!!!
Alexis Rubio (4 years ago)
why do keep saying titt's in a cup? its making me laugh too much
curtis baker (4 years ago)
Dont wait just go
jon0881 (4 years ago)
Joanne Kim (4 years ago)
Face cam face cam face cam
Kaspar Saare (4 years ago)
Danny loves you Max
Emil Granberg (4 years ago)
byron gagnuss (4 years ago)
Morgan Briele (4 years ago)
Tits in a cup??
TheJoeloner (4 years ago)
Do da face cam
josh balceta (5 years ago)
Jordan martt that means J_Martt
TheDailyMaddie (5 years ago)
I love Jordan omg
Alexander Stokes (5 years ago)
danny 1:40 screw you guys im going home bitches
Icad Adli (5 years ago)
MrBaseballman25 (5 years ago)
christiam rodriguez (5 years ago)
You are cool
christiam rodriguez (5 years ago)
staber 3ight (5 years ago)
Isaiah Watkins (5 years ago)
racist 10:35
Kitty Muchmore (5 years ago)
did anyone hear him say "oh my tits in a cup" cus that was funny
Kowie Auletta (5 years ago)
I would break my computer I have bad anger issues
Last Shadow (5 years ago)
I'd Google epic music and muted the Minecraft-Finest audio and listened to this with epic music! It's cool!!!
Slap Graffiti (5 years ago)
or 16
Evelyn Losada (5 years ago)
That jump I easy
1saac (5 years ago)
Eonteam (5 years ago)
finally someone else who says nvm. started to think i was alone
Nicklas Kent (5 years ago)
WOO HOO go age 15
Carson Hague (5 years ago)
Disconect is. What I use when i rage
Nicklas Kent (5 years ago)
I am 15 too :)
emilia petit (5 years ago)
You guys are weird
Jack Masliah (5 years ago)
you rock!!!
Alex M (5 years ago)
It's in the description.
MikeandBaxterProd (5 years ago)
i used disconnect on another parkour map and it was SOO helpful!
Anti Septiceye (5 years ago)
Kinda racist but I agree
Anti Septiceye (5 years ago)
Bodil had his squid army capture deadlox,sky hologram deadlox,and TrueMU had to save save them in a butter/ squid zone
Miranda Williams (5 years ago)
Lol your so right I have seen black people run
Luke Tame (5 years ago)
this would be so much easier on xbox
Jeremy Slater (5 years ago)
How do you get mods
ava (5 years ago)
i love u max
Paranormal Love (5 years ago)
Henry St.Clair (5 years ago)
yea but kortez the african american race has adapted to their ecosystem through time giving them an extra ligament in their leg allowing their knees to be more durable
kortez currie (5 years ago)
OMNOMER 12 just shut up because it was a racist comment because he is talking about someone of the opposite race and that is offensive bacause some blacks are not athletic so shut up.
fabian martinez (5 years ago)
How come max is recoding why can't Danny or Jordan record?
Diligent Pyrus (5 years ago)
mu mu (5 years ago)
max the vacum cleaner
OMNOMER12 (5 years ago)
damn people it's not racist it's stating that blacks are more athletic and shit then whites because of their ancestry
NejiHyugaLover (5 years ago)
guys calm down
Dom Saucin (5 years ago)
10:34 thats racist
Annamma Mathew (5 years ago)
14:48 that was funny
Kelvin Feliciano (5 years ago)
If i played with the me and max would just annoy the shit out of everybody we would be the ultimate Troll Team (TT)
Kelvin Feliciano (5 years ago)
I win all the games now! Just click di-is-conact
pidjin (5 years ago)
No offense but sky better XD
pidjin (5 years ago)
Tom Dawe (5 years ago)
Don't bother trying mate
Bleu_Cat (5 years ago)
hey lane ,danny, jordan, or max how can i join yalls group and lane and max you guess are awesome
Elisha Somasundram (5 years ago)
There is TNT at the end of the map
Dallas Lee (5 years ago)
Screw fences
TheSeporath (5 years ago)
There is TNT at the end Danny Dw
missing man2 (5 years ago)
Jayden Allen (5 years ago)
Why is it only on max's view
i Uboe (5 years ago)
Fucking racist
LightSaber Games (5 years ago)
dais co-nect eh? ok
Tre CP3 (5 years ago)
Tre CP3 (5 years ago)
Tre CP3 (5 years ago)
Ben Struck (5 years ago)
taht makes no fucking sense
Ben Struck (5 years ago)
i cant download the fucking god damn map!!!!!
Jerry Lozano (5 years ago)
Caryl Ferguson (5 years ago)
When will you upload another cops n robers
not eriyale williams (5 years ago)
10:41 um Danny I'm African American a little racese
Caren Martinez (5 years ago)
Kits so funny you gets angry ever time uou faill like my brothers he's so Luke you
IIPhurryfox (5 years ago)
d savage (5 years ago)
8:36 RIP torch... :(
d savage (5 years ago)
u guys should have done a race :(
Lukas Cress (5 years ago)
Dude chill u f*uck
Logan Hernandez (5 years ago)
Logan Hernandez (5 years ago)
shut up Bathom kur if you dont like their videos then dont watch them your problem
Fola Abdularheem (5 years ago)
Super Gayain (5 years ago)
No even if you like the comment you, you still won't get a raisin.
SirAwesom (5 years ago)
mummyjls (5 years ago)
what is it about these boys man do they ever know to jump right when there on the edge of the block cos they jump when they dont need to... :P
Wonkaworker (5 years ago)
Blacks are watching
fuzzycat31 (5 years ago)
Jorge Sanchez (5 years ago)
raisin? reason!
_Spectre11 (5 years ago)
if u like mcfinest then you'll like this guy named petezahhutt he is really cool and plays minecraft mini games and he needs help with youtube sooo if you can look him up it will really help thanks
SirAwesom (5 years ago)
yea i know right
rachel polzer (5 years ago)
bajan didnt make te server. Other people did and they made it for all people. So now that bajan canadian (who i luv btw) decided to do it before them, MF is "Stealing" from Mitch? No.
Nathan T (5 years ago)
Do maps that u dont have to steal from bajan
Jeffrey Willson (5 years ago)
like for no raisin
Hugo Perez (5 years ago)
Max is best
Neville Chand (5 years ago)
How are they cheaters? They play they way they want... You play the way you want... Obviously haters gonna hate cuz they aren't better.

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