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how to get unlimited credits in XCOM: Enemy within credit cheat XCOM: Enemy within XCOM: Enemy within trainer
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Text Comments (25)
Mark Albert Moritz (1 year ago)
can it work with scientists/engineers?
4173 (2 years ago)
metrice (2 years ago)
how about panic level? i have been trying to lower it with commands in the files but it still wont work for some reason.
Husam Amin (2 years ago)
3 years later, this video still helps! thanks man
moseyo tam (2 years ago)
xcom 2 devs maybe figured this out. doesnt work on xcom 2.
M Knight (7 months ago)
I find this hard to believe... ESPECIALLY in an offline game Learn to use the program you normally need 3 points of referance Scan 1 is what you have scan 2 is 1 less scan 3 is 1 less eg 3 , 2, 1. by that time you should have normally no more then 3 entries alter those and ur good to go Game Guadian offers a bit more then this app does btw
Michael Hui (2 years ago)
Try multiplying the number you find by 2, 4, or 8 before inputting it. That normally works.
GrievousKhan (2 years ago)
Does this work with meld??
kostas thanasis (2 years ago)
+GrievousKhan i tried it with alloy and elerium and worked... just do the same thing with the proper values
Alfonso Torres (2 years ago)
doesnt work with me, what do i do?
N Beumer (3 years ago)
great instruction, neat and to the point. UPVOTE
bloodred255 (3 years ago)
Hello sir.  this clearly two minutes. this makes you a liar and a cheat.
Captain Obvious (4 years ago)
how do I add money if I have 0 credits mm ?
J (4 years ago)
Are you a friend from rs?
Santiago Valenzuela (4 years ago)
Does this work for Meld?
SUMIT KUMAR SINGH (21 days ago)
Just a stranger passing by
Santiago Valenzuela (3 years ago)
+Freelancer Florida ok man. nice to find someone who doesn't go all like. yez you skrub lolololol, etc
Freelancer Florida (3 years ago)
+Santiago Valenzuela It's all good
Santiago Valenzuela (3 years ago)
+Freelancer Florida The more you know, but srsly sry for bothering you by pointing that out lol
Freelancer Florida (3 years ago)
+Santiago Valenzuela Didn't notice, well if you figured it out sooner good on ya, if not now you know. 
BarQo44 (5 years ago)
Dude can you make a new dlc unlocker for payday 2
حسن العسيري (5 years ago)
You better want you Cheat Engine or Trainer for Assassins Creed IV Black Flag 2013
xa xad (1 year ago)
Why you want to cheat Black Flag? This game is fcking easy. I upgraded my ship to max in somewhat 5hours xD

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